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Win 3 Premium WordPress Themes courtesy of TeslaThemes

We love giveaways at Creativeoverflow. Not because of the fact that we can give away something for free, but because we can reward our readers. We love giving back to you! We have teamed up with TeslaThemes to give three readers three premium WordPress themes each in this giveaway. The giveaway will run for two weeks and then the winners will be chosen and contacted by the TeslaThemes staff. Let’s find out a bit more about TeslaThemes and what the prizes are.

About TeslaThemes

TeslaThemes focuses on producing high quality WordPress themes for businesses and individuals. They currently have 18 WordPress themes available in their WordPress library and focus on producing more quality themes as time moves along. All WordPress Themes come with clean, modern, responsive design and some advanced features powered by a solid framework. The templates are great for: blogs, portfolio, business, creative agencies, event websites, photography websites and more.

The Prizes

Cool Stuff Theme

View Demo
Cool Stuff is a Responsive WordPress Theme with modern, flat, minimalist design. It comprises our latest features and a powerful framework to help you personalize and expose your content in a cool way. The template comes with a rich set of advanced features like: custom widgets, post format support, custom posts, built-in shortcodes, beautiful image slider with awesome transition effects, filterable and animated portfolio, Tesla Framework and much more.

Revoke Theme

View Demo
Revoke is a Premium WordPress Theme with clean and modern design, coupled with advanced features and powerful customization possibilities. By now, it is our most popular WordPress Theme. It’s beautiful aesthetics and advanced functionality are the main reasons why so many users opt for it. Revoke comprises a complete set of advanced features that will make your works stand out from the crowd. It has awesome image sliders with smooth transition effects, 7 custom widgets, filterable and animated portfolio, built-in shortcodes, social media networks integration, AJAX contact form, Google Maps, Flick photostream and much more.

Vulcano Theme

View Demo
Vulcano is a Creative WordPress Theme with clean, minimalist design, smooth transition effects, a beautiful portfolio and a rich set of advanced features powered by our updated version of Tesla Framework. We’ve packed Vulcano with our latest features like responsive design with full width elements, built-in shortcodes, social media integration, filterable portfolio, AJAX contact form and newsletter subscription, Google Maps with drag & drop functionality and much more. If you want to showcase your works in a creative manner, this template is definitely for you.

How to Enter

Entering this giveaway is really simple. Just follow the steps below, that’s it.

  1. Follow TeslaThemes and Creativeoverflow on Twitter: @TeslaThemes & @Creativeofblog
  2. Make sure that you’re a fan of TeslaThemes on Facebook: TeslaThemes Facebook
  3. Leave a comment on this article with a legit email address and stand a chance to be one of the 3 lucky winners.

This giveaway will be running for two weeks, then the winners will be chosen and contacted by the TeslaThemes staff. Make sure that you enter and cover your bases. It would be appreciated if you share this giveaway with your peers too. Let’s make it fair for everyone.

Good luck to those entering. See you soon.


15 Most Popular Premium Fonts on Creative Market

We look at fonts on a daily basis. Wherever we look, we look at some sort of type face. They have completely taken over the world. With Creative Market seeing excessive growth over the past year, I decided that it was about time to feature some content from them. They are a market place for a lot of different types of design resources. They have anything from icons, fonts, themes, illustrations and more. In this post, I will share with you the 15 Most Popular Premium Fonts on Creative Market.

Look for yourself why I decided to share them with you. Click on the title or image to view the font on Creative Market.

Vintagious Font Bundle 70%OFF | $35


Roverd + Bonus 50% Off | $25


Sparhawk Complete Family 50% Off | $24


Desire | $89


Industry Inc | $29


Veneer Complete Family | $39


Prada Script Typeface | $20


Appleton Font + Poster | $25


Trend 50% OFF | $79


Brush Up | $34


The Carpenter Intro-SALE 35% OFF | $51


Gist Font Family – Intro Sale | $17


Thirsty Rough Complete Family | $49


Lunchbox ALL | $50


Logotype Frenzy 50% OFF | $25


I hope that you somehow get some value out of these fonts. I personally recommend them for your personal and commercial projects. Make sure to read the licensing terms carefully once purchased. Have fun.

Giveaway: Win Awesome Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse

Have you heard about ThemeFuse’s awesome WordPress themes yet? The exciting company has established a reputation for building attractive premium WordPress themes. Now, ThemeFuse is giving you the chance to experience one for free by giving away three WordPress themes to our readers.

Are you looking for a new or better theme for your WordPress blog? Then you will love how stylish and functional these themes are. If you are one of the lucky winners of the giveaway, you will be able to pick any theme from ThemeFuse’s extensive catalog and install it on your site…absolutely free!

We are giving away three licenses. Here’s what you need to do to enter for your chance to win one of them:

How to Win

  • First, comment on this page. Tell us why you want to win, and why you think you deserve to. Be creative, and let us know what you’ll do with your free theme if you win.
  • Second, head on over to Twitter and tell all of your followers about the contest. Please post this: “Win a free copy of a @ThemeFuse #WordPress Theme from @Creativeofblog –” (Click Here to RT).
  • Show your support for ThemeFuse to all of your friends by “liking” the ThemeFuse Facebook page.

We will be announcing the three lucky giveaway winners in a week, so keep checking the Facebook page for results. Good luck to everyone that is entering.

What Can You Win?

ThemeFuse offers a wide variety of premium themes, so they can help you build almost any kind of website beautifully. Their expansive catalog includes tons of awesome themes for almost anyone, including corporate, fashion, wedding, and travel themes. All of their themes are attractive and trustworthy, so you won’t have to sacrifice reliability for style with ThemeFuse. They only use solid source code, so you can use these gorgeous themes with confidence.

ThemeFuse recently made starting a WordPress blog easier than ever. Thanks to a new partnership with a trustworthy hosting company, ThemeFuse now offers WordPress blog hosting that even comes with a free domain name. As if that isn’t awesome enough, they’ll also setup and install WordPress on your new domain free of charge.

With ThemeFuse’s help, you can have a WordPress blog up and running in just a few minutes, and you won’t have to break the bank to do it either. We promise that you can trust their talented team to take care of you. Find out more about this valuable service now.

Beatheaven – Music WordPress Theme

A responsive music WordPress theme for artists or event planners that want to stand out in front of the competition.

Music WordPress Theme

Paradise Cove – WordPress Hotel Theme

A responsive WordPress hotel theme for anyone that needs a modern, “all inclusive” web presence.

WordPress Hotel Theme

Collective – Professional WordPress Theme

A powerful and in the same time easy to work with responsive professional WordPress theme ready to push your business forward.

Professional WordPress Theme

Freelancer – One Page WordPress Theme

A responsive one page WordPress theme dedicated to freelancers, web designers, developers or even contractors.

One Page WordPress Theme

Evangelist – Church WordPress Theme

A warm church WordPress theme that will fit perfectly if you are looking to build a church, charity or a prayer group website.

Church WordPress Theme

Conexus – Responsive WordPress Theme

A multi-purpose WordPress theme that can fit perfectly for various business industries or more laid back creative shops.

Responsive WordPress Theme

Giveaway: 3 Premium Pixelkit UI Kits and Annual Design Resources Subscription

The fantastic group at PixelKit is happy to provide 3 Annual Membership Subscriptions to you, our wonderful readers!

We have 3 subscriptions to offer free to three lucky winners. They will receive an Annual Membership Account to at absolutely no cost.

You can find thousands of gorgeous graphics from PixelKit. These options are perfect for web designers. The company specializes in user interface kits, and they have all you need to make wonderful and unique sites. They have control systems, app screens, and a number of other features you will love. Once you look at all of the options available, from sliders and buttons, it is easy to see why they are so popular.

How can you Win?

  • Leave a comment on this article and let us know why you should win. Tell us how and where you will use the kit.
  • Let the folks on Twitter know by tweeting: “Win a free Annual @PixelKitcom Membership Account from @Creativeofblog valued at $39 –” Click Here to RT.
  • Tell Friends on FB by clicking the “Like” button on the PixelKit Facebook Page.

How does all of this sound to you? These kits are ideal for web designers, and they can make your life so much easier as you can complete jobs so much faster! You really do want to win this subscription!


We have two basic rules accompanying this giveaway and they are listed below.

  • Only one entry per user, so please provide a valid email address to contact you on.
  • If you’re chosen as a winner,we will check that you have tweeted and liked the page. So please be efficient.

This giveaway will end on 5 February 2014. Winners will be contacted after the giveaway has closed. Winners will be announced on Thursday.

Let’s see a sampling of what they offer.

Funky Tunes

An excellent music UI kit designed to perfectly match an artist or musician website. Whether it is a music news website or blog, you will love the modern and fresh looking style of this UI kit.

Music UI Kit

Modern Touch – Flat UI Kit

This UI kit looks great and it works even better. It offers excellent typography, a great color scheme, and more to show your content in the best light.

Flat UI Kit

Charming Boutique – Shopping Icons

Here is a great kit for those who have online shops. It works well as a companion to your online store. It contains 30 icons that have a modern look and that help to account for any actions needed on the site.

Shopping Icons

Fashion Ave UI Kit – eCommerce UI Kit

This is another kit that works well for shopping websites. The icons look great and can help your shop to stand apart from all of the competition out there.

eCommerce UI Kit

Gentle Edges – Minimalist Icon Set

This minimalist set features some simple yet beautiful icons. They have icons in 46 categories, and more than 1,000 vector images.

Minimalist Icon Set

Metro Vibes – Metro UI Kit

If your side needs to have a modern look, this metro UI kit is a nice solution to try.It can give your site the look and feel you want and need.

Metro UI Kit

Here is something else to love – Free PixelKit Bootstrap UI Kits. Download the HTML templates for your site for a functional and modern looking design.

Five Ways to Stay Creative in 2014

Being creative is a daily struggle for some. Even though they might be professional designers, there are often times when we also walk into a creative block. 2014 is predicted to be a great year, but how will you as a designer stay creative in 2014 and make sure that you don’t run into any blocks? You can follow my advice described below? That’s an option.

I’m not going to give you the do or die of being creative, but I sure can give you some advice that has been for me over the past few years. I have been able to stay creative without any creative blocks and grow my businesses. Sure, to some extent Creativeoverflow suffered under the management that was supposed to look after it, but I decided to take it back for me. Why? Simply because I miss outputting daily creative content and because design is still a hobby of mine. Enough about that for now, let’s focus on the topic at hand.

Five ways that you can stay creative in 2014 has been outlined below. Let’s see if you agree with me.

1. Calculate your Peak Performance Hours

Some of you might have 9-5 jobs and will have to perform within those margins, but those that are fortunate enough to work for themselves through freelance design or remote working will benefit from this. Take one week and calculate your peak performance hours in a day. Are you a morning person or an evening person? Do you work better with the lights on or off? Should there be music in the background or quietness? Every person is unique and only you will be able to find out exactly when and how you output the most work.

Be honest with yourself and make sure to document your findings so that you can setup a work schedule for yourself. Ex. I know that I get most of my work done between 10PM and 4AM. No distractions, no other commitments and no beach weather outside. Every person does have a different schedule though so make sure to customize yours to fit your lifestyle.

2. Have an Idea List with You

I have a big black book(Old school + Evernote) that stays with me wherever I go. It is my idea book. I have pages and pages full of ideas, article topics, course titles, resources etc. Whenever I feel that I am short on any ideas I turn to my book. It is MY go to resource for whenever I am under the weather. I encourage you to get yourself a book or get Evernote and start making lists of ideas that you have. Better yet. Take one day and title 20 articles that you want to write in the future or drawings that you want to do…or whatever it is that you want to do. It’s up to you. Just do it.

3. Inspiration Site List

Whether you are a medium artist, digital designers, web designer, UI expert or just a new guy on the blog getting starting, I cannot begin to explain how important inspiration is. I want you to make a list of inspirational websites where you can garner daily inspiration from. There are thousands of websites out there, but I have made a small 10 website list for you to get started with below. Don’t see these as the best of the best, every person has their own taste surrounding their work.

4. Join a Gym

I can’t stress to tell you how important your physical fitness is as a designer or creative person. Being physically fit keeps your brain relaxed and ready for action too. Looking at top CEO’s in the world, what do they all have in common? They belong to a gym. They workout daily. They are committed to staying fit. Why? Well simply because your body cannot function on sitting alone. Sitting creates problems further down the line for your “current healthy body.”

Working out everyday will not only guaranteed give you new and fresh ideas, but give you some time to yourself to think about the day and revitalize yourself.

5. Side Projects

Being held up with client work daily is no walk in the park. It drains you if you aren’t able to let your creative juices flow. Therefore I insist that you focus on some side projects too. They will not only allow you to let loose your creative abilities, but encourage you to come up with unique work and challenge your current knowledge in certain areas pertaining to design. Side projects have saved me countless times. Whenever I got stuck on a client project, I would move away for an hour or two and work on something totally opposite. I would then take a break and after a brief period resume the task at hand with a new, fresh approach. Believe me. Side projects save your life.


Even though this isn’t the ultimate guide to breaking a creative block, it is a simple guided way to stay creative in 2014. If you follow these steps to the T, I promise you that you won’t walk into any non-creative walls. If you do. Email me. Tweet me, or send me a horrible note. I’m that trusting of my points above. I hope that you enjoyed this article and can make use of these points mentioned above.

Featured Image: Little girl and water colors on Shutterstock

12 WordPress Items Worth $608 for Only $29 from Mojo Themes

WordPress has exploded over the last couple of years. Moving away from being a blogging only platform into a multifaceted content management system that is capable of handling the biggest of systems. Today marks 6 Days left on the 4th Annual Cyber Bundle brought to you by Mojo Themes. This bundle is packed with 12 WordPress Themes to the value of $608 for only $29. That’s more than a steal.

Usually each theme sells for north of $50 and it isn’t likely that you will ever get one of these themes for for this price again. So I urge you to invest in this opportunity and get hold of these quality themes available in this bundle. Like I said, there is only 6 days left and then it’s gone. So make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity.




I’m sure that I wouldn’t need to convince you any further. Have fun!

ONE MILLION Logos Designed at

Whenever a business is started, each founder has his or her milestone that they are set out to reach. In this case it was One Million online logo design creations completed through almost 20,000 contests. That is a lot of logos. There are a lot of different contest commission driven websites around, but this one stands out with its proven track record and estimated turn around time of 48 hours. That’s only two days….

So what is 48HoursLogo, let’s jump into a bit more details below.

About 48hourslogo

48hourslogo was started in 2010 with a small team of freelance logo designers. Launching the website with a unique style of crowdsourcing the design works, We began attract other designers from all over the world. More than 15 thousand small business owners and entrepreneurs have taken the advantage of our amazing logo design service which helped us quickly grown to be one of top logo design websites on the Internet.
(Source: About 48hourslogo)

Do you only offer Logo Design?

That’s the great thing about 48hourslogo. They offer a wide variety of services; it doesn’t just stop at logo designs. So you can turn to them if you need a website designed, business cards, branding, print media and more. All you have to do is post a project and tell them exactly what it is that you need designed. Setup your budget, describe your project and you’ll soon be receiving designs from all over the world.

Top Logo Designers

There are some high earners on 48hourslogo and that is why Chris and the team love to show off the top logo designers. They are ranked by their completed contests and their success rates. You can then individually contact them and hire them through the page too.

A Big Logo Portfolio

This is something you don’t find too often. One gigantic logo portfolio listed by industries. You will be able to make use of this portfolio for some quality inspiration for future designs and contests. There are thousands of logos for you to look at. Have a browse.


If you’re looking for a site to host a quality logo design contest for your new up and coming business or product. Give 48hourslogo a try. They will be able to help you and your business in more ways than one. Whether you only need a logo or your entire company identity, you’re well looked after.

Top 10 Greatest Web Hosting Companies of Today

If your choice of a web hosting provider is poor, your website will experience a lot of downtime, and each episode will cost you. Therefore, it’s essential to find a web host that won’t let you down, which can be either one of today’s topmost web hosting companies. This is a fresh list with 10 of the most highly dependable options.


1. KnownHost
KnownHost takes the lead, and is pretty close to perfection. As far as the quality of web hosting goes, KnownHost is very reliable, and the company’s 250 servers are ensured a Network Uptime Guarantee of 99.9%. At any time during the first 5 days since any kind of recorded downtime, customers need to submit a ticket to KnownHost’s helpdesk. Clearly, KnownHost is very confident in that astute uptime value because it instated a Service Level Agreement credit for when website uptime drops lower than 99.9%. And less than 99.0% is simply out of the question.

KnownHost forsook all notions of shared hosting, offering fully Managed cPanel VPS and SSD VPS for developers, at a great price ($25 per month). The catch is that VPS hosting from KnownHost is a far more resourceful and flexible service, and it comes at a much smaller price than that for a whole server. In addition, a pleasant surprise awaits new clients at checkout, where they need only type in the code KH15LIFE to obtain a 15% lifetime discount for VPS-2 or larger offerings. Once you’ve taken up one of the company’s hosting plans, 30 days is enough time to ask for your money back if things don’t work out as expected (the money-back guarantee is not available for Dedicated servers).

Creative professionals are left with full root access, and KnownHost’s around the clock support is really useful when hey need some help. KnownHost’s managerial responsibilities include performing cost-free migrations and backups. Moreover, some other administrative routines are: management of the cPanel, Plesk or DA, management of the operating system, hardware and network maintenance, initial account migration and its security, and free installation and optimization of the control panel.


2. WebFaction
WebFaction is a stellar web hosting company. It aims and succeeds in presenting top-notch shared hosting tailored precisely for web developers, and hosting medium- and small-sized websites here would be more than satisfying. In essence, WebFaction’s shared hosting functions on grounds which seem to be somehow similar to VPS and Dedicated enterprises. In this sense, WebFaction’s homepage beckons you to engage in a 48-hour trial and take advantage of its hosting potential for a brief period of time.

Hosting a website with WebFaction may cost either $8.50 or $9.50 for a month, and the price depends on the sort of subscription that you sign for. Sealing the deal for an entire year is obviously the best option, but going from month to month is a good idea too, as it doesn’t cost that much extra money. Hence, it all goes down to how big a commitment you’re willing to start. Once you’ve begun hosting with WebFaction, it’s comforting to know that plenty of time is available for changes of heart, because anytime during the first 60 days, you can ask and you’ll receive all of your money back.

WebFaction configures, monitors, and backs up servers, and also applies security patches, and updates existing tools. The developer clients are left with full SSH availability, and pre-installed developer tools like PHP, Python, or Django. In addition, around 50 applications are ready for 1-Click installation, and not only do they get installed in a flash, but they work on a really fast basis. Finally, whenever clients encounter some sort of problem, WebFaction has a responsive 24/7 support team at their service.

(mt) Media Temple

3. (mt) Media Temple
(mt) Media Temple is a top web hosting provider, an assertion which is entirely supported by the company’s accaimed proficiency. (mt) Media Temple’s experience speaks for itself, as this year the company celebrates 15 years of providing outstanding hosting services to web designers and web developers. Since 1998, when it first set out on a mission to host people’s great ideas, (mt) Media Temple has come to cater to the hosting needs of over 125,000 clients, for their 1.5 million websites in around 100 countries.

Besides being the ideal web hosting choice for web developers and designers, (mt) Media Temple does a great job accommodating all sorts of small- and medium-sized businesses. In addition, worldwide famous brands such as Samsung, Volkswagen, Adidas, or Red Bull, have also chosen to host their websites with this company, and so trust completely in the unfailing uptime (mt) that Media Temple’s hosting offerings promise to each one of its customers. Media Temple also prides in an award-winning customer support team, which I believe to have played a big part in the company’s far reach in terms of customers.

Because it’s dedicated to always meeting and anticipating its customers’ needs, (mt) Media Temple upgrades its hosting potential on a constant basis. The latest update is the GRID shared platform, which is the company’s flagship hosting plan. The new and improved GRID now enables websites to perform 6 times faster. In addition to the GRID, (mt) Media Temple’s Managed VPS and Developer VPS hosting services also hold great promise for the web designers and web developers.


4. HostNine
HostNine’s Shared, Reseller, Cloud VPS and Dedicated hosting plans altogether come with the promise of 99.9% network uptime. Should this high percentage fail for any reason, the compensation policy is very strict in maintaining that for every hour of downtime, an entire day of web hosting is provided free of charge (and as such, deducted out of the next month’s quantum). Apart from this, it’s good to know that, for the first 45 days of hosting with HostNine, malcontent clients can demand that all of their investments be returned, and the company pays them back in full.


5. Flywheel
Flywheel is an excellent web hosting company, and the ideal solution for all freelance designers and creative agencies. Setting up a free demo site would convince anyone of Flywheel’s hosting potential. The company takes full charge of launching and managing websites, so that designers may focus on doing the job they love, without having to devote their attention to each and every administrative aspect of their websites. What is more, Flywheel makes it very easy for resellers to manage their own clients’ websites, and colleagues won’t need a list of usernames and passwords in order to interact. Flywheel is particularly tailored for WordPress usage, but nevertheless it will keep any website up to speed, properly backed up, and protected. And whenever users require assistance, the support team makes all problems go away.


6. dreamhost
DreamHost is one of my favorite hosting providers. Basically, DreamHost has been providing top-class web hosting for nearly 16 years. The company’s Shared hosting service is perfect for bloggers and designers, and it costs just $8.95 per month. The Shared hosting service allows for anyone to test it for a whole month during a free trial. As an alternative, the VPS service attaches only $15/month for 300 MB of RAM. DreamHost has a 100% uptime guarantee, which means that every hour of downtime is automatically compensated with one day of free hosting, taken out of the next prepaid period. In any case, if new customers feel unhappy with the elected hosting plan, they can ask for refunds during the first 97 days.


7. HostGator
HostGator will always have a secured place in my preferences because its 12.000 servers are 130% powered by wind energy, and hence the odds of hosted websites to go offline are very slim. A 45-day money-back guarantee stands valid for any of the company’s hosting services – Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated offerings, just in case the new users decide that they don’t want to host their websites here. HostGator’s three Shared hosting plans are currently subject to an offer which takes 20% off the cost of the first ever invoice.


8. Bluehost
With Bluehost, the first 30 days of service are eligible for full refunds in the case of unhappy clients – and even after the first month, anyone can still turn back, because Bluehost reimburses with what is left of the user’s prepayment. It’s always a good idea to try their live demo for good measure. This company has the necessary experience to be reliable hosting providers and helpful assistants in times of distress. In terms of prices, almost all of their services are discounted right now. Bluehost’s VPS Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate vplans enable sizable one-time discounts, while the Professional Web Hosting (Shared) is only $4.95 for the first invoice.


9. Pixeno
All you need is to delve into Pixeno’s month-long free trail, and you will know for sure that its offerings where crafted to meet the needs of the web creative class. Both freelance resellers and creative agencies will feel right at home if they choose to host with Pixeno. The Personal, Reseller, Cloud Sites and Servers services altogether ensure an unlimited number of MySQL Databases, subdomains, and email accounts. In addition, Pixeno schedules 4 backups to take place everyday, and that information is kept for 2 whole weeks, so there are 56 possible recovery points at any given time. However, the principal argument in Pixeno’s favor is the fact that its headquarters is grounded in the most advanced technology, which makes periods of downtime highly unlikely.


10. WebHostingBuzz
WebHostingBuzz completes my updated list of top 10 web hosting companies. Its current discounts are quite remarkable, seeing as the price for Dedicated service is now reduced by 50%, and the first month of hosting for Resellers is just $1 if users type in the code “resellerdeal” when placing the order. WebHostingBuzz has awesome technical customer support when its users are in need of expert assistance, and web hosting from this company comes at very accessible prices: Shared hosting has a monthly price of just $4.95, Reseller hosting is $9.95, and finally the VPS hosting service is $14.95.

MoneySupermarket Unveil Creative Interactive History of Car Brands

Cars have revolutionized the world over the past decade. We wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for all the different car companies developing new technology and pushing the boundaries of physics, speed and design. Over the years we have seen some pretty big milestones accomplished, but never have I come across a digital guide that starts in 1886 and highlights the entire track record until 2011. This isn’t only quality design, its superior functionality for the passionate car history lover.

The leading comparison site on the web MoneySupermarket has unveiled a new interactive site showcasing the history of car manufacturers detailing the most important dates in the history of the automobile industry. According to MoneySupermarket the unveiling of the interactive guide was planned to share dates with some of the biggest car manufacturing anniversaries of all time.

The car timeline details every vital car manufacturer launch, merger and purchase from the beginning of production in the late 1800’s to the present day and looks at the pioneering practices of some of the biggest and longest standing car manufacturing brands in history, including Ford, Toyota and General Motors. Over the course of 127 years, the interactive site details the remarkable growth of car manufacturing from the birth of the industry in 1886 to today’s automotive landscape of 39 major car manufacturers and over 90 key car brands.

2013 sees some of the biggest anniversaries in the history of motoring, including the 75th anniversary of the Type 1 Beetle, 50th anniversary of both Lamborghini and Mustang and the 30th anniversary of one of the world’s oldest manufacturer’s most famous car, the Peugeot 205. Therefore the launch of the interactive guide was planned to the T to share some of these great moments in history.

Claire Francis, Editor-in-Chief of MoneySupermarket, said: “2013 is a big year for the motoring industry, and what better way to celebrate by looking at the history of car manufacturing and seeing what it has become. The growth of the motoring industry including the insurance side is absolutely fascinating, and something we believe will continue to expand in the future. We wanted to make an easily accessible place for people to see the expansion and production of the motoring industry over the years, a bit like our insurance comparison model. It’s incredible how many mergers and purchases have been made by well-known car manufacturers.”

Now it’s time to have a look at the guide that was created and launched: A History of the Car Manufacturers

car-1 car-2 car-3 car-4

I hope you enjoy the creative guide as much as I did. I feel that there was some quality work hours put into making this guide and producing a quality product. Enjoy.