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Winners: 1500 Business Cards courtesy of NextDayFlyers

We have come to the close of yet another giveaway on Creativeoverflow. I extended the entry period to see if more people were going to enter, but it doesn’t seem like a lot of people need business cards this early in the year. However we had a total of 13 entrants in the giveaway and now its time to announce 3 winners.

Next Day Flyers

Next Day Flyers is trusted by more than 100,000 customers by providing them with Fast High-Quality Offset Printing Services, Mailing, and Finishing. Next Day Flyers is an online printing company that delivers top-quality printed marketing materials with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

We specialize in full color printing of custom business cards, full color brochures, greeting cards, door hangers, postcards, as well as specialty die cuts and other marketing materials. We believe all businesses, no matter their size, deserve easy access to custom promotional and direct mail material.

The Winners Are

The winners will be contacted directly via email and will be given instructions on how to claim there prizes.

  • Mark Petherbridge
  • Manz
  • skdj1

Congratulations to the winners, I hope they enjoy their prizes.
Remember to be on the lookout for more giveaways.

WallpaperFX – Your Daily Dose of Wallpaper Goodness

Every time you turn on your computer you see a wallpaper on your desktop. It can’t be avoided and thus you always want it to look good, clean or overly busy. It’s always a pain to decide what you want as your wallpaper, sometimes you end up taking a hour to find your next wallpaper, however making use of WallpaperFX will not only save you time, but it’s updated with 20+ brand new HD wallpapers daily. You will be assured that you have the slickest looking desktop in the office all the time.

WallpaperFX provides Full HD wallpapers within every category on their site, there are literally thousands of wallpapers to choose from that are really high quality. I have only recently become aware of the site, and will definitely be using it often to update my wallpaper.

About WallpaperFX

WallpaperFX was created in 2009 and has since then been setting a trend with their high quality wallpapers. The great thing about using WallpaperFX is the user friendliness the website offers when downloading wallpapers. Its a simple process and finding the wallpaper of your choice is so easy that even a 2 year old can pull it off. WallpaperFX has quite a few great features on their site such as a automatic resolution calculator, category search filter, ratings filter, downloads filter and even a community that is run with the site.

Resolution Calculator

WallpaperFX has a automatic resolution calculator on their main page of the website. If you don’t know what that is, its easy to understand. Its a tool that automatically calculates your screen size of your computer so that you can be sure that you are downloading the correct sized wallpaper for your enjoyment.

Browsing by Freshness

WallpaperFX gives you the option to browse wallpapers by freshness, its basically another term for latest wallpapers. You will immediately see what the latest wallpapers on the site are, so if you are looking for nature wallpapers you will find the newest nature wallpapers right there.

Browsing by Rating

If you browse by rating you will be able to find out which wallpaper is rated the highest by the viewers and then establish which wallpaper you will be making use of as your next. If you were looking for movie wallpapers, it would be easy to find out which movie wallpaper is rated the highest.

Browsing by Favorites and Downloads

Its always interesting to find out which wallpaper has been favored the most or downloaded the most. Its also nice to find out if you will be one of a hundred thousand to use this wallpaper as your desktop background. The great thing about this feature is that you are able to distinguish if you will be unique regarding the choosing of your wallpaper. You will be able to tell how many people downloaded the wallpaper and how many people saved it as a favorite.

Join the Community

WallpaperFX has a community for wallpapers that lets you upload, share, rate and comment on others wallpapers. Thus increasing interaction between people and potentially making new friends. If you want to upload HD wallpapers 1080p then you will have to join the community to do so. You will be contributing to a great cause and thousands of people will be seeing your work.

Downloading Wallpapers

Downloading is made easy by WallpaperFX, you simply choose your wallpaper that you like and upon the preview page you will see a download button to your right of the image. You click it and the wallpaper downloads itself to your computer. It’s really as easy as that.

So, if you haven’t checked out WallpaperFX yet, I encourage you to do so. You will definitely find yourself a new wallpaper in between the visit.

7 Elements of a Great Movie Poster Design

Big movies are a huge business, as the recent success of films such as Avatar and The Dark Knight suggests.Billion-dollar revenue figures aren’t all that uncommon today in cinema, placing many major movies alongside companies such as Facebook when it comes to revenue.

With so much riding on a film’s success, marketing one is a massive opportunity for creative designers. We’ve looked at some of the most effective film marketing materials out there – the promo posters that have been used on modern releases and older movies – and established some key elements that have contributed to their success.

These aren’t just commercial successes either – everything from smaller cult movies to huge blockbusters benefits from these 7 simple movie poster design elements.

Credits: Green Lantern Movie Poster by Hyzak

Cookie Themes: A New Website Marketplace

Web designers are always selling their practice templates or commercial templates that weren’t used. I’m sure everyone knows about Envato’s Marketplaces, but what about some of the new ones that are starting up. Cookie Themes is a new marketplace for web designers to sell their web templates and coded designs. Sure it is only in its start up phase, but already boasting with 555 marketplace members, things are starting to point in the right direction. Let’s have a look at some of the qualities of Cookie Themes.

Enticing Site Design

Cookie themes boasts with a really user friendly website. Navigating the site is a breeze and the light blue soothes your senses. All the links you need is stationed right in front of you, which makes things easier to read and find.

Author Themes

The site currently has 19 themes listed in total, but most of them are either PSD or HTML coded sites. According to the owner of Cookie Themes, wordpress portfolio themes and magazine styled themes are coming to the market place soon though. I suppose things will also look up in the wordpress area once more authors join the marketplace to get some work sold.

How it works

Sure the marketplace comes across as really simple once you look at it. It functions in many the same way the Themeforest marketplace does, but who said there couldn’t be room for more marketplaces right? Once signing up for a account on the site, you will notice this site isn’t just for English users, but other languages as well. This marketplace could reach some people that can’t understand English, this is definitely a bonus on their side. Once signed up you are able to purchase a theme, after activating your account and making sure all your information is in order.

As a author you will have your own profile with ample amount of space to express yourself. This site is essentially more geared towards website designers obviously stated in the marketplaces name as well. The marketplace is still currently in BETA stages, so giving feedback and helping them fine tune all their problems will be greatly appreciated from them. Meanwhile if you are looking for a new marketplace to try out, try Cookie Themes.

Invoicera: A True Invoicing Application for all your Needs

With the advances in technology and new inventions the demand for obtaining the best solutions and techniques in managing the entire working of account systems of numerous businesses have soared up beyond the highest horizon. So, with this view, many online invoicing and time tracking applications have emerged in a wide range on an arena of competition to be availed by potential customers.

These online Invoicing applications competes among each other in providing the best services such as managing, creating and sending invoices to the customers, managing their expenses, tracking their time spent of the projects etc. While we reviewed among all through the shortlisted online invoicing and billing applications, Invoicera proves to be the best with striking auxiliary features, solutions and efficiency in services.

Why Invoicera stands out among the various online invoicing applications?

Invoicera is an online invoice software that helps you to create online invoices and solutions for your customers with much ease and security. This application can give you a perfect experience of online billing and invoicing. Starting from its design, color scheme, layout and sign up process are simple, easy, attractive and very pleasant. Its user interface is friendly and web pages are easy to navigate through out and offers best solutions at the most affordable price.

The pricing policy which Invoicera adopts is really appealing for any type of business organization; whether it is a small business organization or a large business organization, Invoicera, with its different affordable packages serves the need of all. There are three paid packages apart from the Free plan provided by them which include:

  • CLASSIC for just $9.95 per month
  • PREFERRED for just $19.95 per month
  • EXCLUSIVE for just $ 49.95 per month

Striking Features?

Some of the striking features of Invoicera that will be able to solve and handle many of your requirements depending on the aim, strategy, size, nature etc. of your business and further enhances your credibility in view of your clients and gives you a high esteem to lead over your competitors are as follows.

  1. Multiple languages and currency support – It helps in creating and sending invoices to your clients in their respective currency and language. Invoices in 11 languages can be created for your individual clients from all across the world. This will make your clients comfortable with meaningful and accurate invoices.
  2. Multiple payment gateways – With Invoicera , this will let your clients pay through PayPal,, Google Checkout and various other popular online payment gateways giving a you convenient options. There are 20 payment gateways supported by Invoicera which provide the customers a privilege to select their compatible way of payment.
  3. Time tracking – Time tracking solution is amazing. It helps you to keep a track of time spent on each specific project and lets you keep a frequent check on every task performed. This ensures how your work is progressing regardless of time boundaries.
  4. Expense tracking – To keep a track of all your projects expenses effortlessly and accurately, Invoicera provides expense tracking .In invoice, the entire expenses of your specific project will be added to allow you to get paid in full. By importing your expenses in your Invoicera’s account, you will be able to know about your business profitability and whether it is up to date or not.
  5. Customized Invoice Template – To make sure your business identity is reflected and represented through the invoices received by your clients, professionally multiple designed templates have been provided.
  6. Invoicera with Google apps – If you are a user of Google apps, than using Invoicera will create lots of benefits here. The application can easily be accessed through various Google applications with single sign in process and further utilizing Invoicera with single Google domain name.
  7. Invoice scheduling – Scheduling of your invoice to be sent on specific date and time can be carved out. It would be sent automatically on the set date & time without any complexity. This will make your workload lighter.
  8. Staff members can be managed -Delegate tasks to team members and let them manage few billing transactions. This will help you keep a regular check on the performances of your staff members and receive all the details related to the assigned task and information in time.
  9. Set tasks to do – Here, you can set specific task(s) for each date which will enable you to run your business successfully. You will be able to set daily or periodic task(s) relating to meetings, invoices, payments, etc. This will assure that your tasks are being performed according to the plan.
  10. Send invoices to multiple contacts – Option is provided to add multiple contacts so that the invoice can be sent to multiple contacts at one time. This will really help you in case when you have more than one business to handle at a time. This feature will helps to save much of your valuable time.
  11. Customer Support: Invoicera provides proper support and backup wherever their client requires. Now this is something which we really appreciate as being a professional. You also know the importance of providing efficient support to your clients so as to make a long term relation with them and Invoicera is best at this thing.

When going through these special features of Invoicera during our review period, these findings make it safe to say that Invoicera is one of the best online billing and invoicing applications that fasten your activities to earn more profit from the transactions and work more efficiently in account system processing.

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Design Business Secrets Exposed Ebook Launched

The one thing a lot of people don’t always manage to do when they start a graphic design business is start the right way. I suppose the only reason for that is because people don’t have a guide to help them setup their business as a freelancer, well let’s welcome, “Design Business Secrets Exposed Ebook.” This Ebook will show you exactly how to start a graphic and web design business from home and get on the right track to success.

What is this Ebook about?

Design Business Secrets Exposed is a comprehensive training guide to help graphic and web designers transition to working from home full-time. It consists of 6 detailed, yet easy-to-follow chapters packed with 50 lessons of essential tips, techniques, and tools you will use to earn a steady income from the comfort of your home office. It covers everything you need to know about setting up, marketing, and running a successful home-based graphic and web design business that will finally give you the perfect combination of freedom, comfort, and stability you are looking for. By working from home, you will have the freedom to get up when you want, work on a laptop outside on beautiful days, take on creative projects, be your own boss, and so much more. Once you start working from home, you will never want to set foot in an office again!

Who is this Ebook for?

Design Business Secrets Exposed was created for people in several stages of their graphic and web design careers, including:

  • Designers looking to transition to working from home full-time running their own business
  • Design business owners interested in expanding their business to new levels
  • Beginners and students just starting their careers as graphic and web designers
  • People interested in freelancing from home part-time for extra income

Get 25% OFF till 21st February 2011

Its always nice purchasing a product if you know you are able to get some discount, well we made it happen for you guys, by using the promo code listed below you will be able to obtain a 25% discount till the 21st of February 2011, there after the promo code expires and the price returns to normal.
PROMO CODE: creativeoverflow
To make use of this promo code, use at as you checkout on purchasing the Ebook.

We highly recommend getting your hands on this book, even if you are a successful designer, there are just some things that go unnoticed throughout the years.


LogoBee – Building a Brand for Your Site and Business

There are hundreds of logo design companies all over the world and often you need a logo design done by a company, but you aren’t sure who to hire or where to start searching. Yes you usually decide through looking at a companies portfolio, but sometimes these companies that you are happy with charge a arm and a leg for their design work, “It is fair in that option though.”

LogoBee in this case brings forward a nice portfolio of logo design work at very, very affordable rates. They don’t just offer logo design as a service either they offer stationary, graphic and web design too. Let’s take a look at some of their services and examples.

Logo Design

As you can see logo design is their primary focus as their name entitles the word, “logo.” They have a steady portfolio of logo designs to showcase to their new clients before work commences, let’s look at some examples.

Stationery Design

It’s sometimes over looked at how important proper stationery can be to a business. This isn’t only the face of the business, but the way and feel everyone notices you by. Having your stationery in order is just as important as having a logo for your business.

Graphic Design

You might be in need of some brochures or perhaps even a flyer for your first event as a start up business, don’t worry LogoBee has a you covered in this section as well regarding the design of brochures, flyers, cards, postcards etc.

Web Design

Its nice to know one company handles all your design related work from your logo to your website. LogoBee’s web design apartment will get your business on the market for a very low price.

Don’t forget to check out LogoBee for your design related work.

If you want your website reviewed on Creativeoverflow, contact us through the contact page.

Pcnames – Domain Name Search Review

If you are a avid web junky and tend to buy up domain names that you think you will sell for a better price later on; is the perfect tool for you. In this review we will have a look at the functionality and features of Pcnames and show you why we love it so much.

Easy way to check and register available domain names instantly! Advanced tools for bulk domain earch, domain suggestion, deleted, expired, and premium domains for sale.

Instant Search

The first thing that caught my eye when I initially tested Pcnames was the fact that the search results were instant. You had results returned to you instantaneously and you could easily see which extensions were available at the time for the current searched domain. The beauty of this is that you are able to justify immediately if there is a open market for your unique domain or if someone had previously purchased a .com, .net etc. With the instant search feature, it makes searching for domain names a breeze. There is no more waiting time on the next page to load to display your results.

Previous Search Results

If you are like me and always search for more than one domain, you can see your previous search results displayed right underneath your current result. Pcnames gives you the option of displaying either 5, 10, or more previously searched results at a time. This makes going back to your previous searches easy and potentially gives Pcnames a greater chance to register more domain names through there site.

Bulk Domain Search

The bulk domain search feature makes searching for more than one domain at a time quick and easy and especially useful if you are looking to purchase a few domains at once. It gives you the instant search feature and shows you exactly which extensions are available for the current searched domains.

Domain Generator

Pcnames have developed their own unique domain generator tool. You are able to generate unique domain names through using the tool on their site. The tool makes sure that the generated domain name is available in all the extensions too

Pricing factors

Once you decide on a domain name to register you are able to click on the extension that you would like to purchase, let’s say the .com extension is your choice in this case. Once you click on the extension you have a little pricing tab that pops up displaying the most reasonably priced registrars that you are able to make use of to purchase the domain. It weighs up its options and outputs the best and most affordable pricing.

Reviewer’s Opinion

Pcnames is a great tool to use for searching and registering domain names. I have made use of this tool in the last few days to purchase 6 new domains and not only does it work great, search results are fast and accurate. I can say the name is a bit misleading on their end, simply that when I first heard of the website Pcnames, I thought it was referring to a computer shop or online shop. Nevertheless they did a great job with the tool and they can rest assured that they have me as a customer.