5 Businesses that Use Social Media to Unlock Their Creative Potential

Social media applications are giving businesses a lot of new ways of reaching their customers. The possibilities are truly immense for those who can see beyond the basic functionality of these apps.

Connecting with customers is so much more than showing them personalized ads. Through the use of pages, videos, and blog posts, companies can really find what affects people the most, and move towards occupying an effective niche. These businesses have gone above and beyond in their creative use of social media. Maybe you’ll find yourself inspired after reading about them.


By teaming up with Blitz, Playstation aimed to get people excited about their new release, MLB 13: The Show. Rather than simply running an ad that hyped the game and its features, the company wanted to reach out to viewers in a new an interesting way. Jonathan Nafarette, who directs social outreach at Blitz, worked to animate the Twitter avatars of certain baseball stars, sports bloggers and big time fans, and made them into moving baseball cards based on their favorite teams. This highly innovative move got people talking.

Do Something

This company has recently risen to the third highest engagement score among all the companies ranked on Facebook’s internal data. For a nonprofit, this is impressive. The director of digital content of this organization, which attempts to encourage teenagers to engage in their communities by working towards social change, is Calvin Stowell. He is the mastermind behind the social campaigns. He uses his knowledge of online engagement to create emotionally relevant content, often partnering with celebrities. The content they create emphasizes projects that are making a difference in society, and their posts typically get over a million views.


Sharpie is a company that makes a variety of different permanent markers. They have utilized a variety of different forms of social media, including Twitter and Instagram. One way they attain an exciting variety is by mixing up the different kinds of images they display in the background on their pages. They also have had great success by focusing their pictures on their customers. They do this by encouraging people to share their creative projects that used sharpie products, and showcasing these images on their blog and social media pages. They encourage further creativity by telling stories about their customers.

Sammy’s Woodfire Pizza

This company doesn’t just talk about their food—they show it off. Sammy’s Woodfire Pizza is a great example of a restaurant that takes full advantage of photos and videos on social media to give customers a sneak peek at what their menu has in store for them. They have also found additional ways to translate social media views into visits to their locations. They regularly share information about their partners, which creates additional links, bringing more people to their pages. They also publish coupons, giving people still more reason to go check them out in person.

Hampton Creek

This company is focused on influencing the food market to adopt more sustainable and more affordable products. Hamptoncreek has shown up in quite a few news stories recently, giving them an opportunity to talk about their company’s philosophy and to advertise their “Just” products. Their Instagram page is filled with pictures of delicious food dishes. Click on these pictures and you’ll find them leading you to recipes that use their line of products as ingredients. They are really up front about their goals and what’s in their products. This has allowed them to develop a strong social media following.

Sprout Social

Partnering with Audi, Andrew White, the director of business strategy at Sprout Social came up with a unique idea. A woman had been tweeting on Audi’s page with the hashtag “#WantAnR8” every single day. Their team decided to finally reward her by allowing her to drive the car for a weekend. This evolved into a social media campaign that led thousands of people to tweet on their page hoping to be able to drive on for a couple of days.

Businesses Take Full Advantage of Social Media

There are dozens of other businesses that have come up with unique approaches to using social media to get more people engaged and informed about their products. There are so many different ways to go about it, whether it’s activating people’s sense of ethos through referencing good causes, appealing to people’s deepest desires, or just being wacky and interesting.

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