T-shirts are worn by millions and millions of people everyday, but how do you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Surely by wearing one of Glennz Tees. These shirts are not only funny, but will surely get a laugh from people that walk past you. I can truly say that these shirts will rock your world. I think that these designs will work great as a calendar as well. Calendar printing could be pretty expensive though, that was just a thought.

Anyway, enough of me jabbing and blabbing, check out the shirts below.


Balloon Ecosystem

Bat Mobile

Bat Stairs

Batteries not Included

Captain Baghead

Cashed Up


Crash Simulator

Double Opportunity

Dukes Vacation


Fish House

Funny Furniture

Glass Test

Healthy Eating

Le Fortress De Sofa

Lift Home

Mistaken Identity

Murder Weapon

No Watering

Paper Prey

Plastic Platoon

Pocket Knife

Pool Attack






When Animals Attack

Check out Glennz store for some more shirt designs.

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5 Comments so far

  1. Fandy says:

    Hahaha So funny t-shirt design. I enjoy it. Thank you :))

  2. Sunalini says:

    Lovely and interesting

  3. Markus says:

    Made my day :D those are some really funny shirt design.

  4. teetower says:

    Love the Plastic Platoon. Glenn Jones’ work is inspiring. Excellent ideas, great feel of colors and shadowing, just all around awesome.

  5. Ethan Ellis says:

    That last panda one is amazing!

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