29 Logos That’ll Make You Think “Home-Sweet-Home”!

There’s nothing quite like the comfort of your own home. I’ve been travelling and stayed in some nice resorts and hotels, which I loved. But nothing beats the feeling of coming home and sleeping in your own bed. Or sitting down on your broken-in couch and throwing on the TV.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. There’s a ton of famous quotes that support what I’m saying:

“Home is where we should feel secure and comfortable.”
-Catherine Pulsifer

“A man’s home is his castle.”
-A Proverb

“People usually are the happiest at home.”
-William Shakespeare

Among many more.

This same feeling of comfort, trust, security, and happiness can be translated through a company’s logo. If your goal is to promote these feelings and values, check out the logos below.

I’ve put together 29 Home related logos that will make you think “Home-sweet-home.” Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.


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I hope you enjoyed this weeks logo roundup! If you’re in the process of designing a new logo, I hope that this has inspired you to portray the feelings of comfort, trust, and security that comes with the “home” logo design.

Remember, home is where the heart is. I hope you’re home is blessed! Thanks for stopping by!