28 Random (Yet Stunning) Water-Droplet Photos

Okay, this week’s photography roundup is kind of random but is something that I find weirdly fascinating.

Have you ever noticed how cool a water droplet looks? Like when you pouring a glass of water and you get a couple little drops at the end. I don’t know the science behind this, but for some reason it makes a really neat little column of water that shoots up. Or how about when you fill a glass and the water rises above the rim without spilling?

I find simple things like this very fascinating and I hope you do too because I’ve put together a collection of 28 freeze-frame water droplet photos. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

waterdrop-1credit: David McGregor

waterdrop-2credit: Dmitry Kalinin

waterdrop-3credit: Joe Dyer

waterdrop-4credit: Ron Kroetz

waterdrop-5credit: David McGregor

waterdrop-6credit: Lóránt Szabó

waterdrop-7credit: Ineke Huizing

waterdrop-8credit: Dirklaudio

waterdrop-9credit: Martijn Nijenhuis

waterdrop-10credit: Omar Bariffi

waterdrop-11credit: Ron Kroetz

waterdrop-12credit: kiler129

waterdrop-13credit: Tim Geers

waterdrop-14credit: Joe Dyer

waterdrop-15credit: Joe Dyer

waterdrop-16credit: Enid Martindale

waterdrop-17credit: Ron Kroetz

waterdrop-18credit: Ron Kroetz

waterdrop-19credit: Mbrk A. Madhi

waterdrop-20credit: Thomas Rydberg

waterdrop-21credit: MeganLynnette

waterdrop-22credit: Lee Pickup

waterdrop-23credit: Andy Rogers

waterdrop-24credit: Joe Dyer

waterdrop-25credit: Arden

waterdrop-26credit: Leticia Ayuso

waterdrop-27credit: Martijn Nijenhuis

waterdrop-28credit: Alejandro Merino


Next time you’re pouring yourself a glass of water, I hope that you think about this roundup and keep an eye out for some water-droplets! Remember to appreciate the simple the simple things in life!

Thanks for stopping by!