5 Infographics Visualizing the Cities of the World

Tokyo, Japan boasts a population of more than 35 million people in its metropolitan area, more than the total population of Canada. Dubai, a relatively new city sporting a host of new structures, plays host to the tallest building in the world – nearly one kilometer high!

The world’s cities offer those interested in the myriad of ways that humans live and coexist endless opportunities for enjoyable learning – whether you’re traveling to a new city or simply want to learn more about the many interesting and vastly distinctive urban centers scattered around the planet, here are five infographics visualizing the cities of the world.

1. American Drivers

Urban sprawl means urban gridlock – the fact is unavoidable. Ever wonder what cities have the most dangerous roads in the United States? Bad drivers are everywhere, but some urban centers seem to boast more than their fair share and this infographic explores where some of the worst – and best – drivers are hanging out.

2. American Pollution

Closely related to driving is the concept of pollution, urban smog in particular, especially as industry increases its hold over cities around the world. This infographic, created by the American Lung Association, takes a look at cities in the United States in particular, judging the cleanliness of their air and the efforts they’re making to clean up.

3. 10 Reasons to Visit Tokyo, Japan

The world’s largest city and principal seat of the wondrous and intricate history and culture of Japan, Tokyo draws millions of visitors from abroad each year, supplying an ample amount of tourist attractions and not-to-be-repeated opportunities for those looking to immerse themselves in Japanese life.

This infographic explores some of the more noteworthy aspects of a visit to Tokyo, including an overview of 10 attractions, while adding in interesting information. Whether you’re there to experience the culture or simply to have a drink, this infographic has something for everyone with Tokyo on the brain.

4. World Population in One City

Given the trends of both increasing population and urbanization, imagining just how many people there are in the world and how much space they occupy can be a monumental task given our limited point of view, but this infographic aims to help you to visualize just how many of us there are.

Providing an overview of how large a city would need to be to contain all seven billion of us, this graphic also includes different sizes ranked by the density of several world cities, helping you to understand both how populous and how spread out we are.

5. Anatomy of a Smart City

In an era of increasing urbanization, growing industry and a ballooning population, what exactly does it mean to be a smart city? This infographic explores the continued human exodus from the countryside to the city and its effect on the economy and the environment, giving even a complete layperson an understandable overview of how urbanization is changing the world.

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