Today’s good summer mood leads us to cheerful web sites created by talented designers with various orange, red, yellow and green shades as well as with many other bright and soft colors. Visiting them you can immediately taste juicy oranges, rich berries and fresh summer morning! The provided 30 examples introduce many variations of patterns and shadows. They will show you the circuit combinations of colors, ranging from pastel palettes and ending with the bright neon designs.

Basically bright colors are used as background patterns for web sites. However, speckles of juicy orange, light-green, bright red against other colors also look very fun. Any creative person needs to have his own portfolio and here you can get a few ideas for your own design. Look through the provided web sites once again. Think of each deeply, what state of mind they bring you, and due to which elements. Mostly there will be different types of colorful images, shapes and patterns. Thus, pastel green reminds us of green grass and relieves our thoughts, bright yellow and blue imply sunny weather and are able to cheer, orange can quench our thirst just reminding us of Fanta and orange juice. Patterns are also quite different: from the faint breeze to original body art.

In order to examine the design you like more carefully, you should just click the image and it will lead you to one of the listed web sites. We are extremely interested in your opinion about the provided projects, your criticism, and your desire to discover some hidden bugs. After all, the amount of your own mistakes will be much less in the future! And when you find great and vibrant web sites, do not forget to comment why you like them so much! Good luck!

1 Truskawka

2 Webplanex

3 Haloagency

4 Ms-kucharovice

5 Cubicleninjas

6 Adpartner

7 Bumbershoot

8 Willportifolio


10 Ryankeiser

11 Calypso Park

12 Soda Pop Media

13 Arkix

14 Tsoknat

15 Colourpixel

16 Serialcut

17 Havaianas

18 Visit Cascadia

19 Douglas Menezes

20 Basil Gloo

21 Daguia Tortas Finas

22 EmotionsLive

23 Fall Favorites

24 Happy comb

25 Clique Studios

26 StickerMule


28 Get concentrating

29 Four 24

30 XHTML Web Design

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  1. orange county web designer says:

    Great choice of websites. Really eye catching. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Samuel Stacey says:

    Perhaps the title of this blog should be, 30 tasty websites in orange

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