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Creation and Distribution of High-Quality Content

We live in the age of the internet, and the internet is essentially a huge free encyclopedia of knowledge. This knowledge is provided in a variety of different ways, all of which come under the umbrella term of “content”. Content marketing is a hugely successful way of developing websites and attracting visitors to that site. This is because those who access the content feel as if it is about them, and not about the business that has created it. In essence, it is about imparting free knowledge, instead of pushing a sale.

The Definition of Content Marketing

So what is the definition of content marketing? It is defined as being a form of marketing through which online materials (social media, blogs, videos, articles, etc.) are promoted, without explicitly promoting a brand or product at the same time. The content has been created in an effort to make people interested in a business and its services and products.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Because we live in a digital age, it is very important that content is created consistently. But this content also has to be relevant, and of very high quality. Without those attributes, prospective clients will lose interest very quickly, and businesses will struggle to build authority and trust and, thereby, safe. Everybody knows that high-quality content is hugely important. The statement “content is king”, for instance, is heard over and over again. Yet, for all this awareness, entrepreneurs struggle to actually live by that. This is in part due to the fact that creating content is not their area of expertise, but also because they simply do not have the time.

This has created a recognized need for experts to work together with various businesses in order to create and distribute high-quality, relevant content. Their work is fully aligned with the company’s overall business goal, essentially working in a form of partnership. To do this, they must create a comprehensive marketing plan, which includes:

  • A full understanding of the business’ goals and objectives.
  • A definition of the target audience.
  • The needs and desires in relation to the published content and information.
  • Determining which type of media is most effective in reaching the target audience.
  • Developing distribution plans, which includes blogs, social media channels, forums, news outlets, and more, thereby ensuring the content is found.
  • Setting parameters to measure success. Common parameters include number of shares, downloads, leads, and views.

Once all of this has been put in place, relevant content can be created, and the results thereof measured.

Why Working Together with a Professional Agency Is so Beneficial

Working with professionals offers a number of other benefits, including:

  • That they can focus on your search engine optimization (SEO), which means that the content that is created can easily be found by people using Google, Bing, Yahoo!, or other such sources.
  • That they can add important elements such as pay per click advertising in order to benefit even more from the content.
  • That they can build social relationships for you through various social media channels.

28 Clean n’ Green Environmental Designs

Society has never been more environmentally conscious then it is today in 2017. Many companies, organizations and individuals are putting in serious efforts to ‘go green’ and take strides to reduce environmental footprints. Sustainability and conservation is absolutely crucial if we want to preserve the earth for future generations. Interested in learning more? Here are 8 quick facts about the environment courtesy of Huffington Post:

  1. The amount of water on Earth is constant, and continually recycled over time: some of the water you drink will have passed through a dinosaur.
  2. 40 percent of all bottled water sold in the world is bottled tap water.
  3. 27,000 trees are felled each day for toilet paper.
  4. Paper can be recycled only six times. After that, the fibers are too weak to hold together.
  5. Humans and elephants are the only animals with chins.
  6. Beavers have transparent eyelids so they can see underwater with their eyes shut.
  7. The 100,000 trillion ants in the world weigh about the same as all human beings.
  8. As soon as tiger shark embryos develop teeth they attack and eat each other in the womb.

[Source: Huffington Post]

I’ve compiled a collection of 28 clean n’ green environmental designs for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

credit:Eszter Laki

credit:Eszter Laki

credit:Sergey Ryadovoy & TypeType foundry

credit:Yevheniia Hlova

credit:Yevheniia Hlova

credit:Lorenzo Fischetti

credit:i Manipulate

credit:Bo-Wei Wang

credit:Unformal Studio

credit:Unformal Studio

credit:Hachetresele Studio

credit:lg2boutique & Marie-Pier Gilbert

credit:lg2boutique & Marie-Pier Gilbert

credit:bibat studio

credit:Lila Theodoros

credit:Lila Theodoros

credit:Emi Sato

credit:Emi Sato

credit:Riccardo Vicentelli

credit:Riccardo Vicentelli

credit:Lila Theodoros

credit:Boris Garic

credit:Vonni van Niekerk

credit:Vladimir Andreev

credit:Vladimir Andreev

credit:Anton Egorov

credit:Alex Celaire

credit:Nusky Hariff


Few things are more important than environmental conservation. I hope that this collection has inspired you for your next environmental design project!

Thanks for stopping by!

40 Typography Based Logos

Typography is defined as “the art or process of printing with type” ( It truly is an art and can be the difference between success and failure. For example, logo typography is all about appealing to your target market in the form of letters and type. A certain style of typography can either attract or repel that target market, so selecting the appropriate typography is crucial.

I’ve gone ahead and put together a collection of 40 typography logos for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this weeks logo design roundup! But even more importantly, I hope that you’ve been able to find some inspiration for your next logo project. Remember, typography is an art that can be the difference between a logo’s success and failure.

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25 Incredible Icelandic Photos

I’m not sure why, but Iceland has been surfacing quite a bit in my life as of late. Maybe it’s because my older sister just went on vacation there which has made my brain notice the word ‘Iceland’ more. I really don’t know. But whatever the reason, Iceland is definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth. I was shocked to see how awesome some of my sister’s photos were. For that reason, I decided to compile a collection of Incredible Iceland photos for this week’s photography roundup. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

credit:Jan Erik Waider

credit:Karen Margaret

credit:Jan Erik Waider

credit:Jan Erik Waider

credit:Karen Margaret

credit:Patrycja Makowska

credit:Jan Erik Waider

credit:Patrycja Makowska

credit:Lukas Furlan

credit:Lukas Furlan

credit:Saumya Kesurvala

credit:Jan Erik Waider

credit:Rafn Sigurbjornsson

credit:Andreas Levers

credit:Jan Erik Waider

credit:Per Bjarne

credit:Jesús M. García

credit:Bartosz ?wi?toniowski

credit:Lonny Hatland

credit:Bill Devlin

credit:Jan Erik Waider

credit:Jan Erik Waider

credit:Rafn Sigurbjornsson

credit:Madeline Jost

credit:Gustav Willeit


If you ever have the opportunity of visiting Iceland, I highly recommend you go (based off what my sister has told me.) It’s a destination that features highly on my bucket list and ine that I will definitely try go too at some point in my life.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s photography roundup! Thanks for stopping by!

How Co-Branding Is Increasing the Popularity of Online Casinos

The presence of innovative gaming experiences and co-branding contribute to the amplified attractiveness of online casinos in the past few years. In the industry of gaming, the creation of uniquely themed slots with great features has been achieved with co-branding. This is why the slots now can include icons, characters, cartoons, and people that the co-branding establishments copyrighted. Take the South Park slot by Net Entertainment for example. The fact that Net Entertainment isn’t an online casino doesn’t stop it from being able to offer exclusive content that casino brands can use.

Most top online casinos 2017 now feature a lot of such games; all thanks to co-branding. Below, we will look into some of the benefits that co-branding has on the increasing population of online casinos.

Getting singled out

How does an online casino single itself out of the hundreds of thousands online casinos on the Internet that serve majorly the same bundles? For this reason, we see some casinos and developers of games seeking to produce a gaming experience that would be different from what others offer. Well, this might seem a little difficult, but the news is that some online casinos successfully managed to create their own thingy that portrays outstanding features and can only be accessed on their website. This explains why most casino game players enjoy playing slots with no deposit online on 777 spin slot. It shows that the effort these online casinos invest in ensuring people get an outstanding product only at their platform works.

Bringing back good old memories

Looking at the slot games created by co-branding, you would appreciate the effort invested in creating such awesomeness. They give the chance to experience completely new and unique features. Whereas, some of the games bring back these good old memories that one finds difficult to explain. Some players even don’t know how to describe what exactly brings them to playing these games, but they definitely enjoy doing so. The fact that online casinos can give their players such experiences says a lot about the loyalty that they get from their frequent visitors.

Recognizing the peculiarities in various casino providers

The fact that a customer finds it difficult to distinguish most casinos from the others is apparent enough, not to mention the pool of welcome promos that these casinos offer. How would one confirm that he has selected the right online casino to play at? Except you are a research specialist, it is not an easy task to collect information and data from every single casino. So it would be better to visit websites that collect such data and read through them. One good thing about such websites is that they compare and negotiate these welcome promos for their customers and select only the best.

With a few of the effects of co-branding on the increasing population of online casinos, it becomes easier to understand that this is a great step towards a better gaming experience for the online casino fans.

Separating Gimmicks from UX Add-ons: Fine-Tuning your Ecommerce Site

One of the most important things that separates an industry-leading product from a regular brand is the time spent on user experience (or UX). Improving the usability of your website is something that should always be on your mind as it builds a competitive advantage. A site that only allows to you shop at a basic level is not something that 21st century customers want. These days, customers want an experience. Something that no other company can offer them.

At an ecommerce level, you probably can’t make a completely unique experience for your users, but you can implement some UX features that will benefit your site rather than hinder it.

Homepage Carousel

For the uninitiated, a carousel is a scrolling marquee of pictures or videos that is usually placed at the top of your homepage to highlight certain products. Carousels are huge on ecommerce website homepages as they showcase whatever products you are having deals on or just focus on the products that might need more advertising space. A survey from Baymard Institute found that 52 percent of the top US ecommerce websites utilize a homepage carousel on their website.

Not Using Stock Photos

If you don’t see anything wrong with using a stock photo on a website that sells things, you might want to rethink your strategy. While stock photos aren’t inherently awful, they are pretty terrible as far as customer experience is concerned. People can generally spot stock photos from a mile away and are often so generic that they can make your shop seem insincere or even fraudulent.

Imagine you are on an ecommerce web page that is positing itself as a seller of premium products and/or services. If they were using stock photos to help advertise on their website, what would you think? At the very least you’d probably think that the seller was trying to save a few pennies by not hiring a professional photographer to take product pictures. Using pictures on your website is designed to give your page a customized and emotive appeal.

Keep Your Website Simple

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If you can get from Point A to Point B quickly, why take any detours? Some web developers will add a whole bunch of unnecessary design elements that are not needed for function, and often will put stress on the overall user experience. Creative appeal should be achieved in the aesthetic layout of your website, not by creating more web pages or hoops for your customers to jump through before they get to the checkout. Always keep the amount of clicks in mind when designing anything for your ecommerce store. Your conversions depend on it.

Simple Search Page & Results

The ability to search through your website is a benefit that cannot be understated. Make your search bar easily found. Typically this will be in the navigation section of your website and on every single page. Adding a search bar is the low-hanging fruit of the UX world. While adding one may not necessarily boost the overall experience in a meaningful way, not having one will definitely impact you negatively.

The results page of the search should also be as clean and effective as possible. It should direct people to the right products in a way that doesn’t detract from your overall aesthetic. Most prepackaged enterprise ecommerce solutions will have some sort of search bar built-in.

Creating a great user experience is hard, but you don’t have to swing for the fences from the very beginning. Start out by taking care of the above tips and then get observant. Through customer surveys, you can start to understand what your customers are having issues with, what’s keeping them from converting, and why they would or would not shop with you again.

Think of websites that you personally enjoy visiting and come up with a list as to why. Then look at your website and compare it to the sites you like shopping on. By staying objective and putting yourself in the shoes of an online consumer, you’ll start to get an idea of if you are making it harder or easier (enjoyable or unenjoyable) for your customers to purchase from you.

21 Photos Of Poppin’ Red Street Art

There’s no denying that Street Art, or graffiti, has its time and place. It can either be a work of art, or it can be illegal vandalism and an eyesore. Street artist Banksy has made graffiti more relevant with his artwork, often targeting political policy and making social statements. I’ve gone ahead and put together a collection of 21 Poppin’ red photos of graffiti for your inspiration. But first, here are 9 quick facts on graffiti courtesy of Vox Magazine and Mental Floss:

  1. Graffiti as it’s known today began in the late 1960s in Philadelphia.
  2. One of the first known graffiti artists was called Cornbread.
  3. While most laws surrounding graffiti are local, there is a federal law prohibiting railroad vandalism.
  4. Graffiti is one of the four elements of hip hop.
  5. Subway graffiti died out for the most part in the late 1980s due to heightened security.
  6. Detroit is working with street artists to bring a newfound energy to a city that is in desperate need of revitalization.
  7. Street artists learn to accept the temporary nature of their work
  8. The dome on top of the spray paint can, which used to be about 1 ¼-inches tall, is now only about ½-inch in height, allowing artists to get closer to the walls they’re painting and write finer lines.
  9. While graffiti artists only work with spray paint and pride themselves on knowing their way around a can of the stuff, street artists use other media to create their pieces.

[Source:Vox Magazine and Mental Floss]


Credit to respective artists.

credit:Evgeny Muluk

credit:Brook Ward



credit:Niksha Jphoto



credit:Leo Startape

credit:Dirty Harry Palms GM

credit:Leo Startape

credit:Scotty Cash

credit:J Todd Scott

credit:Jo Sef

credit:Jonny Dredge

credit:Casper Perdaems

credit:Spen Crush Proof


credit:Scott Cox

credit:Francesco Moleti

credit:Kurtis Garbutt

credit:Debbie Priddle


I hope that you enjoyed this week’s photography collection! Thanks for stopping by!

23 Bake Designs Fresh Out’ The Oven

Few things make me more excited than when I know someone’s been baking in the kitchen, and I hear that final oven ding. I get a rush of adrenaline, making me to sprint at a speed quicker than normal. I’m always the first one to snatch a goodie off the oven rack.

But that’s just me. Maybe some of you don’t even like baked goods? If that’s the case, I can guarantee you’ll at least appreciate the collection below of baking related designs; from cookbooks, to the local bakery on the corner. I hope that this collection serves as inspiration for all of you! Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

credit:Gentiana Shabani

credit:Sorbet Design

credit:KJ Mska

credit:Marc Cybe

credit:Amber Dee

credit:Laura Reeves

credit:Sarah Brockett

credit:Rosie Gopaul

credit:Shao ?

credit:Eszter Laki

credit:Ralee N.

credit:filthymedia ltd

credit:Nastya Novikova

credit:Martin Dvorak

credit:Alyssa MacLeod

credit:Jing Gao

credit:Christos Andronicou

credit:Laith Wallace

credit:nathan somers

credit:Sarah Babetski

credit:Amanda Lee Krueger

credit:Shai Long

Getting Creative with Big Data: How Web Designers Made Numbers More Exciting

Turning something objectively boring into something subjectively engaging isn’t easy. When you’ve got an attractive subject or a gorgeous setting to work with, making something creative doesn’t take as much effort. For example, if you were staring across the horizon from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, you’d probably be able to think of a dozen different ways to take an inspiring picture or paint an abstract representation of the landscape.

However, what do you do when you’re presented with something as bland as a bunch of numbers? If you’re a website owner or developer in 2017, you know that numbers and data are now a major part of the game. Indeed, big data, as it’s technically known, has been helping to improve efficiency, increase engagement and generally give more depth to a variety of industries and endeavors.

Big Data is Changing the Way we Interact with the World

For example, Bernard Marr for Forbes has pointed out that big data was extremely helpful for Walmart during Hurricane Sandy. Following a series of storms in 2004, the company was able to compile a wealth of statistics about how people shop in an emergency. Fast-forward to 2012 and Walmart was able to stock up on items such as strawberries and Pop Tarts, all of which virtually sold out, due to the statistical insights from 2004.

Beyond businesses using big data to boost their bottom lines, consumer-facing websites have also made use of big data in recent years. Take, for instance, online bookmakers. These sites are basically statistical hubs where sports fans can go to get the lowdown on everything from a team’s/athlete’s past results to their future chances of success through various betting odds.

Unfortunately, as insightful and important as this information is in both instances, there really isn’t anything sexy about numbers. Now, in the case of Walmart, it doesn’t really matter if the company is creative with the presentation of the data or not. However, when you visit websites where statistical information is important but not the main reason for a person visiting the site (i.e. they’re mainly there for some form of entertainment), endless lists of data can be mind numbing.

Fortunately, as the use of big data has increased, web designers have responded in some clever ways.

Presentation is Key to Consuming Stats in Seconds

If we go back to our sports betting example, the way odds are now collated and presented has improved dramatically. Instead of bland tables filled with whitespace and nothing but numbers, operators will now incorporate images and icons to inject some colour into proceedings. For example, if someone wanted to find the latest AFL betting odds, they’d visit a site like Oddschecker. Each table on said website not only pulls in data from a variety of sources, but it contains a variety of interactive elements. From the + icon that adds bets to a user’s account with a little animation to auto-scroll links, the page feels a lot less mundane.

Similarly, when a punter wants to get more insight into a future game, they can click through Oddschecker’s AFL tips section and get important numerical insights through the use of infographics. For example, if someone wanted to know how many “net free kicks” each AFL team were award in 2016, they could get this information just be looking at the site’s graphical representation. Now, as well as making bland data more visually appealing, infographics also help increase engagement and retention. Visitors can tell they’re getting an abundance of useful information at first sight.

According to Identity PR, infographics do not only distil a lot of information and present it in an attractive way, but people are 30 times more likely to read articles with visuals in them. Moreover, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. So, the use of infographics is actually something that bridges the gap between style and substance perfectly.

Subtle Mind Games Make Data More Appealing

Source: Visual News

Looking towards another creative way to display big data findings, color, and orientation of images can be hugely important. If we take FightMetric as an example, you can see that the designers have tied the theme of the site (i.e. mixed martial arts) with its styling.

For instance, in an MMA bout, each fighter is assigned a color e.g. the red corner and the blue corner. Taking this convention, FightMetric colors each opposing stat in either red or blue. So, if a user wanted to compare the total number of strikes thrown vs. the number of strikes landed, they could quickly do this by noting how the red stacks up against the blue. To help promote this idea of one stat vs. another, FightMetric also uses semi-transparent boxouts. Instead of solid blocks of color, you can see through the boxout and make out the details of the fight image in the background. This almost gives the impression of a HUD that appears to be working in real-time.

Finally, and this is a subtle design consideration, many of the stats are noted as XX “of” XX. For fight fans, this use of the word “of” is one that will feel very familiar. Phrases such as “we’re entering round 2 of three” are common in the fight game and, therefore, help to give less significant stats more relevance.

Big Data is Great, but Only if it Looks Great

In a world where technology is increasingly making use of big data, the presentation of something traditionally uninspiring has become extremely important. As we said at the top of this article, it’s easy to take something beautiful and be creative with it. However, when you’re presented with a spreadsheet full of numbers that someone needs to make sense of and not fall asleep, things get a little tougher.

However, where there is a will there is a way. Using a little bit of artistic flair and some clever psychological tricks, web designers have been able to make something boring into something engaging. So, the next time you look at a website filled with stats, make sure you take note of any creative quirks the developers have used to make your experience a little less laborious.

Featured image by Dennis Kummer