3 Retro Icons That Are Making a Comeback

While there are some trends that only come around once before eventually disappearing into the ether of time, some retro icons manage to be revived by future generations. This has become increasingly clear over the last decade as Generation Y, possibly nostalgic for a simpler time that they never got to experience, have embraced trends that we all thought were slowly waning.

Don’t believe us? Well, here are three retro icons that are making a comeback in a big way:

Wonder Woman

On June 2, DC Comics’ greatest female superhero of all time will finally hit the big screens in her very own movie. It’s about time too as Wonder Woman has been around since December 1941 when she featured in DC’s All Star Comics 8 and fans have been waiting for her live-action debut ever since.

As her origin story goes, Princess Diana of Themyscira was sculpted from clay by her mother Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and granted life by Athena who gave her powers provided by the Greek Gods. It was later revealed that Zeus was, in fact, her father, and helped raise the young Princess alongside her mother and aunts Antiope and Menalippe. As Diana grew she mastered skills in strategy, hunting and combat before mastering the Lasso of Truth, her indestructible bracelets and a variety of other advanced Amazonian tech.

Over the last eighty years, she has become increasingly popular, with her own action figures, TV series and movie cameos. Wonder Woman is such an iconic part of pop culture that she has even received her own iGaming title Wonder Woman Gold, which can be found at Sun Bingo, amongst other Ancient myth-inspired slot games including Zeus and Amazon Wild. On October 21, 2016, Wonder Woman was even named a UN Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls, although this was revoked after two months – because we can’t have nice things.

Still, it is only now in 2017 that this retro icon is finally receiving her very own live-action movie as Gal Gadot returns to her role from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman will also appear in Justice League in November and Justice League 2 in June 2019.

Arcade Cabinets

Back in the 1980s, most youths could probably be found in their local shopping centers or purpose-built arcades. There they would play their favorite arcade games from Pac-Man to Cruis’n USA alongside their fellow gamers who would often cheer them on as they played. Not only were kids able to have all the fun they wanted, playing arcade games allowed them to find safety within a community of like-minded peers.

Unfortunately, when the millennium came around, arcades and the little nooks packed with cabinets began to disappear. This is probably due to the fact that home consoles became far more accessible and affordable, and kids would go to each other’s houses to play for free instead of travelling into town to spend money to play. As the years dragged by, arcade cabinets were left in the past, only really showing up at the seaside or in collections created by nostalgic and wealthy individuals.

For almost twenty years the arcade cabinet was in limbo. That was until a few years ago when the internet flipped the switch and the games began to appear online. Suddenly, the site Internet Archive began to provide virtual arcade titles while the Internet Arcade at Archive.org made their collection of almost 1000 retro titles available to play on desktop or mobile for free. What’s even more exciting is that there’s a small community of DIY enthusiasts who have come together to explain to the world how you can build your very own arcade cabinets. Alternatively, you can buy fully-functioning machines from anywhere in the world from sites like Liberty Games and Ultimate Arcade Cabinets.

The Nokia 3310

Finally, there’s the most famous phone in the world right now: the Nokia 3310. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in February, Nokia revealed that they plan to relaunch their iconic, almost indestructible mobile model complete with Snake for just £41 per handset in the second quarter of 2017.

The new Nokia 3310 isn’t entirely the same as it was back in the noughties, as it has a larger color screen and its design is a little more modern, but considering the device doesn’t even have 3G capabilities there is still a nostalgic pull that has encouraged thousands to purchase the remake. That said, it provides ten times the battery as its namesake, with a total of 22 hours of talk time as well as a standby time of one month.

According to Florian Seiche, president of mobile firm HMD Global, the decision to re-release the phone was based entirely on consumers, who had been asking for this for years. Meanwhile, Ben Wood of CCS Insight told The Guardian: “There is a segment of the population that just wants a basic phone. From the stereotype of builder that just wants to call and text and if it gets broken, it doesn’t matter, to the festival phone and the backup phone.”

If you’re interested, you can already pre-order the device through Carphone Warehouse while Vodafone plans to let their pre-orders go live any day now. When it comes to nostalgic, retro icons few are quite as renowned and beloved as the Nokia 3310.