25 Reasons Cardboard Boxes Are More Fun Than iPads

Technology is getting more and more involved in our children’s education, and although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to not neglect more traditional forms of learning that’ll allow your kids to have the most fun whilst gaining an education. The benefits are undeniable of child-directed play – they can figure things out for themselves, think about how the world works, overcome obstacles and more.

This way of playing and interacting is what most nurseries try to promote, which you can see from the toys and accessories available – think sand pits, building blocks and play mats, all of which you can find from sites such as Hope, should you wish to continue the learning at home.

But today we’re going to focus on cardboard boxes as they’re the perfect play and learn accessory for children, and far better for their development than a device such as an iPad. Take a look at 25 different ways kids can use them…

  1. They can pretend it’s a boat, avoiding sharks and trying to find shore. A sail could even be made.
  2. They’re comforting and secure. Just place some fairylights inside, along with a favourite book.
  3. Combine the cardboard to create a little fort.
  4. They make great goals for a game of football; ideal for social and athletic skills too.
  5. Create a lemonade stand on a hot summer’s day.
  6. Turn a box into a town. The children could draw roads, trees and the like, then add in their much-loved toy cars and wooden blocks for buildings.
  7. Cut out holes for the arms to go through, and decorate the box into a cool looking robot. They could even decorate it to exercise their creative side.
  8. Can you only find a small box? Not to worry, it… It could be attached to a little one’s back to imitate a tortoise. Make-believe is fantastic for developing the imagination.
  9. A large box could be transformed into a pretend oven.
  10. Turn one over to create a games table, where noughts and crosses or similar could be drawn on.
  11. Encourage teamwork and get your little’uns to forage in the garden, using the cardboard box as a collecting vessel.
  12. Turn it into a vehicle, such as a car or truck, and have them navigate it around the garden.
  13. Transform one into a puppet theatre.
  14. Pets love playing with cardboard boxes, especially cats. Let your children interact and play at the same time.
  15. Get creative and turn it into an aquarium.
  16. Lots of kids in a cardboard box with a set of glow sticks is great for sensory play and lots of giggles.
  17. Daredevils will love sitting in one and soaring down the staircase.
  18. Combine lots of boxes together to create an obstacle course. This is great for problem solving and teamwork, if other kids are involved too.
  19. Throw in a black cape and fangs, and you’ve got a vampire coffin.
  20. Place a toy phone inside and, hey presto, you’ve got a phone box. It could even be painted red.
  21. Turn it upside down and add some plates to create a DJ table.
  22. Use one as a colouring table or desk.
  23. Turn a box into an instrument. A small cereal box filled with rice is a great start in teaching kids about rhythm.
  24. Secure a set of helium balloons to a box to give the illusion of a hot air balloon.
  25. Cut one up completely and use it to create shapes, such as snowflakes.

It really is incredible how much fun can be had with something as simple as a cardboard box, which can help your children to grow in the best possible way.

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