4 Key Points to Focus on for a Memorable Logo

A logo is a graphical representation for your company and is a combination of text, color and symbols. Logos can also carry as additional tagline which defines the company and speaks about its intentions. Logo designing has emerged as a marketing strategy. In today’s world of cut throat competition, one needs to define one’s goals and create good marketing strategies. Logos are an indispensable part of a company and are featured on all frames of projections like visiting cards and brochures to large format printing displays such as billboards and hoardings.

A lot of basic key points need to be kept in mind during the drafting of the logo. First and foremost is the instruction given by the client to the logo designer. These contain valuable insights about the company profile and about what the logo intends to portray. The logo drafting in the rough format requires a team of people debating the possibilities of a probable logo and then finalizing it with minor changes. The rough draft now needs to be confirmed by the company for the designers to proceed with the final logo. Subtle changes are made in colors and fonts and the final logo design is obtained.

A lot of important factors affect how the logo turns out and four of them are-

1. Strong graphical representation

Association of the texts with the symbols has to be achieved to get that perfect logo. Strive to balance out your logo with the combination of upper and lower case characters. This technique helps to highlight the importance of certain words while making the other characters a little subtle. Color selection is also an important aspect and can make or break the impression of your logo. Using a lot of colors for the logo is never advisable as it makes the view very dashy. Try to incorporate highlighting colors to give the words or letters a three dimensional appearance. These letters actually hold on the attention of the onlookers and thereby enhance the impact of the logos. Some symbols can also increase the appeal of the logos and they can be geometrical patterns to even normal lines below the text. What matters at the end of the day is how well all the elements of the logo is merged and the overall impact they leave.

2. How well the logo defines the company

A logo is basically a graphical representation of the company. The logo designing team must strictly follow the guidelines set by the company. With most logos that fail to create an impact, the fault is the non association of the company and the logo. For instance logos of corporate firms should have the serious formal appeal whereas the logo for a kid’s toy company should be vibrant and fun. The designer needs to thoroughly study the company profile and then settle for the draft that would suit the company. Certain colors like blue or white are extensively used for the logo as these colors symbolize trust and quality. Ensure the company is well associated with the logo and should help people connect with the brand that the logo stands for.

3. Create something new

Creativity and novelty of thought are the two most important qualities that a logo designer needs to possess. With tough competition in the market, every company wants to outshine its contemporaries using high end marketing strategies and logos are a big part of the marketing of the company. With so many logos being created every year, similarities in design are bound to happen and this is the biggest blunder in logo designing. Every logo must be unique and must solely represent the company it is made for. The purpose is to make the logo synonymous with the company.

4. Keep it simple and keep room for change

A company invests a lot of money for the logos, and with time the logos do need a little reformation. Many companies have a number of logos which are similar in the basic design but vary a little in detailing like colors and fonts. These logos are then used for different purposes from cards to other projections. Beside a simple design with intricate detailing is more attention grabbing than one which has multiple colors and jazzy fonts. Simplicity well executed can lead to perfection.

In today’s competitive world, logos are a marketing tool used to enhance the profitability of the company. Logos have evolved from simple ones bearing only the initials of the company to more graphical and appropriate representatives. Logo designing has evolved into a complicated art with a large number of people working as designers. From getting clients to drafting the rough draft and finally executing the scribble of ideas for the logos, the entire task is a tiresome and time consuming affair.

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