5 Ways to Keep your E-commerce Website Fresh

Opening up your own store online isn’t rocket science anymore. The introduction of eCommerce software has made it so simple to setup that even someone with zero computer experience would be able to eventually navigate their way to opening a store online. I have outlined 5 simple tips for you to make use of on your next project that you might be thinking of establishing. They are 5 easy to apply tips that you can use as you please. Let’s see what I have mentioned below.

1. Keep your Site Clean

Make sure that when Monday comes your previous weeks sale banners have been removed and that your products are up to date with their stock listings. Be sure that you have removed any products that are no longer available and that all your testimonials are written grammatically correct.

2. Run Sales and Promotions

People love buying products when they can get a discount. Therefore running sales and promotions isn’t such a bad idea. You have to at least have a sale twice a month or weekly on certain products. You can even opt to always have a sale section on your website so that people can see what products have been marked down for clearance.

3. Keep an Eye on your Competitors

Make sure that you keep a watchful eye on your close competitors. Follow their every move regarding their product pricing and promotion dates. Don’t let them beat you up by offering the same products as you at a much lower price. See if you can’t match any prices or even better them if it’s possible. Watching your competitors will not only give you insight into their business, but help you run your store to its ultimate potential.

4. Post Unique Content to your Blog

Having a blog can be beneficial in more than one way. You are able to tell people about upcoming products, sales or even events and you can use the blog to write unique stories, product reviews etc to garner traffic which wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. It gives you something to keep promoting through your social channels and creates conversation pieces for new customers.

5. Always keep Updating your Website look and feel

Even if you don’t feel like revamping the entire website, make sure that you follow the trends in some form or way. Choose one section of your website each month that you can analyze and upgrade according to new ideas or suggestions that you have received in the past month or two. Keeping up to date with style will help you draw in those new customers and convert them quicker because it is now so much easier.

There is lots to be said when it comes to e-commerce, however in all situations the basic rules apply. Keep things simple and stupid and promote the heck out of your online store. If you have products that are worthy of peoples attention, the traffic will come eventually.

Jacques is an Entrepreneur and Founder of the An1ken Group. He recently launched a daily vlog on Youtube — JacquesvhTV. He started Creativeoverflow in 2009 as a hub for creatives. Connect with him: Jacquesvh.com - @Jacquesvh - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest