4 Apps to Help Online Students Be More Productive

Online students who enjoy the highest levels of success with their college degree courses tend to also be the ones who are the most productive with their spare time and the resources available to them. So, if you are taking an online degree or a series of online courses or modules for your college degree, it makes sense to harness the use of technology to take care of your most pressing productivity challenges. There is a wide assortment of apps available over a range of operating systems and platforms, which are designed to help people, including online students, with their productivity and results. We’ve listed some of the top productivity apps for online students.


For iPhone users, the Notes app can be very handy for students. Making it easier than ever before to quickly take notes and save them on your smartphone, this application comes included with your iPhone and is free to use. Although it’s quite a basic app, it can be very useful for online students. Evernote is a downloadable app available for iPhone, Android, and other operating systems that will help you to keep track of your notes, documents, pictures and more.

Work/Life Balance

Aimed at busy people such as online students, Rescue Time is one of the best apps to consider downloading if you are struggling to strike a good balance between work and play. Learning digitally can cause a range of distractions, and this app can help you to organize it all neatly so that you can understand your daily habits, have more focus, and become more productive. Whether you are studying for an MBA or a masters in social work online, getting the balance right between study and leisure is crucial to your success.


For many online students, finding inspiration and encouragement is an important part of succeeding with their degree. Most online courses will last at least a year, and in this time, you will need to be very dedicated to studying for your course and motivated to get the work done in order to succeed. The TED app is one of the best sources of inspiration for students, no matter what degree course you are studying for, with something available for every student from MBA to MSW online programs.

Reminders and Timetabling

When studying online, keeping track of your own schedule is hugely important. Since you don’t have an official timetable to keep to, using a range of productivity tools to make sure that you always get things done on time is a crucial part of your final success. There are many apps that you can download to your smartphone for the purpose of reminders, with many being built into already existing apps such as your clock or timer app. Remember The Milk is a recommended reminder app that is compatible with most devices and great for reminding students of important deadlines and everything else that you need to do.

As an online student, apps are often crucial to helping you succeed.