30 Red Logos to Inspire

When it comes to logo design, there are few colors as visceral as red. Commonly associated with fire, hearts, and roses, the warm color exudes boldness, beauty, and inspiration. This may be why red is so eternally appealing for companies, brand and design managers. Historically the color red has been seen as a sign of a revolution, socialism, and communism. The color red in logos is a popular choice for today’s businesses.  Food and restaurant brands like McDonald’s, Arby’s, Kellogs have based their brand around the color red.  It’s not just food brands, mega media companies like CNN and Youtube also feature red heavily in their logos.  The color red is bright, robust and timeless, making it a great color of choice for your new logo design. 

Scroll down to see 30 examples of creative red logos.  Just make sure to click the images to support the artist. 

Designer Riyad
Huy Tran
Greg Francom
Mosaab Abusall
Ryan Keon
Panisa Soison
Rahul Sahu
Rafa? Stefa?ski
G Xavier
James Crowther
Sarah Hill
Ismail Barton
Vince Esposito
Simpson To
Sarah Bosman
Kristel Smith
Muhammad Ali
demy balanza
JP Deiparine
Red Peg Design
Sarah Michelle Krikhely
Bruno Sales
Mike Brave
Jagjit Singh
Viktor Chernov
blackandbrick DAS
Megan Sneade
Lewis Donley
Dipak Paul