40 Stunning Logos Inspired by Nature

Mother Nature provides design inspiration all around us and its impact on design industry is obvious. If you only browse through design galleries, like we did, you will see how many amazing logo designs are inspired by nature.

Today we’re going to share with you some interesting and clever professional logo designs inspired by such elements of nature as water, fire, trees, animals and much more. The colors of nature are naturally pleasing to the eye, they give you a soothing and fresh feel.

Nature themed logos are widely used by ecological and environmental organizations, but not only by them: in this showcase, you will see how nature-based logos are used by companies from design, photography, food, beauty, film and other industries. Read more about creating nature logo on this website.

Hopefully, these awesome designs will boost your creativity and inspire you in many ways!

We hope you enjoyed the showcase! So take a moment and let us know what you think about this collection – leave your comments below.

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