25 Personal Artist Projects

Engaging with a personal project can be an extremely good way to aid your progress as an artist. Not only does it force you to come with wild ideas, but it also allows you to think creatively and gives you focus as an artist. It allows you to tell a story that you want to tell, to try something you’ve not tried before and to reach the new ground with your projects. If you’ve ever wondered about pursuing a passion project in your free time, check these out as proof of the amazing things that can be done with just spare time you have.

Dániel Taylor

Julianna Szabo

Dzmitryi Kashtalyan

Kyle Dooley

Ouertani Aymen

Nicolae Negura

Denis Schröder

Cristian Calut

Alon Braier

Robert Adler

Xavier C.Garand

Peter Mohrbacher

Wieisoskskx Due

Olivia Parco

Carmine Arganese

Gabriel Popa

Brock Davis

Tyler Gibson

Eva Kaup

Dániel Taylor

Tristan Villanueva

Siddharth Sengupta

David Stankiewicz

André Notte