9 WordPress Improvements that can Double your Conversions!

Every website owner wants to get more conversions on their website. Whether it is converting sales, enquiries or subscriptions, the more conversions that occur on the site will increase the business’s future value from sales income. If your WordPress site has struggled to get conversions, try implementing these tips that can double your current conversions.

Capture more website subscribers with SumoMe.

SumoMe is a great plugin to install. They claim that they will improve the conversion rate on the website. There are several cool functions that Sumo Me has that can improve your site’s subscribers and leads.

  • Welcome mat.
  • Pop-up.
  • Scrolling pop-up.

They offer a free service to get you started. By upgrading your subscription, you will unlock more functions and customisable options.

Speak to your target audience by making sure your website uses relevant, powerful & compelling imagery.
The images that you use reinforces the message that you want to get across to your audience. To compel people to take action, the headline and supporting image must strike a chord with the web visitor emotionally. Ensure that the image that you select is:

  • Relevant to your website’s content.
  • A high-resolution image
  • Vibrant
  • Connects with the web viewer emotionally.
  • You can check image libraries such as www.ingimage.com or www.pixabay.com.

Implement Call To Actions

The way your website uses call to actions will greatly impact your site’s ability to convert its web traffic. Your site will need to continually test different CTA methods to find out what call to actions deliver the best results. Consider setting up A/B split tests for web campaigns.
Some call to action changes you can implement include:

  • Banners in the website’s sidebar
  • Banners in the website’s header
  • Call to action pop-unders, pop-ups or hover ads.
  • Call to action buttons within, prior or after the content.
  • Call to action hyperlinks.
  • Call to action callouts.

Put the most important information at the top of the website.

When a new visitor comes to your site, you will only have a few seconds to earn their undivided attention. It is crucial that the information that appears on the site is communicated clearly and concisely at the top of your web page. The web has two types of people that browse web content. Those who analyse every word and detail and those that scan the web content.

The way the information is presented to accommodate the reading habits for both types of users that will read your web content; thus maximising the chances of your site’s conversions.

Install an appealing and modern WordPress theme.

It’s amazing to see so many websites using themes that appear outdated. These outdated themes might be causing speed and display issues on your site that costs your site subscribers, leads and sales. Free WordPress themes are a nice start, however it is more beneficial to invest in bespoke, custom built themes that will give your site the modern design and functionality that is required to attract and convert more web visitors.

Have your WordPress developer check out available themes from Themeforest or on the Genesis Framework.

Leverage blog content to get qualified traffic.

Leverage the power of content marketing to improve the perceived value and expertise of your website and your business. Your website’s sales pages may already generate leads and sales, however you can publish blog content such as case studies, how to guides and reviews to add value to your website’s offering and encourage users to share your content with other potential leads.

Test conversion layouts with Leadpages.

Leadpages is great for quickly testing different web page layouts to see what will convert. Their WordPress plugin allows webmasters to import their Leadpages design easily. The only limitation is that the layouts are rigid. If you want to move a text or image box, the template will restrict you from making the customisation. It is a great service to use to initially test designs that convert before investing in a customised design on your website. Their service starts from $25USD per month.

Install ad carousels like Inbound Now that can advertise your website’s services.

Advertise the products and services that you sell on your site. If your site is already getting qualified traffic, install advertising carousels to increase the awareness of the products or services that your business offers. You can install Inbound Now; which is a great plugin promote offers, enquiries, subscriptions and sales across your website. The plugin allows you to customise templates, conduct A/B split tests and to monitor the performance statistics of your call to actions. You can watch the video below to learn how to install and use the plugin to improve your website’s conversions.

More information on Inbound Now can also be viewed here.

Improve your website’s speed with the following plugins

Speed is one of the most important factors for keeping prospective leads, subscribers and customers on your website. One of the most useful plugins to use include:


Unbeknown to many website owners, the size of their image files are slowing down their website’s performance. Ideally, the image sizes should be minimised before they get uploaded to WordPress, however, using the Smush.it plugin can vastly reduce the image’s file size and help improve the speed performance of the website.

With these improvements, you should be able to increase and potentially double the amount of web conversions on your site. Are there other plugins that you feel we should add? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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