25+ Free High Quality HTML Templates

In today’s world, online presence is crucial. Whether you own a business or just want to promote yourself, you need to be “out there”. IM Creator is a new simple and free website builder platform that allows you to create your website in a trouble-free, accessible and pleasant experience.

IM Creator’s designs are striking and meant to stand alone as works of art. When your image is your business, your site is everything. That’s why IM Creator’s designs are, above all else, simply beautiful.

Remember the times when building a website was mission impossible? Forget whatever website nightmare you’ve dealt with before – the fact is you already know how to use IM Creator. Its tools function like the same “drag and drop” applications you use every day, and there are no complicated technical aspects.

Because it’s based on HTML, IMC sites are compatible on all devices and browsers, including tablets, smartphones, PCs and even TVs. No Flash headaches.

IM Creator’s templates are free to use, free to edit, and free to publish on the IMC domain. For those who want to publish to their own domains, they have very affordable pricing plans and even provide domains for those who are looking to buy a URL.

IM Creator is really for everyone, but designers can find this app especially useful. Without having to rely on a developer, a designer is free to build a site exactly to their vision.

IM Creator’s group of professional web-designers and developers will make sure you have a premium collection of web-designs and reliable hosting, all so you’ll have a great sustainable website. Each season, just like major fashion houses, IM Creator publishes dozens of fresh templates for any kind of business you have like photography, restaurant, design and more.

Check out some of the beautiful websites created by IM Creator users in IMC’s Featured Websites page and you’ll see their templates are merely a starting point. IM Creator’s growing family of sites shows just how limitless their website builder tools really are.

Start from an existing design or make a new one – it’s up to you. IM Creator’s support team provides online and offline free support and even initial assistance with building and designing your site, to help you build your site fast

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