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Winter Design Tips for Optimum Productivity in Your Home Office

For the self-employed, freelancers and many business owners, having an at home working space is important. When your home is also your office, designing a separate space where you can ‘go to work’ is one of the most important factors when it comes to keeping your work/life balance as stable as you possibly can. But, with winter fast approaching, many people who work from home might be finding that their beds or comfortable sofas are a much better choice of viable workstations.

If you feel that your office is in need of a redesign to keep you comfortable and warm during the winter, we’ve got some top tips.

Adjustable Heating

For home-based workers who work at a station that is separate from the home, for example, a shed in the garden which has been converted into an office, having adjustable heating is an important factor in staying comfortable. Investing in a good electric heater which you can use to ensure that the temperature is perfectly suited to your liking is a vital part of being as productive as possible as you work. For those who have an office inside the home, checking for any potential draught entry points and blocking them can help to make the room warmer and more comfortable.

Make it Cosy

Even if you regularly have clients in your home office, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to make it a little cosier for the winter. The use of cushions can help to make a home office look a little more comfortable, without taking away from a professional appearance for those who need it for meetings. On the other hand, many home-based workers don’t need anybody else to ever enter their office, in which case there’s no reason why you should not make it as cosy as you like, even if that includes having a sofa or a TV to watch films on when you take a break.

Fresh Air

The problem with winter is that using artificial heating to ensure that your home office is a comfortable temperature can also dry out the air, leaving you feeling dehydrated and contributing to common winter-time complaints such as dry skin and chapped lips, leaving you feeling uncomfortable. Using a dehumidifier in your home office will help to balance out the moisture in the air, leaving it fresher and providing better conditions for you to work in. Along with this, having plants in your home office can also make the air fresher, by breathing in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.


Getting the lighting right is an important design factor of any home office. This is especially important during the winter months, where the earlier start to the evening means that many people will be working after the sun has gone down, meaning that more artificial light is needed. Having the right lighting not only makes it easier for you to work, it will also put less strain on your eyes and help to protect your future optical health. This is especially important for freelancers who do intricate and focused work such as graphic design or writing.

Creative Marketing Ideas for Risky Industries

If your business is in what’s considered a risky industry; selling regulated products such as vapes or pawn shops, for example, you will find you are limited by federal laws on how you can advertise. This means some mainstream advertising channels may not be open to you. So, you’ll need to get creative.

Build Loyalty

While this might not seem like marketing, it’s going to be the most important thing you do to drive sales and interest in your business. There’s probably a lot of competition in your field. Make sure you are the best. Reward your loyal customers. Show an interest in them and find out what they want from you. A good reputation, and word of mouth marketing is one of the keys to success.

Face to Face advertising

Consider getting out there amongst your potential customers. Use this has an opportunity to find out what they expect from you. What would make them choose you over another business? Most importantly, let them know you exist and what you do. Always be open about what it is you do; people appreciate honesty and will know if you’re anything less than sincere. If you have a brick and mortar store or office space, make it attractive, well-designed and with great signage.

Online Presence

Having a strong online presence will work wonders for you. Be active on social media, not just to advertise, but to communicate. Interact with your followers and make interesting and informative posts that beg to be shared. Don’t just talk about your products, be generally interesting and entertaining. Look to smaller social media sites where there might not be as much competition for people’s attention.


Start a blog and share it on all of the social media sites you are now active on. Don’t just talk about your products. Write interesting articles and interviews that can be advertised in the mainstream. Post quality content, and do it often. Look into SEO, and choose your keywords carefully, as this can drive search engine traffic to your site in huge numbers.


Once you’ve got subscribers and followers, start an email list. Send out clever, well-planned newsletters to grab reader’s attention. This is a great way to inform people of any offers or changes in your business.


Good branding is important. You want to be different, exciting, and informative. Keep it simple. Be consistent. Have the same branding across all of your advertising platforms, social media accounts, websites, newsletters, flyers, packaging, and signage.

Do Your Research

What are your competitors doing? You either need to do it better or different. Look at their stores and websites. What do their shops look like? Make yours more welcoming. What keywords are they using? Are they working? If you need help creating an amazing advertising campaign, have a look at this website for some ideas.

Just because you’re a risky business, you can still drive traffic and sales to your business through advertising, you just might need to think outside the box. Use that to your advantage.

The Healthiest 31 Fitness WordPress Themes You’ll Ever See!

Humans have been working out for thousands of years. Albeit, maybe not in the same ways as we know it today, and definitely with different goals.

As early as 4000 BC, the Greeks and Romans were known to train physically for war. Then of course, came the first Olympic games in 776 BC. Since then, physical training has evolved from a necessity of war to either athletic/health training or aesthetic training. The majority of the fitness movement we know today involves staying in shape for health purposes and looking good for aesthetic purposes. Besides that, athletes train for athletic purposes.

With the boom of this fitness movement, naturally, some of it has made its way online. Gyms are looking for an online presence to reach a broader audience. Personal trainers and coaches are scaling by putting their content online to reach more people. Fitness equipment and accessory retailers have shifted to an online market as well.

You get the just of it. If your business is in the sphere of fitness and you’re not online, you might be missing out.

For that reason, I’ve put together a list of 31 Fitness WordPress themes. Enjoy!

Gym & Fit | $59


The theme is built for Sport Clubs, Health Clubs, Gyms, Fitness Centers, Personal Trainers and other sport and health related clubs and it is suitable for any kind of sport activity – aerobic, boxing, crossfit, karate, dancing. It has purpose oriented design and comes with events / classes, schedule / timetable, opening hours. It is suitable for users with zero programming skills as well as advanced developers.
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FItness | $49


Fitness is a responsive WordPress theme for gyms, fitness classes and other Health Product related websites. The Fitness design is well crafted with attention to details and the code is clean and well organized. While it is made for that niche it is not limited by it, you can use the theme for a vide variety of websites.
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Fitness Zone | $59


Fitness Zone WordPress theme muscled for modern trend, gyms, sport club or fitness centre and personal trainers! Fully responsive layout that looks great on mobile and tablet devices. With inbuilt drag and drop page builder you can make the website creation a whole lot easier.
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Be Fit | $59


Be Fit is a fitness WP theme for fitness centers, pilates and yoga studios, gym, martial arts clubs, dance studios and other fitness facilities. Be Fit has all the needed functionality for a great fitness center website.
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Yoga Fit | $59


Yoga Fit – Sports, Gym & Fitness WordPress Theme is meant for for yoga and fitness websites, like yoga studio websites, fitness classes, sports, yoga meditation, gym, dance and dancing class, etc. Yoga Fitness is a sport theme, as well as a timetable theme for any yoga, gym, fitness and dancing class, yoga bars, sport sections, meditation lessons etc.
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Fit & Fab | $49


Fit & Fab – Gym, Aerobic and Fitness is a responsive, Bootstrap powered Fitness WordPress Theme that is ideally suited for Gyms, Fitness professionals, and freelance trainers who wish to showcase themselves on the internet in an appealing manner. Whether you wish to promote your Gym, Spa center or sports club, our theme has all the features that would help you in achieving your goal.
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Meridian Fitness | $64


Meridian Fitness is a responsive WordPress theme for sports, fitness centers, gyms, clubs, personal trainers, yoga studios, and pretty much any type of sports or fitness related website. The design is well crafted with attention to details and well-coded.
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FIT | $29


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Young Fitness | $59


Young Fitness is a Responsive WordPress Theme, which is used for the needs of the development of websites on health problems, gymnasium, spa and other purposes. This is the best opportunity to introduce your website to everyone if you use our product.
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Fitness | $59


Fitness is a powerful responsive Gym premium WordPress theme , built on the Bootstrap Framework, jam-packed with features. The theme is very powerful yet easy to use and customize, whether you’re a WordPress pro or a beginner with no coding skills.
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Fitness | $49


Welcome to “Fitness” our all new, and best ever, WordPress theme! Fitness is created primarily for a fitness club or gym, however the way we have created the theme it would work perfectly for many business types.
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In Shape | $59


InShape theme will be perfect for personal trainers, fitness aficionados, and even sports gyms. We are confident that this theme will help everyone lose weight, trim the fat and get in shape! Our main goal with this niche theme was to provide the above-mentioned professionals with fitness specific tools, that will help get the point across better. This theme is perfect for a personal trainer or a gym website.
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PharmaPlus | Medical & Fitness | $59


PharmaPlus Medical & Fitness is set of multipurpose WordPress themes. “Pharmaplus WordPress Themes Set” generally focuses health category and comes with lots of features needed to setup an online health management business. Themes will be ideal for people interested to keep an online presence in beauty, spa and gym industry.
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Action | $59


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Fitness | $59


Fitness is a Gym and sport WordPress Theme designed in a minimalist style. It has a responsive layout that looks great on mobile and tablet devices. Fitness WordPress Theme is WordPress and eCommerce for Fitness, Gym and Sport Clubs. Fitness WordPress Theme and eCommerce is built for Gym, Fitness Clubs, Personal Trainers, Health Centers and other sport and health related business
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Fitness – Gym & Yoga | $59


Fitness is a beautiful and extensively graphically designed, intuitive and easy to use, rapidly responsive WordPress fitness, gym and yoga website theme. Fitness is the result of a focused and purposeful development effort, seeking to provide a flexible, feminine theme for fitness websites that allowed for female fitness centers to display themselves, their classes and services and their trainers and schedules in a uniquely detailed, thoughtful manner.
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GoFit! | $59


GoFit! has modern and functional design created for fitness Industry. The Theme is perfectly suitable for gyms, crossfit boxes, fitness clubs, personal trainers, health centers and other sport and health related business. Due to its WooCommerce compatibility, the theme can be a splendind online store of sports nutrition or sports equipments.
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FitnessGYM | $59


FitnessGYM theme is WordPress sport theme aimed for fitness, gym or any other sport related websites. Fitness GYM theme is clean, flexible, retina ready and has a fully responsive design. Fitness GYM theme is loaded with features, and has powerful customization options.
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Maxx Fitness | $59


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Fit+ | $51


Sport is about strength, will power, competitive spirit and, of course, the incredible desire to be the winner. Actually, being the first in any business, is quite challengeable task. But if you get used to achieving the high results and planning to launch a sport related website, we would like to bring to your attention this new and powerful Fit+ Sport WordPress Theme.
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GymLife | $59


GymLife is a clean and modern WordPress theme designed specifically for Gyms, Fitness Clubs and Health Centers. GymLife features a responsive mobile ready layout powered by Bootstrap 3 that looks great on all devices. The theme is packed with functional and targeted features for gyms such as classes, trainers, galleries and opening hours.
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ENERGY | $49


ENERGY is a Premium Fitness WordPress Theme designed specifically for gyms, fitness studios, personal trainers and professional bloggers who cater to the fitness sector. Energy comes packaged with many beneficial features such as the ability to post schedules, promote fitness services and classes, display workout routines with the dedicated video gallery and so much more.
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Ulysses | $59


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Vigor | $49


Vigor is a gym/fitness WordPress theme. It is powered by the highly flexible Live Composer page builder plugin which gives you the ability to alter the styling almost without any limitations. Everything from header to the footer can be changed without writing a single line of code.
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Aslan | $49


ASLAN is an ultimate modern fitness and exercise WordPress Theme specially designed for the needs of gymnasiums, health clubs, spas and fitness centers, & any other health and sport related business website. Whether you run a fitness community, are a personal trainer, publish as an online magazine, or own a local gym, ASLAN with a well-research design always has a bunch of powerful and advanced yet intuitive features to help you grow your significant following.
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Winner | $59


Winner is a WordPress theme built for Gyms, Fitness Centers, Sport Clubs, Health Clubs, Personal Trainers and any other sport / health related businesses. It has a purpose oriented design and supports workouts, classes, trainers, timetables, etc.
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Athlete | $59


Athlete is the wise choice for gym, sport, boxing or fitness center with energetic and modern design. Coming in with 7 homepage versions ( One-page Included),Woo Commerce, Fitness class and trainer management and Event Management plugins integration. Powerful page builder + one click demo importer plugin will complete all your custom Fitness website in a few minutes!
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GymBase | $59


GymBase – Responsive Gym Fitness WordPress Theme is a gym fitness WordPress Theme designed in a minimalist style. It has a responsive layout that looks great on mobile and tablet devices. The main point of focus is represented by home page slider which scales down automatically depending on your screen resolution.
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Welldone | $59


Welldone is a colorful WordPress theme intended for online store of sports nutrition products and supplements. The theme can also be perfect for sport and health clubs, fitness centers and stores selling different sport goods, like apparel, equipments, accesories, etc.
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Ironfit | $59


Ironfit has a modern and functional design created for Fitness Industry. The Theme is perfectly suitable for Gyms, CrossFit boxes, Fitness Clubs, Personal Trainers, Health Centers and other sport and health related business. Ironfit is also created to meet the needs of online fitness programs or sport store. The theme is focused on showcasing info about events, classes, schedule / timetable; it can be a great deal for nutrition or sports activity blog.
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Somnus | $49


Purpose-built for Yoga, Pilates and Fitness studio businesses, Somnus presents a confident but welcoming look for your business. Spacious typography and neutral colour tones combine to form an engaging, well-rounded user experience, regardless of device.
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The fitness industry is a great place to be in 2016 and onwards. The market is only growing as more and more people realize the benefits of staying in shape physically. Naturally, the best place to be is where the most people are and in the case, that means online. If you’ve made the jump already, good for you! If not, and you’re wanting to grow your business, I would strongly suggest you consider it!

Is Google Really a Glorified Scraper Website?

Do you remember when the Panda algorithm was released by Google? This began the time of penalties designed to eliminate the scraper websites that would steal content from one website in order to use it on their own. This is a discouraged practice mainly due to the fact that these scraper websites would be found ranked higher than the site where the original content was published. Working with search engine optimization services USA is a great way to get a website noticed by this powerful search engine.

Since these penalties were first introduced, it has been made abundantly clear that if you publish duplicate content on your site then you are going to feel the wrath of the all-mighty Google.

Now, the confusing part of the puzzle is introduced. Since Google is so against the scraper websites and telling everyone not to engage in these practices, why is Google, itself, doing this? Which leads to the bigger question of, Is Google a Scraper website?

For example, if you search the term “search engine marketing” the definition displayed by Google (claimed by Google) is actually the exact same information found on Wikipedia. Not only is this copied content, it is also at a higher rank than Wikipedia, which is the original content author. Now the question is – how is this different than what Google has begun penalizing other sites for?

Some could say that Google is providing attribution when it is due, but this is not a very strong argument. Any other website would be penalized for posting duplicate content, even if they provide attribution, but the fact remains, they are still publishing this duplicate content. Google is doing the exact same thing; however, there is just no one that is holding them accountable.

The Argument of User Experience

Content that is taken from other websites is beginning to become more and more prominent as Google is increasing the number of web definitions, knowledge graph answers and direct answers in their search engine results.

In the eyes of Google, this is the best way to provide more relevant results for users. Also, to be fair, this is an argument that offers some validity. There are some searchers who are just seeking a quick answer, and this method of presenting the answers is much more convenient than having to click links and read to find the information that is needed.

While validated (somewhat) this is still a bit hypocritical. This user experience argument is a self-serving and convenient excuse that is allowing Google to basically say it’s completely ok for us, but not any other sites. While this information is beneficial for users, it is still scraped content – and Google is in the business of penalizing scraped content.

How Casinos Use Design Psychology

An understanding of design psychology can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. There’s a reason why certain images work and certain images don’t and a reason why certain advertisements have sold countless products and other advertisements fail almost immediately. Understanding how casinos use design psychology can be helpful for the people who are organizing the casinos in the first place, as well as everyone else involved.

The Royal Vegas online casino and many of the other online casinos already use a lot of the most important principles of design psychology. One of the underlying design psychology principles is the idea that people have an easier time absorbing and processing information if they are confronted with visual and written information at the same time. Slot machine games are always presented using pictures and images and written titles. When people go to online casino gaming websites, they will see bright and visually stimulated title cards that also have the titles. It is important for both the images and the words to be presented, or the entire page and everything connected with it would appear less interesting to the people who should be getting interested in the slot games.

If course, some aspects of design psychology have to do with certain emotional appeals. Lots of different online casinos will try to create a sense of immediacy. People will hear all about the online casino promotions at Royal Vegas casino, and they will feel as if they have to take part in them at once or they’re going to be gone soon, which probably will be the case. Progressive jackpots will often have clocks attached, and people will see the progressive jackpots get more and more valuable, with the counters tallying up the changing worth of the jackpots. This also creates immediacy. People feel as if they need to take advantage of the progressive jackpot while the value is very high. The changing counter is really going to help people to recognize the timely nature of progressive jackpots.

In land-based casinos and online casinos like the Royal Vegas online casino, the bright colors, and flashing lights often help in terms of design psychology. People are naturally drawn to bright colors and flashing lights in most cases. In many cultures, bright colors have been viewed positively. In the contexts of casinos, bright colors manage to stimulate the senses. Seeing this many bright colors in one location is rare in most contexts.

The fact that casinos use these bright colors will really give people the sense that they can break from their routines and they can enjoy themselves since they are in a truly different world at the present time. Casinos do this in order to put people in a different mindset. Of course, at this point, casinos are associated with these sorts of bright colors and they’re going to have to stick with them now in order to avoid disrupting people’s expectations too much, which is another principle of design psychology. Casinos use design psychology in both basic and overarching ways.

32 Logos For Your Urban Inspiration

If your business is in a downtown core, a logo that incorporates an urban setting would make a lot of sense; whether it be a famous local landmark like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, or the Christ the Redeemer statue. Something more general could be cool too; like the cities skyline or nickname (e.g the Big Apple) incorporated into the logo.

Many companies can take advantage of this as more than 50% of the world’s population live in urban cities, causing a ton of business’ to call downtown areas home.

If this doesn’t relate to you at all, the fact that Urban inspired logos are super cool-looking should encourage you to continue scrolling!

I hope you enjoy this collection!

Credit to respective artists.


citylogo-2 citylogo-3 citylogo-4 citylogo-5 citylogo-6 citylogo-7 citylogo-8 citylogo-9 citylogo-10 citylogo-11 citylogo-12 citylogo-13 citylogo-14 citylogo-15 citylogo-16 citylogo-17 citylogo-18 citylogo-19 citylogo-20 citylogo-21 citylogo-22 citylogo-23 citylogo-24 citylogo-25 citylogo-26 citylogo-27 citylogo-28 citylogo-29 citylogo-30 citylogo-31 citylogo-32


Remember; besides the fact that city inspired logos look amazing, 50% of the world can seriously relate with them. Use local landmarks to add some local flavour, or the cities skyline or nickname.

I hope that you enjoyed this weeks logo roundup! Feel free to give your city a shoutout in the comments below.

28 Random (Yet Stunning) Water-Droplet Photos

Okay, this week’s photography roundup is kind of random but is something that I find weirdly fascinating.

Have you ever noticed how cool a water droplet looks? Like when you pouring a glass of water and you get a couple little drops at the end. I don’t know the science behind this, but for some reason it makes a really neat little column of water that shoots up. Or how about when you fill a glass and the water rises above the rim without spilling?

I find simple things like this very fascinating and I hope you do too because I’ve put together a collection of 28 freeze-frame water droplet photos. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

waterdrop-1credit: David McGregor

waterdrop-2credit: Dmitry Kalinin

waterdrop-3credit: Joe Dyer

waterdrop-4credit: Ron Kroetz

waterdrop-5credit: David McGregor

waterdrop-6credit: Lóránt Szabó

waterdrop-7credit: Ineke Huizing

waterdrop-8credit: Dirklaudio

waterdrop-9credit: Martijn Nijenhuis

waterdrop-10credit: Omar Bariffi

waterdrop-11credit: Ron Kroetz

waterdrop-12credit: kiler129

waterdrop-13credit: Tim Geers

waterdrop-14credit: Joe Dyer

waterdrop-15credit: Joe Dyer

waterdrop-16credit: Enid Martindale

waterdrop-17credit: Ron Kroetz

waterdrop-18credit: Ron Kroetz

waterdrop-19credit: Mbrk A. Madhi

waterdrop-20credit: Thomas Rydberg

waterdrop-21credit: MeganLynnette

waterdrop-22credit: Lee Pickup

waterdrop-23credit: Andy Rogers

waterdrop-24credit: Joe Dyer

waterdrop-25credit: Arden

waterdrop-26credit: Leticia Ayuso

waterdrop-27credit: Martijn Nijenhuis

waterdrop-28credit: Alejandro Merino


Next time you’re pouring yourself a glass of water, I hope that you think about this roundup and keep an eye out for some water-droplets! Remember to appreciate the simple the simple things in life!

Thanks for stopping by!

21 Simple Themes For Minimalists

Often times information and content can become either overwhelming or just plain unnecessary. There are times when more is better, but also situations where more is just overload and can actually become a distraction. On top of this, minimalism can look cleaner, more organized, and can appeal in its simplicity.

Leonardo da Vinci said it best by saying,

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Another quote by an anonymous author says,

“Minimalism is not subtraction for the sake of subtraction. Minimalism is subtraction for the sake of focus.”

And yet another,

Minimalism; find beauty in its simplest form.

At the end of the day it comes down to preference. Do you prefer an abundance or just the necessary? If you’re the latter, continue scrolling.

I put together 21 multi-purpose themes that have minimalism as a focus. Enjoy!

Verdu | $59


Verdu is a modern and minimalist design that puts your products in focus, which gives your customers a seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
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Core | $49


Core is the Minimalist Photography, Portfolio, Personal website Template built with latest WordPress features. Custom Post Type and Image Uploader etc.
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Aurum | $59


Aurum – its a minimalist WooCommerce theme that will give you and your customers a smooth shopping experience which can be used for various kinds of stores such as boutiques, bookstores, technology stores, jewelries and other types of web shops. It is beautiful, flexible and super fast theme.
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Reset | $49


Reset is a minimalistic responsive theme. It is retina ready and has everything you need to present your work. Unnecessary things are cut out. All of them. I’ve included the .less file, used in the theme. You can change the color accent, just with a touch of one variable.
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Focus | $39


Focus is a high quality creative theme with unique style and clean code. Focus can be used for many purposes starting from creative portfolios, agencies, freelancers and much more.
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Jolie | $59


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Floris | $59


Floris is a minimalist responsive WooCommerce theme specifically designed to adapt its display according to the device in use. It’s packed with great features you can customize according to your brand.
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Acrod | $45


Acrod theme comes with simple and minimalist design where you can use 20+ predefined page layouts or build your own design page using Visual Composer & Slider Revolution (plugin packages included). You can use the theme to build business, corporate, ecommerce with WooCommerce plugin, portfolio, personal, blog, shop/ecommerce and any kind of websites.
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BasicMag | $49


Our 2016 default theme is clean, blog-focused, and designed for clarity. BasicMag’s simple, straightforward typography is readable on a wide variety of screen sizes, and suitable for multiple languages. We designed it using a mobile-first approach, meaning your content takes center-stage, regardless of whether your visitors arrive by smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Our purpose was to create minimal and elegant theme with nice to eye layout. It is perfect for your blog!
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Savoy | $59


Savoy creates the basis for an amazing online store. Its modern minimalist design puts your products in focus, and our built-in AJAX functionality gives your customers a seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
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Cassiopeia | $44


Cassiopeia is a simple, minimal and highly responsive (grid based portfolio + blog + commerce) solution targeting agency, graphic designer, freelancer, photography and commerce niches. It’s for the people who are looking for a simple yet functional and professional template.
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Better | $49


Better is a minimalistic & theme for your business! Characterized by pure simplicity, packed with a lot of high quality features such as shortcodes, layout builders, theme options, sliders, it can become the perfect solution for your online portfolio.
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Elegance | $59


Responsive layout, Clean and Minimalist design, Elegance WordPress theme is built with love and passion for Personal Blog, Fashionistas or Food Recipes Magazine… Based on Underscores (_s) and Bootstrap Framework with Unlimited flexibility.
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Space | $59


Space ‐ Minimalist, Clean WooCommerce Theme. It comes with a lot of great features that would take you months to develop. It is fully responsive, it looks stunning on all types of screens and devices, flexible layout easy to change header layout, footer layout, product detail page layout, category page layout suitable with online furniture store, handmade store, fashion store and digital store.
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unPress Magazine | $59


unPress is a responsive, minimalist, flexible and modern WordPress theme suitable for fashion magazines, newspapers or blogs. It was created to showcase your content in a clean, minimal, and fashionable space. With UnPress you can choose from unlimited colors, unlimited pages templates and many other options.
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Acerola | $59


Acerola is a 100% responsive Multi-Purpose One & Multi page theme with awesome parallax effects. It’s clean and professional design is perfect for both agencies and creative studios but also for modern businesses. Acerola can be easily customized to suit your wishes – there are absolutely no limitations!
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Gap | $49


Gap is a Minimalistic Grid Portfolio Theme. Gap is an fully customizable theme, suitable for Agencies and Free Lance which wish to focus on their works with a perfect grid layout. Trough a WordPress Customizer is possible to configure the majority theme’s aspects like the accent color, Google fonts and many other options.
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Performer | $49


We worked really hard on creating this minimalistic responsive portfolio WordPress theme. It’s code is clean, well organized and SEO optimized which leads to the high performance of the template 1.22 sec using pingdom website speed test. Hope you like the design as well.
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BLG | $49


Powerful WP Theme designed in a clean and minimalistic style. This theme is very flexible, easy for customizing and well documented, approaches for personal and professional use. BLG has been coded in HTML5 & CSS3 and jQuery. It has a solid flexible responsive layout that scales from 320px to 1260px width all Bootstrap features.
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ideo | $52


ideo is a minimal portfolio theme. It?s very clean, sleek and modern design. This theme also uses Masonry grid for portfolio layout and blog layout, It makes your website looks very cool. Also, with the admin panel and page builder in this theme, you can discover unlimited possibilities of what the theme can do. Moreover, responsive feature is applied as well. Now, you or your clients can explore your amazing works through phone or tablet easily.
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Calcium | $49


Calcium – its a Responsive WordPress theme, primarily developed for Blog and Portfolio usage. It supports two types of header, two skins, custom fonts and many other options to customize the theme look and feel.
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I am personally a fan of simplicity and minimalism in most all areas. Obviously, there’s a time and a place when more is more, but my preference would be less is more, especially when designing a website.

I hope that you enjoyed this round-up! Thanks for stopping by!

What not to do while attending industry exhibitions

If you’re exhibiting at your latest industry exhibition, then you’ve probably got a big list of things that you need to do. After all, there’s a lot of organisation behind an exhibition, but this often means that things can go wrong which can negatively impact your brand and your bottom line. Here are 4 things you shouldn’t do at an exhibition, which can improve the success of your exhibition.

1. Don’t ignore people

As businesses, we have a preconceived idea of who to talk to at exhibitions. We often have pen portraits to tell us who our target market is – baby brands looking for mothers for example, whereas a bike retailer may be looking out for young, sporty looking men. But should we ignore people who don’t follow our preconceptions?

The simple answer is no. Even if we don’t feel that somebody is old enough to have purchasing power, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t been sent out in order to gain potential supplier information. Although you may not be speaking to the person who holds the purse strings, if they are a heavy influencer in that decision then it may be worth not passing them off as a potential customer.

2. Don’t choose design over function

Everybody wants a pretty looking stand but the simple truth is that if it doesn’t work properly – the way you need it to – then it will affect your ROI. Instead, focus on how you need your stand to work for you in order to reach your goals. Whether that’s raising awareness of a particular product or if you need a private area to meet with existing clients. Of course, we’re not all design experts, so choose an exhibition stand from for example who create stands that have both function and form.

3. Don’t forget to measure success
Do you know how well your exhibition went? We could just go on gut feel, but in an era of needing to show whether a marketing activity is successful enough to warrant reinvestment, it’s important to know how you’re going to measure success before you exhibit. After all, it’s a bit too late to start thinking about it when the doors finally close as you may have missed your opportunity. Success for your brand could mean anything from sales to the use of a special coupon given out at the event a few weeks down the line.

4. Don’t power through

Exhibitions are pretty intensive events. If you let it, they’ll drain all of your energy. So don’t choose to power through without taking breaks as this will leave you burnt out at the end of the day, running on the embers of coffee. Get off of the stand, take a walk to stretch your legs and have a proper lunch break.

Eating and drinking on-stand can look unprofessional as well as put people off – after all, you’re too busy to talk if you’re otherwise engaged!