30 Royalty Logos That Sit On The Logo Throne

True royalty plays much less a role in today’s world then say the world of 500 years ago. Back in the days of Kings and Queens, the crown meant ruler; and ruler meant total power.

Today, while a few Kings and Queens still exist, the position is almost redundant. BUT, the symbolism of the crown remains. It is a symbol that speaks of power, glory, immortality, royalty and sovereignty.

The crown symbol will never be irrelevant as it symbolized a period in history that will never be forgotten and will remain as one of the most important eras in human history.

I’ve put together a collection of 30 Royalty logos for companies that embody the description above. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

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The royal logo speaks of power, glory, immortality, royalty and sovereignty. It is actually defined as having the status of a king or queen or a member of their family. If you think this definition suits your company, I encourage you to take inspiration from this collection!

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