65 Inspirational Mix Tape Cover Designs

Mixtape is a popular way of generating music by artists to the public. As part of this trend, a new design opportunity originated and loads of new designs were published to enhance the product.

Mix Tape Wall is designed to be an online hub where designers, artists, DJ’s etc can come for design inspiration on this specific trend. You can browse this gallery for a wide range of artistic mixtape covers. Following are a few examples that I have rounded up for some inspiration. Enjoy the examples.

Check out Mix Tape Wall for more inspiration.

Pieter Els is a graphic designer at Inconcept Media, Jeffreys Bay. He kicked-off his career with extensive research and design of learning material for print, presentation and online learning. After a successful career in this field, he decided to turn back to his original choice he studied for and gain experience in both print and online design for the retail industry. After running his own studio for a while, he decided to join a team in a ever growing technological environment.

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    Big thanks to Creative Overflow for supporting Mixtape Wall and its mixtape covers!

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    Very cool.

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