40 Professional Services Logos

Professional services is a category that covers such a broad range of professions. From doctors to legal professionals to accountants and financial planners, it’s impossible to go through your day without seeing a logo that doesn’t fall under this category.

What does tie these seemingly random fields together is a similar visual style. To most of these firms, their greatest quality to be reflected in a visual style is their professionalism: their ability to do the job to a high standard, to get it done reliably, and to provide an adequate service year after year.

Traditionally, this has meant the dominance of the noble serif and muted colors, but we’re seeing more of these traditional firms go for non-traditional branding every year — without losing their ‘professional’ touch. Check out this roundup for inspiration and create your own logo online using Logaster.


The evolution of the professional logo is evident – we’ve seen everything from the modern Gotham-esque sans-serif, which is modern but still conveys respectability, to the much looser rounded sans (see ‘The Mortage Team’). Some of these logos even use a touch of grunge texture – such as Hoops Global Sports Management – or futuristic type such as that used in the Swaws logo.

It’s a new era for designers looking to disrupt the world of professional services, and elegant professionalism is no longer the top dog among values to demonstrate.

Got your own favorite professional services logos? Let us know about it and the designer who created it in the comments.

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