30 Black Business Card Designs to Inspire

We’ve seen a lot of business card designs. The most common design would be the simplistic white cards with contact details and personal information. White somehow signifies “corporate” and “formal” so in designing cards, white have become a safety zone for many professionals. However, given that white is safe and an easy way out, is printing white business cards really the way to go? Not really. Why not try to deviate from the norms and start using the inverse? After all, we wear it in many formal functions, business meetings and transactions –black is formal, decent, classy and beautiful.

For your corporate cards, as means to promote yourself or your business, black can be a powerful color of choice if used in harmony with other colors. Since business cards, more often than not, has a sense of formality and has a corporate touch, using black as a dominant color would imply being a pro in the business you’re in. In addition, black amplifies the vibrancy of other colors especially those in line with pastel and neon. Take for example the following designs that used black as a base color. You will notice how black made the other colors stand out as highlights of the business card design. Hope this post inspires you to make your own black business card.

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Elmor Go, though he doesn’t look like it, is a geek at heart. He likes scouring the internet for fantastic artworks both conventional and radical. He’s a blogger for the UPrinting network. He writes about custom business cards, brochure designs, and catalog printing.