7 Amazing Tools for Mobile Apps Wireframing

Mobile applications are developed after a deep consideration of the user demand. The way they are designed determines to which extent they can success. To grab the attraction of millions of mobile customers these Apps should be designed using best UI. So, application developers and designing companies are extremely focusing on some tools to develop thrilling applications. Wireframing is here to stop the designers search. Those tools are really exciting support for the Mobile applications. Here we are presenting most amazing tools for Mobile Apps Wireframing.

1. Fluid UI

One of the captivating tools for designing interactive prototypes is Fluid UI. This Wireframing tool helps in creating wireframes for all the latest platforms including iOS, Android and windows 8. To make your wireframes more realistic, this application comes with User interface elements along with numerous transitions. A lot of resources are available for the designers and developers who can use it to share what they are creating at a real time. You can export and publish your designs among members of your team to get suggestions and appreciations.

2. Wireframe.CC

If you are new in the field of Mobile Apps Wireframing then his is the simplest option to start your designing. User interface elements are premade and you can use them wisely in your design. This free tool enables developers to create a wireframe by clicking and then drag to start drawing. Wireframes which are created using this tool can be bookmarked and shared with other members after assigning a unique URL. Editing and designing using templates is also facilitated in this tool. You can use either mobile phone template or browser based template.

3. HotGloo

One of the famous prototypes designing application is HotGloo. Not only the mobile wireframes are designed with this UI supported application but anything which needs to be prototype can be designed using this marvelous application. It has support for all the components of the user interface. This application has remarkable collaboration features. For deigning wireframes Mobile Apps more than one designer can work on this application at one time. They can share their work with others and get instant feedbacks.

4. Balsamiq

A fast and simple drawing and collaborating Wireframing tools help developers to share their creative ideas and work at one time. It has dual versions and a couple of plugins. Real time designing of any Mobile application under the supervisions of heads and developers is possible at one time. This digital interactive tool facilitates rearranging the drawing. You can also use templates and icons which are premade. Developers can now create prototypes with pre made templates for the entire smart platform. There are templates of Android, iOS and windows 8.

5. Proto.IO

This Wireframing tool is an interactive platform for prototype applications. This allows simulation of all specific application gestures which you will find on the mobile devices. Now it is easier to test your prototype design on your mobile with the help of this application. Another feature that makes this Wireframing tool popular is the availability of the actions along with the tool. Developers utilize these actions to simulate with the application.

6. Just in Mind

One of the fascinating wireframe tools used among worldwide developers is “Just in Mind”. This tool not only used on the mobile devices but developers can use it over websites and tablets. Dynamic wireframes creation, their simulation and getting instant feedback are easy through this tool. It comes with an option of widgets and developers can create their own library using these widgets.
Just in Mind

7. MockApp

This Wireframing tool for mobile applications is rated at number 10. This allows developers to download free libraries which contain all the interactive elements which can be used for the development of the mobile applications. Radio buttons, links, text boxes and every simple UI element is available to start your development straight away.

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