33 Creative Uses of Vertical Scrolling in Web Design

One of the most natural things to do on a web page is to scroll. Especially with the impact of scroll wheels and vastly improved trackpads and now touchscreens on smartphones and tablets, scrolling is set to be a bigger and bigger part of how we navigate websites.

Many web designers and developers are embracing the scroll, and even making creative uses of motion effects like parallax, as pioneered by sites such as Nike’s Better World. Here are some of the best examples of websites that implement the vertical scroll to clever or interesting effect.


Curious Generation

Fat Man Collective

The Great Bearded Reef

Dangers of Fracking

World’s Highest Website

Hegarty on Advertising

The Connected Home

The Art of Flight

Inception Explained

Ben The Bodyguard

Authentic Jobs


The True Cost of an iPhone

XS Baltimore

Jan Ploch

Lost World’s Fairs

Guide to the App Galaxy

Phase 2


Reverend Danger

Cantilever Chippy

New Zealand

Fandango Media


This Is Marcela

Boudin & Beer

Mark Lawrence Design

Web Is Beautiful

Cultural Solutions



MYM Creative

Hopefully these fantastic websites have let you think beyond the hyperlink, and inspired you as a freelance web designer to pay attention to scrolling which is an integral part of the user experience. Please share your favorite examples of scrolling sites, and give us your thoughts on those featured here, in the comments section below.

About the Author: Christopher Jackson is the Editor for Fuel Your Writing and contributes to the DesignCrowd blog. When he’s not focused on freelance creative copywriting, he is working on Project: Snotbook, an interactive children’s storybook for iPad.

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