4 Quick Tips on Increasing Your Blog Traffic

This is a topic that doesn’t really have solid answers and what works for some doesn’t always work for others. A example that I can state is that I find it hard to get articles popular on Digg, whilst others post it and its there. These tips that I will highlight below are merely things that I made use of to increase Creativeoverflow’s traffic in the past few months. I hope everyone can get some sort of advice from this.

1. Keep your Content Unique

This might have been mentioned numerous times before and everyone always mentions content is king. Yes Abduzeedo proves that a lot of posts bring a lot of traffic, but if you are a start up blog or a very formal blog, keeping your content unique is the only way you are going to gain a lot of traffic.

When I mean unique, I mean that you should vary your content type from Inspiration to advice and tutorials. I know a lot of us struggle with time issue and that forces us to post the same type of article in conjunction with each other, but that can be dismayed with some planning.

2. Promote your articles

Make use of networks like Twitter, Facebook, Designbump and StumbleUpon to promote your latest post. A good way to get your posts out there on Twitter is to perhaps ask one of your friends to do you a favor and retweet the post for you. Just remember that people hate spam, so don’t bombard them with links. You can share your post on Facebook and stumbleupon as well. Remember, if you show interest in other peoples work, they will show interest in yours.

3. Submit your Links to News Feeds

News feeds really do work, although Creativeoverflow only currently submits to two news feeds. Abduzeedo and InspiredN We believe that getting your name out there and posting to a few news feeds can only do your blog well in getting the article out there. If you are a very new blog or haven’t really gotten a lot of traffic from your blog then I would recommend sharing your articles through news feeds.

4. Give the reader something to look out for

This is something a lot of blogs have successfully accomplished. Ex. Abduzeedo with their Daily Inspiration and FreelanceSwitch with their Freelance Freedom posts.
Giving a reader something to look forward to is also a way to create awareness amongst readers. This will not only attract more readers, but give them assurance that you are dependable and stay true to your word.
How do you gain traffic on your blog?

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