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22 Wedding WordPress Themes That Will Make You Say I Do!

I have yet to experience this, but what from I’ve been told, wedding planning can be very stressful. You need to put time and effort into the budget, organizing your wedding party, the invite list, reserving a venue, the catering and decoration, and a million other things.

Well, it’s a good thing it’s 2016 and there are ways to simplify and streamline the whole wedding planning process. One of those way, that I’ll touch on, is to create an online hub for your wedding.

A custom website that serves as an organizational hub for your wedding can do wonders. Imagine a convenient one-stop destination with a countdown clock until the big day, venue location with google maps integration, an RSVP form, a blog to share memories and information, a gift registry, photos of the wedding day, and so much more.

I’ve compiled a list of 22 wedding themes that not only look stunning but will also help in making your wedding planning experience simpler and more convenient. Enjoy!

Taylor | $49


With Taylor, it’s easy to build a gorgeous wedding website that helps you collect RSVPs, share your precious moments and add your registry links. Personalizing your wedding website has never been easier than with Taylor WordPress theme.
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Lilac | $49


Lilac it’s a beautiful and elegant one-page Wedding WordPress Theme, perfect for couples who want to create their own wedding website. This theme is definitely a creative and original way to invite your friends and family to your wedding and to let them know all about the ceremony details.
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Moments | $59


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Kate + Jake | $49


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Confetti | $49


Use Confetti to show the details of an upcoming wedding, display a simple countdown save the date site to build up excitement for the big day or if you’re a wedding planner you can use it to showcase your business and advertise your services.
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Idylle | $49

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Bloom | $49


Bloom is a beautifully designed, mobile-friendly WordPress wedding theme with 6 months of support included and ongoing brand new features being added. Collect your guests RSVPs, post and create photo galleries to your blog, add location Maps of your events, create your timeline schedule and share important information with ease.
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Meridian Wedding | $49


Meridian Wedding is a one-page WordPress theme perfect for weddings. With custom made systems for schedule, bridesmaids, groomsmen, RSVP and a wide selection of styling options to adjust without writing a single line of code.
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WP Forever | $49


WP Forever – a clean and elegant WordPress wedding theme, great for wedding invitation or engagement. Coming with wedding features such as Countdown, Couple Timeline, Location Map, RSVP, Groomsmen, Bridesmaid, Gift Registry and others. This theme is responsive and optimized for mobile device.
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Celebration | $59


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Wedding Fuchsia | $49


Fuchsia Wedding WordPress Theme, coming with elegant and modest appearance, will be a meaningful WordPress theme for Wedding, Engagement and other event purposes. Its stunning beauty, fashionable clean look and proper execution, accompanying with making use of Visual Composer, The Events Calendar, Contact Form 7, Instagram Feed and Revolution Slider plugin, will help you to own an awesome wedding site for your happiest day.
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Wedding Day | $44


Wedding Event is an elegant 100% responsive WordPress Theme with a fashionable clean look. It is designed for any Wedding or Engagement event and helps you to give all the information to wedding guests or make an Invitation for your marriage party.
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Jack & Rose | $44


Jack & Rose is the perfect solution to build your wedding website in really no time. Powered by the simplicity of WordPress, you can easily install and setup your wedding website easily and at a very minimum cost. Jack & Rose is designed to fulfill your desire to whimsical wedding theme you’ve ever imagined. It’s smooth, fast, mobile friendly, and has tons of fancy features.
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Wedding Emotions | $59


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Wedding Industry | $49


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FlatLove | $39


FlatLove is a onepage responsive wedding WordPress theme, ideal for creative couples, to showcase their marriage event in a clean and elegant flat design style. FlatLove was built to be as easy as it can be, so it doesn’t matter what level your experience is, FlatLove will provide the best way to make your wedding site stand out from the crowd!
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Best Day | $44


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Nikh | $44


Nikh – Responsive Wedding WordPress Theme is the modern wordpress wedding theme. With the concept of a clean look, simple, stunning beauty, fashionable and proper execution modern. So that you’re wedding invitations fill more elegant. This theme is optimized to perform great on any browser or mobile device.
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Aimer | $44


Aimer is a beauty, unique and elegant theme made for lovers. It’s a couple, engagement and wedding website out of the box. It’s your future marriage site! Aimer is 100% responsive, retina ready and is built on Bootstrap Framework, with easy customization. It Also have Smooth Scroll, improving the user experience on all devices.
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Wedding Day | $49


Wedding Day is Responsive Wedding WordPress Theme. With the concept of a clean look, simple, stunning beauty, fashionable and proper execution modern you will get a template other than generally from existing ones. So that you’re wedding invitations fill more elegant.
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Big Date | $44


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Wedding Event | $59


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If you’re looking at wedding themes, odds are you’re getting married. If not, thanks for reading! If so, all the best to you! I hope you have a fabtastic wedding and an even better marriage!

In the spirit of fun, here’s a quick marriage joke:

“A man inserted an ‘ad’ in the classifieds: “Wife wanted”. Next day he received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: “You can have mine.””

Feeling Blue? Here’s 26 Logos Just For You!

Logo creation and design is actually quite a science. Besides the design of the logo, other factors come into play, such as the logo’s color.

You might have noticed that many of today’s logos (specifically tech companies) are blue. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Vimeo, IBM, and Dell are just a few examples. There’s actually a scientific explanation behind this.

The color blue promotes qualities such as trust, credibility, calming, professional, and clean, all qualities that the above companies strive for.

Here is a compilation of blue logos for your Friday inspiration! Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.


blue-29 blue-26 blue-25 blue-24 blue-23 blue-22 blue-21 blue-20 blue-19 blue-18 blue-17 blue-16 blue-15 blue-14 blue-13 blue-12 blue-11 blue-10 blue-9 blue-8 blue-7 blue-6 blue-5 blue-4



Quick tidbit; Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color blind and blue is the color that he sees best. Not very scientific…

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in this week’s roundup! Comments and feedback would be appreciated!

Prototypo – The Simplest Way to Create Your Own Font from Scratch

As designers we always face the font challenge, what will we use and what are the usage rights? Now some of you might be saying that you’ve been creating your own fonts since day one and that’s great for you, but not everyone is a Jedi that can create fonts.

That is until Prototypo launched and turned font creation on its head. Now more than ever it’s easy to create your own font from scratch without a lot of technological understanding. Founded by Yannick Mathey and Louis-Rémi Babé out of pure passion for both type design and the urge to help solve problems.

Prototypo was founded on the premise that type design should be easy and accessible to anyone, not just the Jedi’s mentioned above. With Prototypo, anyone has the opportunity to create personalized fonts and export them to use on either a website or an application (i.e word, pages etc.)

Move the sliders above and see the font take shape.

Art director and co-founder of Prototypo, Yannick Mathey, explained the why behind the company in a short statement, saying “We’ve built Prototypo because we were frustrated by the difficulty of finding original fonts perfectly fitting our specific needs, and the months it takes to draw custom ones.”



Users can adjust the shape and proportion of each letter in the Latin alphabet to create a custom font that enhances visual identity and uniqueness. Once you’ve finished your writing in the text box, sliders located on the left of the text box can be adjusted to edit font and easily create something totally unique.



What makes Prototypo truly special is the simplistic interface and ease-of-use. Type design is as simple as playing around with their more than 30 editing sliders. Rather than worry about repetitive and sometimes complex actions, Prototypo automates tasks leaving users focused simply on design and appearance. To what extent the font is edited is up to the user.



For professionals, Prototypo gives you the benefit of originality without having to spend time-consuming and tedious hours editing fonts manually. If you’re a beginner or are inexperienced when it comes to type design, you now have the option of creating an original font without having to go through the grueling process of learning type design.

Avoid Legal Issues

When in doubt, assume that any commercial project would require a font license. Prototypo gives users the peace of mind when it comes to licensing and usage rights for the simple fact that you created it, it’s all yours! No need to stress or worry about copyright infringements!

Prototypo Community


Prototypo launched on Kickstarter with a goal of $15,000+. When the campaign was all said and done, they received more than $44,400 from 1,670 backers. This not only exceeded expectations but also thrust them into the graphic and type designers community worldwide. The application is trusted by more than 8,000 users from over 35 different countries, creating more than 10,000 unique fonts.


Prototypo provides users with functionality options, an incredibly simplistic interface and user experience, the option to create a completely original and unique font, the benefit of being worry-free regarding potential legal issues, and a growing community of international type designers. Consider this application the Canva for type design!

This article was written in partnership with Prototypo, but all views express in this article are my own.

20 Sports Stadium Photos For The Super Fans

If you’re a sports fan, now is definitely one of the best times of the year. The NFL season just started, the World Cup of Hockey is beginning, the NHL season is just around the corner, the NBA season isn’t too far away, and the MLB is inching closer to the playoffs.

If you’re as big of a sports fan as me, you’ll also get mesmerized by the different stadiums around the world. How Michigan Stadium can seat 109,901, or how AT&T Stadium boasts a 1,070 m2 jumbotron. Or maybe it’s the history, like at Yankee Stadium.

Here’s a compiled list of some very impressive sports stadiums around the world. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

stadium-2Credit: Landon Owen

stadium-3Credit: Landon Owen

stadium-4Credit: Landon Owen

stadium-5Credit: Clintus

stadium-6Credit: Sean MacEntee

stadium-8Credit: Matthew Lowe

Millennium StadiumCredit: Alessio Bragadini

stadium-10Credit: Florida International University

stadium-11Credit: jamsandwichUK

stadium-12Credit: Portal PBH

stadium-13Credit: Portal PBH

stadium-14Credit: Cole Kennedy

stadium-15Credit: Matt Hecht

stadium-16Credit: John Martinez Pavliga

stadium-17Credit: Erik Drost

stadium-18Credit: Ray Terrill

stadium-19Credit: Ed Schipul

stadium-20Credit: Navin75

stadium-22Credit: Brandon Zeman


I hope that you enjoyed this collection, but even more so, I hope that you enjoy the up-and-coming sports seasons!

Comments and feedback would be appreciated!

32 e-Commerce Themes That Will Make You Want To “Add To Cart”

E-commerce is becoming absolutely essential in today’s business world. 2/3 companies are selling online, with 80% of internet users having made a purchase online (50% of whom have made multiple purchases.)

Not only does e-commerce provide convenience, but it also gives customers variety and options. E-commerce is without a doubt the future. If you haven’t begun considering integrating a commerce platform with your website, there’s no better time than now!

I’ve compiled 32 e-commerce themes that cover everything from cakes to shoes. Enjoy!

VOGI | $59


Vogi is a Multi-purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme, best compromise among the conflicting requirements of novelty, simplicity, elegance, and function. The theme includes plenty of customization options that are easy to use such as use built-in color pickers to choose your main theme color, select a custom Google font with just a few clicks, choose your columns layouts, Instagram Integrated & custom social links, 6 header styles, built-in boxed or full-width layout, styles WooCommerce widgets and more.
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VG Vonia | $59


VG Vonia is a minimalist and clean WooCommerce Theme with 4 Unique Layouts, 3 Presets Color and suitable with online furniture store, handmade store, fashion store and digital store. Fully compatible with WordPress 4.6 and WooCommerce 2.6.2
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Naveda | $59


Naveda is a must-stop destination of all findings. Naveda – a MultiConcepts WooCommerce WordPress theme is crafted for an online business store with numerous targets as Planter, Fashion, Jewelry and more. This cool theme gives anyone opportunities to create their own website for a creative and beautiful look.
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Jiordano | $59


Jiordano is a premium WordPress theme that is ideal solution for any fashion website. It works well for creating a better navigation and neatly organized content structure. With clean and well-structured design, this beautiful template will make your site brighter, more attractive and help your sales volume up.
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Amour | $59


Be it online shop for Flowers, Jewelry, Clothing or Handmade products, Amour offers the flexibility to fully customize your website. There are 7 homepages (from classic to creative style), lots of feature pages (about, blog, shop, product details, check-out, cart, etc.). Each page also has different styles to indulge you. With clean, minimal and elegant design, Amour promises to make your products blossom in front of visitors’ eyes.
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1992 | $59


Our 1992 is a WooCommerce WordPress theme which focuses on online shop for kids. Although this theme is for Kids, their parents are the main shopper. So 1992’s design is not like a kindergarten, we just make it more adorable with hover effect on buttons in the main white and black color of the theme. Therefore, the theme is for kids, but still clean and elegant.
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SK Store | $59


SK Store can be seen as our responsive Store WP Theme on ThemeForest specially designed for sport and athletes. It’s suitable for any store such as: selling skateboards, snowboards, mountain bikes surfing, stunt rider, life coach or any kind of sports online shop.
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Mazano | $59


Mazano is a modern, clean and professional multi-purpose WordPress WooCommerce theme, It is fully responsive, it looks stunning on all types of screens and devices. It is super for fashion shop, digital shop, accessories shop, food shop, devices shop, household appliances shop or any other categories.
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Modellic | $59


Modellic is a WordPress theme perfect for model agencies, photo studios and shops.
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UP! | $59


UP! Theme is a Modern, Professional, Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Solution for any type of store, inspired by the best eCommerce solutions and designed with great attention to details and usability in mind. You can change everything! The Most Powerful Theme Admin Panel with 2000+ useful features, options and settings allows you to do extreme customizations without knowing any HTML or CSS.
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Exotic | $59


Exotic is wordpress ecommerce theme based on WooCommerce plugin. It is suitable for fitness gym, sports, classes, Health club, sport club and swimming store. It is also multipurpose theme which can be used for any kind of online store. Exotic WooCommerce theme is looking good with it’s clean and fresh design.
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ShootSuit | $59


Shootsuit is designed for fashionable online store theme. You can start selling your fashion products quickly and easily using Shootsuit, powered by WordPress and WooComerce.
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Sound | $59


ThemeREX is happy to present its new WooCommerce theme – Sound. It’s a premium quality theme specially designed for online music stores, stores of musical instruments, recording studios, DJ’s or any other eCommerce site. Sound is loaded with so many prebuilt pages, so you can feel relaxed while building your online store – just import them using one click demo installation option!
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Backpacker | $59


Backpacker is a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress template based on WooCommerce. With purpose oriented design and brilliant premade homepages, it will show off your products in a great way. Backpacker is a complete-feature eCommerce theme with 3 amazing homepages, multiple shop layouts, 4 product types and an intuitive control panel.
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Affliction | $59


Affliction is a super clean and minimalistic multi-purpose WordPress theme. Affliction has been stripped down to give you just the elements you need to start selling your products. Packed with user friendly high quality elements, you can be sure that Affliction will give your ecommerce site striking aesthetics and usability.
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Nitan | $59


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Paradise | $59


Paradise is a eCommerce WordPress theme that is ideal for any online stores, specially for flower stores. This WooCommerce WordPress template comes with a flexible layout with 5 homepage layouts, 7 color schemes, creative design and ultimate core features to build an outstanding flower shop.
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HappyTime | $59


Happy Time is a creative WordPress theme for Wedding & Fashion with creative design based on the best WordPress eCommerce platform – WooCommerce. The theme has 4 unique premade demos with different layouts and styles, it supports multiple shop layouts, all required shop pages and number of CMS pages.
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Welldone | $59


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White Rabbit | $59


White Rabbit is a responsive e-commerce theme that perfectly suits for an online store of kids toys and games, kids fashion, baby clothing and accessories. The theme is packed with lots of pre-designed pages to display your main services, your store’s range, its gallery and its news, etc.
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Bolt | $59


Bolt is a responsive WordPress WooCommerce theme which is fully customizable and suitable for any kind of eCommerce store on any device. This responsive theme is a general purpose responsive theme which can be highly customized and tailored for any heavy WooCommerce store.
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HiMarket | $59


Himarket is a premium WooCommerce technology WordPress theme that is created with elegant and trending design style. This theme is great solution for any online stores specially digital, hitech stores or fashion, accessories stores.
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Cake Dream | $59


Cake Dream is a fully responsive WordPress theme for cake shop or any store, it uses Bootstrap and it’s created by using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features.This theme fully editable with custom shortcodes, custom metabox and wordpress customizer.
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Focus | $59


Focus is a tidy and responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme suitable for any kind of boutique, clothes store, Fashion Shop, makeup products or similar websites that needs a feature rich and beautiful presence online with elegant and flexible design. Beside a large number of features, this theme is a perfect template for leaving a positive impression to your customers.
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LiftSupply | $59


Liftsupply is a creative & powerful multipurpose WordPress theme for One Product or One line product based on WooCommerce. The theme incredible design concepts represents your product features in the smartest ways. The 360 Product View transforms your passive product display into an interactive engaging shopping display to view your product in 360°.
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Winnes | $59


Ri Winnes is a elegant responsive WooCommerce Theme perfectly suited for wine enthusiasts and wineries. Not just support WooCommerce, Winnes comes with exclusive designs integration.
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Oneclick | $59


Oneclick is suitable for e-commerce websites. We have included multiple layouts for home page, product page to give you best selections in customization. Oneclick is not just a WooCommerce theme, we had a plan in order to develop Oneclick for any kinds of websites: Business, Creative, News, Corporate, …
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Fabulous | $59


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TheBox | $59


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Arion | $59


Arion is suitable for e-commerce websites. We have included multiple layouts for home page, product page to give you best selections in customization. arion is not just a WooCommerce theme, we had a plan in order to develop arion for any kinds of websites: Business, Creative, News, Corporate.
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Alesia | $59


ALESIA is an Ecommerce WordPress theme with clean, modern and professional design. Includes 15 + home pages, 7 shop variations, 2 product page layouts, 6 headers, 4 blog styles and many more options which gives you plenty of choices to create perfect store for your business. It’s fully responsive so design adjusts automatically to any screen size or resolution which gives your customers freedom to shop from any device.
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Umbra | $59


Umbra is the premium WordPress Theme for multiconcept eCommerce shop. It can be suitable for any kind of eCommerce shops thanks to its multi-functional layout, including: Interior & Furniture, Fashion, Bags, Shoes, Accessories.
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“Thus, in the future, instead of buying bananas in a grocery store, you could go pick them off a tree in a virtual jungle.”- Yasuhiro Fukushima.

E-commerce is the present and the future. If you aren’t already on board, now is the best time to join the bandwagon!

I hope you enjoyed this compilation. Comments and feedback would be appreciated!

If You Hug Trees, You’ll Love These (Logos)!

Though we might not always notice, trees play a major role in our everyday lives. In a single year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the same amount of CO2 produced as driving your car 26,000 miles. Not only do they literally support human life, they can also have the ability to take your breath away.

Use these qualities to enhance your brand. The logos below use the tree in a fun and aesthetically appealing way. I hope you use this list to find some inspiration for your next logo! Also, you can visit Logaster logo gallery and create your own logo.


tree-2 tree-3 tree-4 tree-5 tree-6 tree-7 tree-8 tree-9 tree-10 tree-11 tree-12 tree-13 tree-14 tree-15 tree-16 tree-17 tree-18 tree-19 tree-20 tree-21 tree-22 tree-23



Q: How do trees get on the internet?
A: They log in.

I hope you enjoyed this collection! Any comments and feedback would be appreciated!

40 Cityscape Photos That Will Bring Out The Urban In You

As of 2014, 50% of the world’s population lived in urban cities, a number that’s estimated to increase to 66% by 2050. That’s more than 3.9 billion people living in urban areas! There are 29 mega-cities (a city with more than 10 million people), accounting for more than 12% of that total.

The reason I say this is because that same percentage of the world’s population can relate to cityscape photos, making them extremely effective and engaging.

Below are 40 cityscape photos that can serve as inspiration for whatever project you’re working on. I hope you enjoy the collection! Credit to respected artists.


credit: reynermedia


credit: Gordon Wrigley


credit: Richard Gould

New York

credit: aylamillerntor


credit: Billy Woodford


credit: Michael Righi


credit: Prachanart Viriyaraks


credit: Brian Evans


credit: Ishida Naoki


credit: Yuri Levchenko


credit: craigcb


credit: M M


credit: Shamefullyso


credit: uphey


credit: Monica Liu


credit: Davide D’Amico


credit: Tim Alexander Klotz


credit: Lee Davelaar


credit: Billy Woodford


credit: SailorHitch


credit: Mat Hampson


credit: Wayne Noffsinger


credit: Dom Crossley


credit: Eric Titcombe


credit: bertknot


credit: Norman Maddeaux


credit: Kimon Berlin


credit: Alejandro Rdguez


credit: Jordan Vuong


credit: Andrew H


credit: Andrew H


credit: Tim Alexander Klotz


credit: Carolyn Sugg


credit: Prachanart Viriyaraks


credit: thenails


credit: Richard Gould


credit: Fergus Tuomey


credit: Andrew H


credit: Chris Phutully


credit: Kai Schreiber


I hope you’ve drawn some inspiration from this collection!

There are many different instances where a cityscape photo can enhance and draw attention to a project. Utilize this category of photography to relate to the large percentage of population that live in urban locations.

Feedback in the comments would be greatly appreciated!

27 Moving WordPress Real Estate Themes

The business of real estate is all about relationships and presentation. The industry has been shaken up in recent years because of poor economic conditions, but it’s never been easier to display and promote yourself thanks to an increasingly online world. There’s no more convenient way to present a house then via your website.

If you don’t already have an internet presence, now is the best time to move your business online and begin promoting yourself to the masses.

I’ve taken the time to put together 27 themes for a real estate focused website. Enjoy!

Windsor | $59


Windsor is a splendind solution for online presentation of a newly built apartment complex, office center or a house. You can use the theme to sell single property object or modify it as a corporate page for real estate agency. We are sure, the theme will go beyond the scopes of your initial expectations and provide more features than you could imagine.

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Single Property Real Estate Theme is best solution for both Real Estate Agencies and Property Owners. Nowadays sale of property by the owner more popular and Apart Villa is specially crafted for such websites. This Theme has Multi-Pages option also that very useful for Real Estate Companies.

Click to View

FullHouse | $49


FullHouse WordPress theme is a real solution for Real Estate website with dedicated real estate pages: Property, Agents, etc and dedicated systems to manage property – Opal Property, manage Agents – Opal Agents. The theme comes with flexible layout system with 3 unique demos, creative design and ultimate core features to build outstanding Real Estate website. The powerful search & filter system allows user find their best fit property with ease.

Click to View

Strong | $59


Strong is a WordPress booking platform that allows you to publish & offer properties for rent. You can allow owners to signup and publish their own listings, while you are making a commission for each submission or for each booking.

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Real Estate WordPress Theme | $59


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Real Estate WP | $54


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Qvrenti | $49


Qvrenti is a WordPress theme to create a website for any type of store specially for real estate websites. Qvrenti comes with a shop to offer premium Products to buy online. The shop is built with Woocommerce the popular and flexible plugin in eCommerce. Qvrenti is a clean responsive wordpress theme comes with four home styles. It includes premium wordpress plugins Revolution Slider ( worth $19 ) free with theme. The theme comes with the option of contact form to allow users to contact you.

Click to View

Realtyspace | $49


Realtyspace is the WordPress Theme for real estate agents and agencies. It has a purpose oriented design and it comes loaded with tons of useful features. Thanks to custom currency, custom area units and fully translatable text, you can use it to build a real estate website for any country in the world.

Click to View

Houzez | $59


Houzez is a professional WordPress theme designed for real estate agents and companies. Engage visitors and potential clients with custom Visual Composer modules, header options, different listings and property templates.This is not a theme that only takes care of the front of a real estate business. This is also a WordPress-based property management system which allows you to own and maintain a real estate marketplace, coordinate your agents, accept submissions.

Click to View

Estate | $49


Estate is a stylish WordPress theme crafted for a real estate agent or broker and property rental/sales agencies. Estate features intuitive interface, advanced tools and powerful options implemented to enhance your web experience. It also offers detailed property search form where you can include any number of custom fields.

Click to View

Villareal | $49


Villareal is advanced Real Estate WordPress theme. Product is the result of years of experience and developement in the real estate industry. It offers complex features for creation of real estate agencies or directory portals. The most valuable features are compare the properties, custom fields managements, advanced filters, payment gateways like Stripe & PayPal and more.

Click to View



DREAM LAND is right fit for selling your Villa, Land, Apartment, House and Raw House. This Theme will provide you best details page and tour page that will describe your property well. It will be very helpful for selling your property and advertising your property.

Click to View

DreamHome | $49


DreamHome is Single Property Real Estate WordPress Theme. It comes with two different Options, Multi-Pages and Single Page Parallax Version. Right fit for Renting or Selling your Villa, Land, Apartment, House and Raw Houses. Also useful for Real Estate Companies.

Click to View

OpenHouse | $49


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Avlar | $49


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Esta | $49


Esta is a flexible and beautiful theme what will effectively promote, sell and satisfy all the needs of potential buyers. It’s the perfect choice for independent real estate agents, agencies and anyone else in-between.

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Apartt Villa is right fit for selling your Villa, Land, Apartment, House and Raw House. This Theme will provide you best details page and tour page that will describe your property well. It will be very helpful for selling your property and advertising your property.

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SunHouse | $59


SunHouse is not only a theme, it provides its buyers a total solution for Real Estate website.The potential buyers/renters can easily find the property with useful search system and intuitive admin system.The latest version always comes with very niche features and will be added more and more good features.

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Home Planify | $49


Planify is first and only niche theme on the market dedicated to house plans companies. It offers multiple house plan listings layouts as well as multiple house plan single layouts, also a Premium Shop Responsive WordPress theme as a gift for our beloved customers. It can be used for large scale websites selling house plans, small simple websites and also for house building, house construction companies.

Click to View

My House | $49


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Condio | $44


Condio is an WordPress Real Estate One Page & Landing Page Template. Promote your real estate developer project with Condio and collect the information from your visitors thanks to conversion centered design of the template.

Click to View

Estate Pro | $49


Estate Pro – Real Estate WordPress Theme is a perfect theme for real estate, broker etc.. Estate Pro theme has a nice design with some user friendly and useful features like agent registration, property submission, advanced search option, drug and drop search field, manual choose of serch fields from dashboard, free and paid accounts, paypal / / stripe / pay by check / 2 checkout etc. payment gateway option, custom login screen option etc.

Click to View

Real Places | $59


Real Places is a premium WordPress theme for Real Estate websites. It has a purpose oriented design and It offers decent design variations with flexibility and customizability to fulfill various requirements. This theme comes loaded with tons of useful features related to Real Estate.

Click to View

Realtor | $49


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Megareal | $54


With Megareal users are able to manage their own listings without accessing admin dashboard. They can manage their profile, password and payment backlog too. By using Megareal you can start charging your users and earn money. We prepared for you theme with strong monetization focus. Pay per post and packages are industry standard but you can use our new “extras” earning tools (including pay per featured or pay for TOP) to increase your monthly wage. Combination of monetization and our statistics makes Megareal a powerful theme.

Click to View

Quick Sale | $59


Quick Sale | Single Property Real Estate Theme is a premium wordpress theme crafted both for real estate agencies and property owners. For sale by owner trend get’s more popular nowadays and this professional real estate theme is specially crafted for such websites. You can use it to sell single property object or modify it as a corporate page for real estate agency.

Click to View

Solus | $44


Start selling properties today with this easy-to-use and fully featured WordPress Theme. When purchasing this theme, you will receive a detailed help file along with additional features like Unlimited Color Schemes and Demo Content.

Click to View


I hope that you’ve been moved by these real estate themes!

Your website deserves the same excellence as the homes that you’re selling. Choose a theme that will adequately display your properties and provide ease and convenience to your clients!

20 Duck Logos that Might Make You Quack

Logos come and go, but branding needs to leave a distinctive mark in your market. That’s the only way you can gain ground and stay at the top. I’ve taken a quirky approach for this article and rounded up some duck logos as some inspiration.

Maybe they could be useful as ideas for your next project, or some of them could just give you a laugh. That will be up to you, so enjoy.


duck-2 duck-3 duck-4 duck-5 duck-6 duck-7 duck-8 duck-9 duck-10 duck-11 duck-12 duck-13 duck-14 duck-15 duck-16 duck-17 duck-18 duck-19



Question: What do ducks get after they eat?
Answer: A bill!

I hope that this inspired you! Please do me a favor and leave your best duck joke in the comments!