7 Apps that will Help Web Pro’s Get More Done in Less Time

If you’re an online professional, whether a web designer, creator, seller or businessperson, you know that the days never seem to be long enough and the tasks never seem to end. You also know that a well-designed app, one that save you time and helps you earn, is like money in the bank. With that in mind we present a collection of excellent apps that we’re sure you’ll like. From helping you get things done on time to making the creative process a little easier, these apps have the goods. Click on a few and take them out for a spin.

tn3Gallery – Making your WordPress blog look professional and attractive.

Anyone who uses WordPress knows that it’s a great blog platform. Anyone who knows the web knows that a blog needs to look good and have great content to attract visitors. With this excellent WordPress plug-in you get the best of both worlds; a tool that lets you manipulate pictures and videos in a lot of creative ways that, when you’re done, make your blog look like it was done by a professional. I’ve used it and it works quite well.

Best Feature – The tools are built in so no need for externals.

Mighty Deals – When you need web tools at great prices, Mighty Deals delivers.

If we’re being honest we know that there are a ton of ‘deal’ sites on the web, offering deals on everything and the kitchen sink. Problem is, most of these sites have deals on stuff that, for lack of a better word, stinks. Mighty Deals has deals on tools you can use, and they have a freebies page too for free stuff! If you’re sick of wading through page after page of junk trying to find a deal on something you need for your work give them a look. They won’t disappoint.

Best Feature – They change their deals constantly, adding better deals all the time.

pSDefaults – The Photo Shop boost you’ve been waiting for.

Photoshop has been around since, well, forever. It’s a great program, to be sure, and is used virtually everywhere by designers and creative types for their photos. What it needs, and what pSDefaults gives it, is an upgrade. And upgrade this does, with new icons, textures, and all sorts of other artist-friendly design tools. I’ve used it and I can tell you that it really has a lot of great new stuff. If you use Photo Shop you need this upgrade.

Best Feature – Right now, for a limited time, it’s free to try in Beta.

Lost Type – New Fonts at ridiculous prices.

If you’re a website creator or a blogger you’re always looking for the ‘next best thing’ and fonts fit that category nicely. At Lost Type two guys got together and decided to bring font creators from all over and give them a place to sell their wares – at whatever you want to pay for them. You read correctly. Pay whatever you want and get a new font to use wherever you please. It’s a bold concept. Lets’ hope it sticks around for a while and does well.

Best feature – Custom fonts at prices so low it’s crazy.

Status Cake – Checking the status of your sites just got a lot cheaper.

If you create and / or maintain a lot of websites you know that the charges for ‘status updates’ can get pretty ridiculous. Enter Status Cake, a free service that lets you check and gives you the status of any number of websites. They have free support too, and are compatible with all your devices. Not only that, their app is easy to use and navigate. That’s what I call amazing.

Best Feature – Ping a site, Skype or send an email to check a website. Free.

The Noun Project – Enhancing the world through visual language.

This one is worth a look, especially if you’re a creative pro. Visual language is on the rise all over the world as it allows people from all races and languages to communicate easier. At The Noun Project you will find a library of easily recognizable symbols that you can use as you like to communicate however you wish. For free. Nice. If you read their Mission Statement I guarantee you will be impressed. I was.

Best Feature – High quality symbols that you can use anywhere for free.

App Cooker – A free app design platform for designing the next great app.

Apps are everywhere and new apps are designed and brought to market every day. It used to be that designing them took a team of tech-wonks and a lot of money. Not anymore. App Cooker now has, of course, an app for designing your own app. How cool is that?! They give you the platform and the tools to design and bring your app to life. Once finished they even show you how to publish to iTunes.

Best Feature – Even an absolute novice can design and build an iPhone app.

Raul Dumitrescu is a web addict and social marketing architect at Mostash.com. He also calls himself a professional reader and a pop culture aficionado