A Showcase of 30 Quirky, Hand-Drawn Logos

It can be difficult, sometimes, to get the personality of the business across in a logo, but this is especially true of companies that have an interesting, fun & quirky atmosphere.

One of the most effective ways of producing a logo that’s full of personality is to hand-draw it – whether it’s full of elegant swirls or tiny imperfections that add to the feel of it. Bold, bright colors can help to make it stand out, but for a logo with a big dose of personality it’s hard to beat a good illustration.

We’ve selected a showcase of logos that use illustration and hand-drawn designs to add flourishes, and help them to stand out from the typical corporate brands.

Alex writes for printing company Print Express, who specialize in flyers, business cards & newsletter printing. In his spare time he practices his Photoshop skills and learns to play the guitar.