Adobe Illustrator CS6: The Best Vector Drawing Tool

Graphic designing has earned great importance in recent years and the support of technology has made it even more popular and effective. These days’ people are using graphical images in different ways such as web designing, clothing design, gaming, animation and more. The improvement in technology has provided comprehensive support to professional designers and the trend of graphic designing is on the rise as well. Numerous different graphic software and applications are available these days but Illustrator CS6 powered by Adobe is considered as the best vector drawing tool out there.

Adobe is popular for providing design and development software and professional designers always look forward to newly released Adobe applications or updates. The new Adobe Illustrator CS6 is considered as the most advanced and improved Illustrator version as it offers several advancements in terms of performance and tools.

People use vector graphics to create logos, clothing designs, advertisements and graphical documents. The new Adobe illustrator CS6 offers several advance features to support graphic and web designers; we have discussed some prominent features in brief to provide you insight view. The most prominent changes in Illustrator CS6 might not be noticed by ordinary people but for designers they are quite encouraging, these changes include speed, performance and design. The new Illustrator CS6 performs faster than the previous versions, the Adobe Mercury Performance System allow you to access heavy files faster, exporting and file saving have been improved as well. In this version Adobe focus on utilizing the power of 64-bit machines to give you reliable and speedy performance. Beside speed and performance the illustrator CS6 provides you improved and cleaner interface, it provides you with the option to adjust brightness, darkness and can change the interface colors as well.

Beside this performance improvements, Illustrator CS6 now allow you to apply gradients to the strokes, pattern creation and image tracing. The image tracing tool is much more improved than the illustrator CS5, now you can trace images more clearly without affecting the quality of image which is simply brilliant. So Adobe Illustrator CS6 has improved in terms of quality and professional designers must be amazed to have it. These days people are quite frequently adopt vector graphics for many different reasons, the thing is illustrator CS6 allow you to perform effects which are not possible in real time such as you can trace an image with hand and move it but illustrator gives you freedom to do that. Designers working on web, logos, print advertisement will find it extremely effective as professionals.

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As you can see this was merely a small overview on the Drawing features of the new Illustrator functions and we are happy to say that we will be having tons of new tutorials on Creativeoverflow very soon which will not only help you up your skills, it will challenge you to create new things and discover new ways of improving your work flows.

Hope you’ll enjoy the new features of Adobe Illustrator CS6. Till next time.

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