3 Best Games for Cultivating Creativity

There has been great debate about possible negative effects of playing video games, just as popular music and TV have sometimes faced condemnation for their influences on the public. However, this has changed in recent years and there is now a more balanced perspective concerning the host of benefits video games offer to players such as enhanced social and cognitive skills and better hand-eye co-ordination.

Studies have revealed that video game players show improved performance in perception, attention, and cognition. There also appears to be a correlation between playing video games and being more creative. Inspired by these revelations we’ve decided to look at the 3 best games for cultivating creativity.


We’ll get the obvious one out of the way first. Minecraft is a basic 8-bit design-building game that has become hugely popular with kids of all ages. Once players pick up the basics of surviving, hunting, growing and building, the game offers a powerful canvas to unleash creativity. There is a large sub-culture of players offering tutorials and tips to create colossal or complex structures and the most creative people have developed large followings. You can build anything from recreations of architectural marvels to rainforests – the only real limitation is your imagination. Not only do players exercise their imagination in Minecraft, but they also hone skills needed to take initial inspirations into finished projects and products. These include creative thinking, critical planning, resource management, priority setting, communication, and teamwork. Minecraft isn’t just a game, it’s a training pitch for tomorrow’s’ creative thinkers.


Tetris is a tile-matching puzzle video game designed and programmed by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov. It’s been available on nearly every gaming platform possible and is video game royalty. Although ferociously addictive Tetris is said to have modest health benefits, like helping with cravings control and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder prevention. The game makes our list as it requires quick decisions, on-the-fly planning, and creative thought in order to make progress. Tetris, like Minecraft, is also good for a life lesson or two as this often-retweeted quote states: “If Tetris has taught me anything, it’s that errors pile up and accomplishments disappear.”


Slot machines have always been popular, but not necessarily an experience you would relate with fostering creativity. Yet now all your favorite slots games have moved from the casino floor to bring new and endless variations in online casinos. By combining popular themes from TV shows, movies or popular culture with interactive elements such as video excerpts and mini-games, slots create immersive experiences which boost the imagination. Classic slot machines such as Gladiator even come in 4 different versions at a site like Bitcasino.io. Each game has a different take on what it means to be a gladiator – indeed, one of them refreshes the theme by portraying the 2016 Olympic Champions as modern gladiators. Film-based slots such as Aliens, based on the Riley Scott movie, have developed a traditional slot gameplay in combination with real-time animation and a tense, dark, and brooding atmosphere to create a mesmerizing gaming encounter.

Games purposely created to teach a specific skill like Supercharged have been very successful, precisely because they are motivating, engaging, interactive, and provide rewards and reinforcement to improve. While the three games listed above weren’t specifically designed for these purposes, they are great examples of how a merely entertaining hobby can become a great choice for those in need of a creative uplift.

Bill is a freelance journalist who specialises in writing about culture and the arts, however, will write about anything that piques his interest including business, travel, and lifestyle.