5 Ways to Use Video Content to Your Marketing Advantage in 2016

Keeping abreast of the latest marketing techniques is no small feat, with technology constantly requiring updates and new ideas to ensure audience capture. According to a ReelSEO survey, almost 82% of marketers reported video marketing as having a positive impact on their business efforts and profitability. If you’re wanting to capture a wider audience, consider how these strategies will allow you to use video content to your company advantage.

1. Product Demo Videos

If you want your consumers to fully understand how your product could change their lives, then actually show them. Product demo videos, if done correctly, can be a major game changer when it comes to sales. These videos are worth their weight in gold, as they can provide indisputable proof that your product does what you promise and help you explain the key features and benefits that might not be immediately visible.

2. Use Periscope

If you haven’t started using Periscope, it’s time to. This broadcasting tool allows your customers a look inside your business and helps companies forge a more personal connection with their target audience. You can allow consumers behind the scenes glimpses at the production of their favorite products, and put a face to the brand, which helps humanize your company. Periscope can be used for a variety of purposes, including company event broadcasting, question and answer sessions, and more.

3. Utilize 360-Degree Video

Almost every industry is getting in on the 360-degree video trend. Everything from live-casted poker games to musical festivals have found their way onto this immersive image technology and for good reason. YouTube and Facebook now support 360-degree video uploads, which has seen a rise in spherical video popularity and a desire from consumers to see their favorite brands and services doing the same. The 360-video experience is interactive, allowing consumers to control what they’re seeing and move around in the scene by controlling the recorded camera angle.

While this marketing technique is still one of the most costly out of this list to utilize, its advancements are sure to see it becoming more popular as time goes on—its immersive experience can’t be matched. Whether you’re looking to showcase real estate or give an in-depth look into how great your company’s new surfboard tears up the waves, almost every product or service could benefit from this technology.

4. Host Webinars

Marketing webinars are a great way to showcase your company’s expertise in your industry, and can help you reach new audiences and maintain relationships with clients and consumers. You might consider hosting webinars with complementary companies to help add credibility to your product or service and double your reach. Take your time when selecting your webinar platform, as you’ll want to determine how many attendees can tune in, and whether or not your consumers will be facing irritating ads during your session (which tends to be the norm with free platforms).

Make sure you market your webinar in the weeks prior to assure the best turnout. Once you’ve built up a solid following, you can bring in guest speakers and set up a steady schedule.

5. Customer Testimonials

Few things are as powerful as consumer testimonials, and video testimonials can be even more persuasive. While written commendations are a good way to build credibility, video testimonials are seen as more believable and trustworthy. When it comes time to film your testimonials, prepare the customer by providing full transparency about the filming experience. Offer your advice on outfits, provide bullet points for questions that may be asked, and explain what you’re looking for in the video. The more they know, the easier it will be for them to get over any filming nerves, and the more comfortable they are, the more natural and believable their testimonial will be.

Be sure to avoid scripts, and try to encourage a flow of conversation to garner the best tidbits that can be used in your final, edited video product. As you edit, try to split screen time between the actual reviewer and footage of your product or relevant scenes—watching three minutes of an interview may be less than stimulating to viewers.

The power of video marketing can’t be understated. If you’re looking for ways to revamp marketing efforts, consider the ways video content can work for your business aims.

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