30 Stunning CG Interior Visualizations

CG visualization is an incredibly useful tool for architects and interior designers. It lets them mock up a variety of potential design styles and layouts with relative ease, which makes interior designing affordable so you won’t need mortgage help info from We Know Money, while still getting a stunning redesign.

Interior visualization requires mastery of lighting, textures, and efficient rendering. By combinining architectural principles with interior design, however, the results can be quite stunning.

Here’s 30 stunning CG interior visualizations to inspire you on your next (re)design.

Eric Shafer is a creative media enthusiast, designer and blogger from Chicago, IL.

  1. Reply Matheus September 18, 2012 at 1:41 AM

    which software you used for do it?

  2. Reply Ryan McDougal April 30, 2013 at 6:53 PM

    This can be done with a variety of software. I am in the film and commercial side and create this kind of imagery from time to time. I primarily use Autodesk Maya and Softimage as my primary 3D software packages. (…and there are quite a few when you start to look around.) However, most interior design and architectural work is done in a few other pieces of software. One of them being Autodesk 3DS…sometimes referred to as max or 3Dmax. In addition, a lot of the furniture, plants and background landscapes (i.e. cloudy skies, distant cities, etc.) are also available as pre-made elements (for the most part…there is still a bit a prep depending on where you get them and if they were originally made in the program you are using to create this imagery). You can get these from many sites on the web (dosch, evermotion, turbosquid are just a few) As such, this cuts down on asset creation time dramatically. Finally, once you have all the assets and have them placed in your “set” in your 3D program, you also need what is called render software. There are a lot of different types out there, but the most common for visualization (and correct me if I am wrong for architecture) is VRAY. (others for photoreal rendering include Maxwell, Mental Ray, Arnold, RenderMan, etc.) VRay is integrated well with 3DS and is very straightforward and fast to get to a good result. (However, know that I say it is straightforward and fast from the perspective of doing this for 8 years…learning any of this software can take some time. In the end, there are a lot of different ways to create these images and different reasons for choosing various software (that is often hotly debated on a weekly basis by very passionate folks) but finding one that works for your needs or for your company is a personal choice.

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