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Creative Marketing 101 – Where the Right and Left Brain Meet

When it comes to marketing in the digital realm, there needs to be a perfect blend of technology and creativity. In days gone by it was usually the marketer with the most creative sales copy that won the race. In the hi-tech world of today, most marketing is now conducted on the Internet or through SMS messages via mobile phones and technology is a huge part of those techniques. Successful San Francisco SEO digital marketing professionals, for example, should have a place inside their heads where the right and left brain intersect.

Understanding Left Brain Activity

According to the anatomy of the human brain and what we’ve come to know about it, thanks to years of study and huge advances in technology, each hemisphere of the brain takes on differing responsibilities, biological functions if you will. The left brain is the left hemisphere and is responsible for taking what you hear and processing it, as well as handling most of what goes into speech. The left side of the brain is the side that is responsible for logical thinking and mathematical calculations, so that is the side that would handle the technology inherent in creative digital marketing.

Creating in the Right Hemisphere

The right hemisphere, on the other hand, is responsible for special abilities. A musician is said to be right hemisphere dominant because that is the side where creativity resides. A little bit of math can be handled in the right hemisphere, but very basic levels that are far inferior to what is needed for a sound understanding of technology. In terms of language, the right brain interprets what it hears based on tone and, sometimes, even intuition, which is based on memories it extracts from deeper levels.

A Good Marketer Needs the Perfect Right/Left Connection

What you will find when it comes to marketing is that both sides have a role to play and creativity needs to intersect with logic to produce a strategy that is appealing enough to be effective. Those statistics analyzed on the left side are carried over to the right so that a creative strategy can be developed.

It’s amazing how the two work in tandem to accomplish great feats. Even so, everyone has a dominant side and that is why so many marketing firms delegate some members of the team to the technological side of the firm, while those dominated by right-brain activity comprise the creative element of the team.

In life, you will always find times when one or the other side of your brain needs to step into a position of dominance, and so it is in marketing. The two need to work in conjunction, back and forth, until a suitable strategy is planned and developed. The perfect digital marketing strategy will begin with a technical understanding that measures metrics, calculates a statistical projection, and then turns that information over to the right side so that a creative approach can be developed. There probably isn’t another industry on earth that requires so much interoperability between the right and left hemispheres of the human brain. This is why it really pays for a marketing pro to understand this connectivity. It’s simply amazing.

30 Crazy Colorful Logos

Sometimes you just need a bit of POP to attract attention to your logo, and nothing pops quite like a splash of color. Added color can actually scientifically increase your logos attention. Check out these 10 quick facts about color from UCREATIVE:

  1. The world’s most popular color is blue./li>
  2. Red is the first color a baby sees.
  3. Anger management issues? Use pink!
  4. Yellow + Red = Hunger
  5. There was once a law prohibiting the use of a color.
  6. Mosquitoes love blue.
  7. Yellow makes you dizzy.
  8. “Bulls hate red” is a total myth.
  9. Colors affect our depth perception.
  10. Avoiding vehicular accidents? Choose white!


I’ve gone ahead and compiled a collection of crazy colorful logos for your inspiration! Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

Credit:Cosmin Cuciureanu

Credit:Chris Bernay

Credit:Marc Clancy

Credit:Juan Tran

Credit: Company Folders

Credit:Bratus ™

Credit:Leigh Taylor

Credit:Safa Paksu

Credit:Kudos Design

Credit:Roma Korolev (kaer logo)

Credit:Dimitrije Mikovic


Credit:Roma Korolev (kaer logo)

Credit:Maria Grønlund | Smart Logos Designer

Credit:Gareth Hardy

Credit:Gareth Hardy

Credit:Sean Heisler

Credit:Maria Grønlund

Credit:Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Credit:Breno Bitencourt | Smart Logos Designer

Credit:Maria Grønlund

Credit:Maria Grønlund

Credit:Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Credit:Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Credit:Sean Farrell

Credit:Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Credit:Maria Grønlund

Credit:Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Credit:Bratus ™

24 Shoe Adverts that will Make You Want the Shoes

I believe that there’s a sneakerhead in all of us. For some people, it might just be a simple love for sandals and for others a love of all sneakers; from Yeezy’s to New Balance. I myself am definitely a sneaker guy, having just bought a fresh new pair of Asics Gel-Lytes. Complex came up with the top 30 most influential sneakers of all time. The top 10 are:

  1. Air Jordan III
  2. Puma Suede/Clyde
  3. Onitsuka Tiger Corsair
  4. adidas Superstar/Pro Model
  5. Nike Air Max LeBron 8 “South Beach”
  6. adidas Samba
  7. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
  8. Vans Half Cab
  9. Air Jordan 1
  10. Nike Air Force 1


I’ve gone ahead and put together a collection of 24 shoe designs for sneakerheads! Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

Credit:Chaz Escoffery

Credit:Lance Freitag

Credit:Future Paris

Credit:Jonathan Antrobus

Credit:Grant Roberts

Credit:Dustin Balugay

Credit:Darko Pavlovski

Credit:kariuki chege

Credit:Muhammad Syafiq Azmi

Credit:Reiss Hussain

Credit:Slavomir Slavo Kozubs

Credit:Sebastian Klejsa

Credit:Marcin Sawicki

Credit:Talyta S

Credit:Christian la Brijn

Credit:Maham Khan

Credit:Maham Khan

Credit:Marie K. – TRAX

Credit:Nicholas Kucway

Credit:Michael Jones


Credit:Farkhan Akbar Rama

Credit:Cristian Formica

Credit:Hamza Benzid

28 Mind-Blowing Photo Manipulations

Honestly, this is my favorite roundup so far! I find these manipulations so cool and creative. Huge shoutout to the artists involved for supplying us with the below masterpieces. From manipulating the human form, to tech and social media, to a not-so-simple coffee cups; you’ll see it all in this weeks photography roundup! I really hope that you draw some inspiration and enjoyment from the collection below!

Credit to respective artists.

Credit:Anton Egorov

Credit:Flora Borsi

Credit:Flora Borsi

Credit:Flora Borsi

Credit:Flora Borsi

Credit:Flora Borsi

Credit:Victoria Siemer

Credit:Victoria Siemer

Credit:Victoria Siemer

Credit:Joshua De Leeuw Van W

Credit:Joshua De Leeuw Van W

Credit:Joshua De Leeuw Van W

Credit:Joshua De Leeuw Van W

Credit:Joshua De Leeuw Van W

Credit:Jack Usephot

Credit:Jack Usephot

Credit:Robson W.Carvalh

Credit:Robson W.Carvalh

Credit:Robson W.Carvalh

Credit:niko mdinaradze

Credit:Maks Kuznichenko

Credit:Rida Shah

Credit:A?ram Gamal

Credit:dan reynovan

Credit:dan reynovan

Credit:dan reynovan

Credit:Noah Libotte

Credit:Noah Libotte

How to Tackle the Challenges of Offering Customer Support for Your Web Hosting Business

Web hosting is a very diverse world. Not only are there different hosting types, but every business owner or webmaster has their own requirements and at times addressing the mixed needs of people becomes a challenge for the customer support team. Clients can raise both technical and non-technical queries which the web hosting company should be in a position to resolve.

While big hosting providers have the essential resources and system administrators to offer end to end customer support, resellers often face a dilemma. The complexity of the queries can be overwhelming for the resellers to handle, especially if someone is running their hosting business from a home office. Although in a reselling business, the primary onus of customer support is on the upstream host, it is always better for resellers to offer in-house support at least as a level-1 support service to ensure that your customers do not bear the brunt of any delays in escalation or resolution.

4 Reasons why Resellers Should Offer Customer Support to their Clients

Client Satisfaction – If you want to run a successful hosting business you need to offer the best reseller hosting service, and robust customer support is the benchmark of good service. A happy customer will spread the word around, and in addition to retaining the loyalty of the existing customer base, you will also get leads as a result of word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Competitive Edge – In a reselling business, it is not mandatory for the reseller to offer support service, however, if you do, you have a competitive advantage over those resellers who do not offer client redressal services. Remember that reselling web hosting is a very competitive domain and if you can provide additional service to your clients, you shall reap the benefits.

Facilitates Business Growth – Good service will organically boost the number of clients turning to you. Impressive turnaround time and quick redressal of problems ensue client trust which will eventually facilitate business growth. You can also use the support executives conversations and relationships to upsell more products to improve your revenues.

Supports Branding Efforts – If your reselling business has earned good reviews and testimonials, thanks to excellent customer service, it shall support your branding efforts. You can promote the service on various online and offline platforms and run successful campaigns and promotions.

Therefore, even if you are running a small scale reselling web hosting business, client redressal service should be a core part of your offering. Having stated that, providing customer support is challenging and to ensure superior service and client satisfaction you need to learn how to tackle the hurdles that come in the way.

Challenge # 1 – In-house Support vs. Outsourced Support from a Helpdesk

This is a big decision. While in-house support gives you more control and helps you understand the needs of your client better, outsourcing to a helpdesk company will guarantee 24X7 support, however, you will not have any control over the quality of the support. Also, helpdesk service is by no means affordable and the level of vetting required to ensure the quality of service to the technical nature of queries is usually quite high.

At the start of the reselling web hosting business, try handling the customer queries yourself. You can begin this by offering Live Chat & Phone support during the peak hours of the day. Clearly, indicate the timings of customer support on the website, so your clients know when to reach out. As your client base expands, engage a helpdesk company to take care of incoming calls and scheduling during the non-peak hours.

Challenge # 2 – Frivolous Support Connects that Delays SLAs

A client can reach out to you for a range of critical and not so critical matters. Irrespective of that, you need to take up the query and resolve their problem. For example, a simple task like using the cPanel dashboard to install WordPress Plugins does not require a high level of expertise and clients can do it themselves.

The best way to limit the line-up of customer queries is by empowering your clients with the right knowledge. Add an exhaustive list of FAQs with illustrations and detailed explanation so that your customers can troubleshoot the problem themselves, thus saving the time of both parties.

Challenge # 3 – Quality of Support from Upstream Host

As a reseller, you rebrand and sell hosting packages to your client. While you are the face of the client, the day to day maintenance of the server infrastructure and the major responsibility of customer support are on the upstream hosting provider. Partnering with an unreliable parent host will have an adverse effect on your brand and name, at the same time will put pressure on the customer support team.

Good uptime score, maintaining the server, updating the software, regular bug fixing are some of the prerequisites of a reliable web hosting service. In addition to that, clarify the expected SLAs with the service provider. Total resolutions time, first response time are few metrics that must be pre-defined.

These measures will ensure that the website of your clients functions smoothly which in turn will reduce the number of complaints.

Challenge # 4 Making customer support accessible

Many resellers only offer customer support via telephone as it does not entail massive infrastructural overhaul. However, a good customer support system is the one where your clients can reach you through multiple ways.

Standalone telephone support can be massively frustrating for the customer. Therefore implement multiple support channels via telephone, live chat, email, message, chat bots etc.

Challenge # 5 Hiring Professional Staff

Hiring a professional staff with the necessary skill-sets is essential for the growth of your reselling business. However, will you be able to afford a full-time professional system administrator? This decision will entirely depend upon the business projection or the growth you have envisaged for your reselling business.

Begin by drafting a clear business plan. Who is your target audience? Are they small scale business owners or big corporates? In the case of small business owners, you may be independently able to handle the customer queries. But if you want to offer the best reseller hosting service to clients with dynamic web hosting needs, you need to find system administrators who have a thorough understanding of computers, networking, domains, active directories and policies over the network.

Hiring professional staff has now become simple with a platform like LinkedIn. You can begin by posting the opening on LinkedIn groups or communities that are dedicated to IT, system administration, networking and server management to directly connect with the professionals.

Closing Thoughts

For a website owner, facing a downtime or any other form of technical glitch is losing out on a business opportunity. The only resort of a patron in such a circumstance is to reach out to their hosting provider for a quick solution of their problems. The frustration and anxiety can further compound if the web hosting provider does not have a sound customer support. Therefore, the role of a customer support is paramount in a reselling web hosting business.

Getting Creative with Cryptocurrency: Where to Spend Your Bitcoins

Creativity can often be found in the most unusual places and that’s certainly the case with the new wave of cryptocurrencies. Take, as an example, the process by which you spend Bitcoins: payments are made via invisible, heavily encrypted data known as the Blockchain and it’s not a procedure to get too excited about.

However, as more outlets begin to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole, the innovation comes in the art of spending. Here, then, are some of the more unusual places where you can use your Bitcoins.

Wining and Dining

One of our favorite recreational pastimes is eating out so it’s no surprise to see that a number of outlets across the globe are now taking Bitcoin in return for our favorite styles of food. Among the restaurants that accept this form of currency is Downtown Johnny Brown’s in San Diego or the Saw Mill Café in Stratford, East London, but they are just two from many hundreds.

After an evening out, you could finish with a couple of pints at a selection of bars and pubs including the Haymakers in Cambridge, UK or the Old Fitzroy in Sydney, Australia. As an alternative, if you don’t feel like heading out, you can exchange Bitcoins for a delivery via, which gives you access to a wide range of cuisines from all over the world.

Fancy a Flutter?

An increasing number of online sportsbooks and casinos are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, alongside their more traditional methods. The list of operators is growing all the time and Bitcoin-based sites such as are among those who provide a wide list of sporting markets.

Whether you’re a serious punter or just someone who likes an occasional wager, the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin as a way of depositing to, or withdrawing, from your sportsbook account opens up a great deal of opportunities.

Take Yourself Away

Need a break from it all? Certain travel companies have also realized the potential of Bitcoin and you can now book a flight, or even a whole package holiday via this particular cryptocurrency. Private charter company were one of the first to embrace this new method of payment so, if you have the kind of budget that extends to chartering your own plane, they will have it covered.

Alternatively, there are much cheaper package deals around the web that can take care of flights, accommodation and more and these can cater for all pockets.

Or, maybe your travel plans are even more ambitious, in which case you could consider Virgin Atlantic. We know that Sir Richard Branson has always been at the forefront of innovation and creativity for many years so perhaps it’s no surprise that his the space travel arm of the Virgin Group has evolved to accept Bitcoins.

Other businesses where you can spend your Bitcoins include florists, taxi companies, coffee shops, clothing retailers, sports and theater ticket agents and much more. In terms of global currency, Bitcoin is still in its relative infancy but the list of outlets who accept it is getting bigger all the time. Soon, Bitcoin spending will be limited only by your imagination.

3 Retro Icons That Are Making a Comeback

While there are some trends that only come around once before eventually disappearing into the ether of time, some retro icons manage to be revived by future generations. This has become increasingly clear over the last decade as Generation Y, possibly nostalgic for a simpler time that they never got to experience, have embraced trends that we all thought were slowly waning.

Don’t believe us? Well, here are three retro icons that are making a comeback in a big way:

Wonder Woman

On June 2, DC Comics’ greatest female superhero of all time will finally hit the big screens in her very own movie. It’s about time too as Wonder Woman has been around since December 1941 when she featured in DC’s All Star Comics 8 and fans have been waiting for her live-action debut ever since.

As her origin story goes, Princess Diana of Themyscira was sculpted from clay by her mother Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and granted life by Athena who gave her powers provided by the Greek Gods. It was later revealed that Zeus was, in fact, her father, and helped raise the young Princess alongside her mother and aunts Antiope and Menalippe. As Diana grew she mastered skills in strategy, hunting and combat before mastering the Lasso of Truth, her indestructible bracelets and a variety of other advanced Amazonian tech.

Over the last eighty years, she has become increasingly popular, with her own action figures, TV series and movie cameos. Wonder Woman is such an iconic part of pop culture that she has even received her own iGaming title Wonder Woman Gold, which can be found at Sun Bingo, amongst other Ancient myth-inspired slot games including Zeus and Amazon Wild. On October 21, 2016, Wonder Woman was even named a UN Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls, although this was revoked after two months – because we can’t have nice things.

Still, it is only now in 2017 that this retro icon is finally receiving her very own live-action movie as Gal Gadot returns to her role from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman will also appear in Justice League in November and Justice League 2 in June 2019.

Arcade Cabinets

Back in the 1980s, most youths could probably be found in their local shopping centers or purpose-built arcades. There they would play their favorite arcade games from Pac-Man to Cruis’n USA alongside their fellow gamers who would often cheer them on as they played. Not only were kids able to have all the fun they wanted, playing arcade games allowed them to find safety within a community of like-minded peers.

Unfortunately, when the millennium came around, arcades and the little nooks packed with cabinets began to disappear. This is probably due to the fact that home consoles became far more accessible and affordable, and kids would go to each other’s houses to play for free instead of travelling into town to spend money to play. As the years dragged by, arcade cabinets were left in the past, only really showing up at the seaside or in collections created by nostalgic and wealthy individuals.

For almost twenty years the arcade cabinet was in limbo. That was until a few years ago when the internet flipped the switch and the games began to appear online. Suddenly, the site Internet Archive began to provide virtual arcade titles while the Internet Arcade at made their collection of almost 1000 retro titles available to play on desktop or mobile for free. What’s even more exciting is that there’s a small community of DIY enthusiasts who have come together to explain to the world how you can build your very own arcade cabinets. Alternatively, you can buy fully-functioning machines from anywhere in the world from sites like Liberty Games and Ultimate Arcade Cabinets.

The Nokia 3310

Finally, there’s the most famous phone in the world right now: the Nokia 3310. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in February, Nokia revealed that they plan to relaunch their iconic, almost indestructible mobile model complete with Snake for just £41 per handset in the second quarter of 2017.

The new Nokia 3310 isn’t entirely the same as it was back in the noughties, as it has a larger color screen and its design is a little more modern, but considering the device doesn’t even have 3G capabilities there is still a nostalgic pull that has encouraged thousands to purchase the remake. That said, it provides ten times the battery as its namesake, with a total of 22 hours of talk time as well as a standby time of one month.

According to Florian Seiche, president of mobile firm HMD Global, the decision to re-release the phone was based entirely on consumers, who had been asking for this for years. Meanwhile, Ben Wood of CCS Insight told The Guardian: “There is a segment of the population that just wants a basic phone. From the stereotype of builder that just wants to call and text and if it gets broken, it doesn’t matter, to the festival phone and the backup phone.”

If you’re interested, you can already pre-order the device through Carphone Warehouse while Vodafone plans to let their pre-orders go live any day now. When it comes to nostalgic, retro icons few are quite as renowned and beloved as the Nokia 3310.

6 Website Design Trends

When the Internet was new, websites were very simplistic things. These days, bells and whistles are the norm and, if you don’t have said bells and whistles, you might as well not have a website. To have an impact on your end users at all, you need to make it not only professional looking but also aesthetically pleasing … pretty, if you will! And when it comes to what you can do to make a website stand out from the rest these days; the world is your oyster. Read on for six website design trends that will show your audience that you took the time to make their website visit enjoyable.

1. Images and Text That Overlap

Choosing or taking the perfect photo is half the battle in website design, as we humans are very visual beings. But once you’ve got that ideal image, you need to say something about it. You might not have to have a lot of text but you at least need some, no matter whether it’s an ad or a blog post. As HubSpot’s Karla Cook notes, “Text that slightly overlaps accompanying images has become a popular effect for blogs and portfolios.” It’s not a mind-blowing update but it’s just enough to create something unique in website design.

2. Embed Video With Panache

We all know videos are oh-so-hot right now. Viral videos are everywhere we look—on Facebook, being shown by Carson Daly on The Today Show, and even your grandma has probably sent you one or two. So using them to your advantage in website design is a huge must. Whether you create your own video to reflect your brand, you’ve got videos playing in the “background” to create motion, or you’ve arranged that the video will play when the computer mouse hovers over it, integrating video in a compelling way is an integral part of staying current with website design trends. Helping a client to create a vlog is another creative way to captivate the end user, and it’s surprisingly inexpensive to get one up and running.

3. Don’t Forget the Little Touches

Remember those bells and whistles we talked about? When it comes to website design, the little things can go a long way. Use floating share icons like These follow the user as they scroll, making your articles as share-friendly as possible. And if you don’t know how to do it yourself, yep, there’s an app for that. Even ensuring you’re choosing the best font for your website as crucial, as hell hath no fury like a person who is turned off by a website font. It’s the fastest way to make someone jump without even reading a word. Even something as small as the company logo can have a huge impact, so make sure you spend a lot of time researching what looks best and what you think will have an impact on the end user.

4. Make the Most of Photography

Whether you or your client has made sure to hire a professional photographer, congratulate yourself on making a good decision and highlight this person’s work. There’s nothing worse than going to a website and seeing photos with a poor resolution that were clearly taken from someone’s iPhone. If you’ve got great photos that highlight your product—like these gorgeous photos of baking designs—any web designer worth her salt will ensure these are placed prominently on the site.

5. Get Creative With Color

It’s such a simple thing but many website designers these days are realizing the power of color. Not only do you want to swap drab colors that scream 1970s for more vibrant colors, but a good website designer will likely get even more creative, like creating sites with a duotone look.

6. Make Statistics Sexy

The bottom line is websites are there to impart information and, in most cases, to get people to convert (buy something!). There’s no way around the harsh reality is that sometimes this information is going to be boring, especially if it’s laden with statistics. But you can’t keep the information off the website simply because it’s a little dry! So these days, website designers are getting more savvy, by presenting numbers in a way that’s visually pleasing, like with engaging infographics.

Website design trends are heading the way of sleek and contemporary looks, almost bordering on minimalism. With new approaches being developed every day, the future in website design should be even more interesting.

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The Evolution Of Cellphones As Marketing Devices

A lot of Marketing has been hinged off the latest communication trends. The ability to share information is at the centerpiece of marketing as a profession. Even in the earliest times there proved to be uses of those primitive communication devices for marketing. Smoke signals were used to inform people of events. Events whose success was based on the number of people who attended. Therefore, the smoke was used to market the event to the greater public. Although clearly marketing strategies were still in their infancy.

With technological developments came new and exciting ways to reach people. Among all these ways the telephone provided a unique feature. That personal touch. Now marketers could talk directly with a possible consumer. Phones have become more mobile and intimate allowing for the evolution of cell phones as marketing devices. Not only the phone industry keeps up with technology, also online gambling has become so advance, for more information visit and find out more about online gambling.

Cellphones have grown from being mere communication devices to being the top marketing devices. Below are three ways that cellphones have become the marketing devices of choice.

Three Top Features Making Cellphones the ultimate Marketing Devices

  1. The ability to record user preferences. An increase in the capabilities of the phones has also led to them being targeted by marketers. Now, most smartphones record and store data on the preferences of the user. Even though this leads to great usability it also gives marketers essential data on what the population wants.
  2. Individualism. This simply means easier targeting. Because each phone represents a unique individual it is possible to sell even the oddest of things because there is direct contact with the person who wants it. Based on information gathered from a person’s online activities.
  3. Mobility. Although last on the list this may be the greatest selling point. Cellphones also known as mobile phones allow the user to use the device on the go. This means that at any time the marketing message can get to the intended recipient. Thus, the user can also take immediate action in response to the Ad. Especially for industries like online gambling at where the entire transaction can occur on the mobile smart device.

Featured image by Charlz