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5 Ways that 5G Could Change Online Marketing

The rollout of the 4G network has driven online marketing forward over the past years – marketing efforts now heavily include the use of mobile apps, for example. With the fifth generation of mobile networks on the horizon, there could be a similar push forward in the techniques available to digital marketers.

Although it’s a technology still considered to be in its infancy, it’s thought that 5G will introduce more reliable connections, faster data transfer speeds, and usher in a new ‘internet of things’ with connected devices and real-time alerts. This could all lead to an exciting range of possibilities from a marketing perspective.

Here are five possibilities to think about.

1. Everyday objects will be connected.

Many believe that 5G and the ‘internet of things’ is connected, and that this will allow our everyday devices to communicate with one another over the new superfast network in a way that we’ve only seen glimpses of thus far. Imagine how your computer and smartphone are now linked via apps, and then imagine if all of your household devices were similarly connected.

It would create a complete picture of your daily habits, energy use, and needs. This type of information could be used to offer you products and services that are more highly targeted to what you actually need, cutting out unnecessary advertising.

2. Download speeds will be faster.

Online marketing will become a lot faster, which is exciting particularly if you spend any time interacting with clients via services like Skype or sending files back and forth. While it only takes you an hour or so to download a file equivalent to a feature-length film, this will be shaved down to a matter of seconds with 5G. You’ll be able to stay connected on the same network no matter how many other users are trying to connect, eliminating dropped calls or interrupted transfers.

3. Data will be transmitted in real time.

Major players like Samsung, Ericsson, and Nokia Networks are all working on the 5G transition at the moment, and when it arrives it will enable new technology like hologram video chats and virtual reality. Data can be transmitted with real-time updates, whether it’s traffic information in the car or drops in product prices in the supermarket. This opens up new opportunities for marketing campaigns in a wide range of smart devices, with real, live, updates for consumers.

4. Connections can be better maintained during big events

What happens when you throw a few thousand people together in a football stadium or music festival? Amid the flurry of selfies and tweets, it can be difficult to get a working signal. This makes it difficult for event markets to coordinate promotional efforts that rely on attendees uploading photos on Instagram, for example.

This is because with current networks, all of those devices are trying to connect using the same station or mast. In order for 5G to work, it will require a higher number of smaller base stations or antennae from versatile 5G radio.

5. 5G will be part of a global network.

If you do any travelling as part of your online marketing business, you know just how annoying it is to have to switch networks depending on the country, or even switch devices because your phone won’t work in a particular region. The idea with 5G is that it will be ubiquitous, run more like a common utility than today’s 3G and 4G networks.

The World Radiocommunications Conferences are bringing together a range of different countries to agree on international standards and a global spectrum of use for it, which should ensure that your phone should work in Korea whether it was issued in Japan, the United States, or the UK. International standards also make it easier to reach international consumers.

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Proven Link Building Tactics that Boost Website’s SEO Performance

Not all links are made to perform equally. Those that understand the impact of certain links on SEO performance will have a better chance of ranking their site successfully and benefiting from the real ROI from search marketing. The team from Online Marketing Gurus have provided insight on the following SEO tactics that will help to boost your website’s performance in organic search.

Guest blog posts on high authoritative websites

When it comes to guest blog posting, there is the good, the bad and the ugly. Good guest blog posting is a form of publicity where you can showcase your expertise by contributing content to another web platform in exchange for growing your author profile and web traffic. Building good guest blog posts will naturally earn you links from high authority sites and from other web sources should the audience decide to share the content that you contributed. Steer clear of the bad and ugly guest blogging approach where poor quality content is slapped together and posted on irrelevant sites that have little or no authority.
Business links on relevant and authoritative directories.

Many SEOs may believe that directory link building is dead, but that only refers to the SEO spam directories that plagued the internet and was essentially wiped out by the previous Penguin update. Getting businesses featured on high authority directories such as the Yellow and White Pages can definitely help boost the SEO performance of the website, without any risks of Penguin related penalties.

Local government or authority links

There are several local government and authority organisations that want to see businesses in their area succeed. Many of these organisations provide web portals and directories for businesses to get exposure for their business. Links from these websites tend to have a lot of authority, but the relevancy tends to be generic. It is worth adding these links to a businesses link portfolio.
Links from charities.

It is great when people do good deeds for others. The great thing with charities is that if you do good deeds for them, you may end up getting a link from their site showing that you were a donor. Additionally, the businesses contribution can feature as news that can be used as a press release, thus earning more links across news publications.

Testimonial links

A great way to get authoritative links is by sharing testimonials or referrals with businesses that are your suppliers. Typically, testimonials are shown on the front page or even a dedicated web page on their website. These pages tend to have some or the most authority on the site. The testimonial may be published with a link back to the website, thus passing on valuable link juice to help boost the authority of the website.

Image sharing links

Compelling images can keep web audiences engaged. Allow web users to share the image content easily by providing custom HTML tags or social media buttons such as the Pin button to help them share it easily. Some of the images can acquire several valuable links from the same domain. This gives the image a better chance to rank organically in the image search as well as adding to the credibility of the overall web page that will help it rank for Google’s organic web search.

Social media links

Links from different social media sites can vary with their influence. Sites like Twitter and Facebook have their links no followed, but the ability to share links with key influencers can potentially create opportunities for other webmasters to publish your links on their own websites. Links from social networks like Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit can also build the authority for web pages and potentially pass on authority from their sites. There are several social networks that can be leveraged. The most important thing is to find a social network whose community will relate to the content that you share with them.

These tactics can be powerful if they are implemented successfully. Like the Pareto principle, 20% of effort should yield 80% of results. The same applies to executing link building tactics. Implement these tactics well and you will improve your site’s SEO competitiveness and organic search performance.

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16 Website Designs with a Touch of Red

As technology slowly progresses in taking over the major areas of our lives, it begs the question of how it’s going to subtly integrate with our lives more so than just run it? In this roundup of website inspiration I decided to fixate my attention on subtle touches of red.

We don’t always realize it, but most of the time a touch or splash of color makes a big difference on a white canvas and in the era that simplicity is mostly overlooked, it’s something we should pay attention to.

Whilst there are tons of platforms and CMS’ to choose from, WordPress has become one of our favorite platforms to build websites on. WordPress gives you a range of flexibilities for developing your site over something that is static and require an engineer to help you setup. WordPress theme packages such as this one offer a great base from which to develop the aesthetics of your website.

If you need some ideas about what is needed for a website, check out the article on The Elements of an oustanding website design and if you need more inspiration than that, make sure to check out Abduzeedo’s daily inspiration.

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4 Google Analytics features which you must use

Google Analytics is one of the most useful online tools available that helps you track the performance of your website by determining how many visitors visited your website, their demographics, during which period they came, and how much time they spent browsing your website. It also helps you to monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns by delivering several useful insights.

This post shares the top 4 Google Analytics features which you must use in order to take optimum benefit from this incredible tool offered by search engine giant Google.

1. In-Page Analytics

It is an invaluable option offered by Google Analytics to provide detailed information pertaining to your website traffic. This feature provides exhaustive data about the key statistics related to each page of your website. Using this feature you can find out the links which get maximum attention from your visitors and how they interact with your website.

The In-Page Analytics feature also provides the insightful information about the vital website metrics including average time sent on the page by visitors, bounce rate, page views, conversion rates etc. You can use this information for improving the overall user experience of your website.

2. Custom Audience Segments

Visitor segmentation is another useful feature offered by Google Analytics. You may be missing crucial information related to your website visitors by not leveraging this useful feature. It helps you group and segregate your website visitors, according to distinct physiognomies such as age, gender, affinity, location and other demographic characteristics. In order to check the visitor segmentation data, all you need to do is select “Audience” from the main menu and then click “Interests” or Demographics. You can also create the custom segmentation reports using this feature.

3. Multi-Channel Funnels

If you are seeking insights pertaining to how your website visitors purchase the products and services offered online, then this is the feature you must start using. The online visitors come from various channels to your website and purchase the products. These channels may not always be your online advertisements but can be the link provided on your blog post or though organic search. This tool helps you to get relevant information about how your customers reached the website and using this information you can improve your online marketing strategy. You can also work on fine tuning the resources using which your visitors are coming to your website to purchase the products or services.

4. Tracking the Site Speed

One of the most imperative aspects of a website is its loading speed. Most of the SEO companies give great emphasis to site speed in order to improve the user experience and the overall rankings of the website. Using Google Analytics you can easily check your website’s speed by accessing the “Site Speed” metrics. Click on Behaviour -> Site Speed -> Overview to get information about the loading speed of your website.

Efficient Online Project Management Software for Teams of All Sizes

A big corporation has many separate departments to manage. The challenge is to make the whole organization fit together like a clock. Only when all the parts are functioning properly will the clock give right time. In this era of cutting edge technology and software, big corporations use project management software to properly handle all their separate parts and track the progress of ongoing projects.

Top-tier project management tools are multi-functional and versatile, offering features to cover every aspect of a project. These tools also make it easy to get insight into the status of ongoing processes, even if you are a remote team member, or away from your work station.

Wrike is revolutionizing work and how businesses handle data by offering the best software for project management. They’ve developed a platform to make getting work done easier. In our fast-paced world, a tool like this is becoming almost mandatory for all types of businesses. Here’s a preview of what Wrike offers to put it firmly at the top of the market:

1. Accessibility and task management

The project management software provides a work space for getting real work done, sharing document, and holding discussions. Keeping all work and conversations in one platform means it takes less time to get team members up to speed, and increases productivity substantially. Distance has been removed from between remote teams, and cross-functional teams have the visibility to check in on progress without extra emails or status update meetings.


2. Resource control and cost management

This software helps you nip project risks in the bud by available tracking resources and budgets. Managing your resources effectively means you can react to critical situations before it’s too late. The tool itself is very cost effective and doesn’t demand huge infrastructure installation.

3. Time management

Track where your employees’ time is going with their time management capabilities. You can use their time log to keep timesheets for your billable employees, or track productivity using their advanced reporting features.

4. Flexible platform to bend to your needs

Cloud-based project management tools are specifically built to evolve with needs of a growing organization; no need to go hunting for a new tool all over again just because your team has expanded. Wrike’s platform is flexible enough that it can be upgraded and adapted to suit your new business needs in no time.

5. Integrations with your other favorite tools

This software offers integrations with other popular work and management tools. Integrating all your tools into one easy-to-check space helps professionals stay organized and on-track with all their work. With the help of the Android and iOS apps, you can access work from your phone from wherever you’re standing.


6. Regular feature updates

When you invest your time and money into a new tool, you want to make sure they’re going to keep improving their software to make your experience better and better. Wrike regularly releases updates to give users more tools and improved experiences for existing features.

Wrike online project management software provides a system for transparency and proper communication throughout your organization. Choosing this platform to improve the way you run your business is almost a no-brainer.

Renting vs Buying Your Printer

Businesses all over the world in every industry are always looking at the best ways to save on costs. However, this has become even more essential in today’s economic climate where cost effective decisions can make or break the success of a company.

With the increased need to save money wherever possible, the idea of renting office equipment has gained increased interest and now third party companies specialise in renting equipment such as printers and photocopiers to companies that may not want to buy these expensive items.

The choice to either rent or buy your office printer should be based solely on what type of business you are and what are your printing requirements.

Multi-functional printers

Multi-functional printers can be a lifesaving tool in offices that need to be able to print, scan, copy and fax a large amount of files in a day. However, this comes at a price and usually quite a high one at that. For companies and businesses which are relatively small or are just starting out, there may not be room in the strict budget for such a high-end, high-cost item. While the benefits of having a multi-functional printer in the office may include increased efficiency and increased productivity; if the money isn’t there then the budget won’t allow for the purchase of such a printer.


This is where renting a printer may be of most benefit. Renting a multi-functional printer can cost a fraction of the price each month than buying one would. Companies can choose to rent a printer for a set amount of time on short or long term plans. This can give your business time to become fully set up and functional so that saving can begin to buy a printer outright.

Renting a printer can also be very useful for businesses that are holding conventions, meeting or conferences. You can rent a printer to use at your location, allowing you to be able to print, scan or copy any important documents you may need or promotional material you would like to hand out. Printer renting is also beneficial for businesses that may not need the use of a multi-functional printer on to day to day level. If you have a large project approaching and need the additional technology to manage the workload then hiring a multi-functional printer may be your best option rather than spending a large amount of money buying something that you may only rarely use again.


For larger businesses it almost seems a necessity to buy a fully featured multi-functional printer. In large, busy working environments where there is a constant need for printing, faxing and copying then renting a printer may not be your best option. If there is a high volume of document workflow in your offices then you will always be in need of a high quality printer. Renting one out on a permanent basis may cost you much more in the long run than simply buying one of your own.

For big businesses with a high volume of documented workflow the best solution is to buy a high quality multi-functional printer, such as those provided by Midshire. It may be a big outlay to begin with but can be much less costly than renting a printer long-term.

The decision of whether you choose to buy a multi-functional printer or whether you choose to rent one should be based upon what type of business you run, how big your company is and how much document workflow your company processes each day. What might suit one company may not suit another so make your decision based on what is most beneficial to your business.

How to Increase Your Business Fundraising Efforts This Christmas

Businesses can get involved with fund-raising efforts in a number of different ways. There is no right or wrong approach to raising funds for a good cause.

Here are a few of our suggestions for how to raise funds.

1. Hold a Casual Dress Day at Work

Will office staff prefer to be able to dress casually on an agreed upon date in exchange for a donation to the fundraising effort? You may discover that employees would be only too happy to sit in the office wearing more comfortable attire for the day for a modest fee.

2. Sell Through Amazon, Donate The Commissions

Businesses quite often use a blog to communicate with their customers. They also use email communication to keep in touch and update them with news and product releases. Companies can use either of these methods to promote related products that sell on and pay a commission.

When promoting products on Amazon there is usually a tiered commission rate that can be earned for each referred sale within a given period of time. Other third party products that were bought at the same time as the referred product will also receive a commission too.

Commission revenue from Amazon can begin as a trickle, but build up as more customers are made aware that referral commissions are part of the fundraising efforts of the company. This is one tip that can continue to raise funds for good causes throughout the year, not just at Christmas time.

3. Print-on-demand Fundraising Cards

Instead of sending out traditional Christmas cards, Thank You cards, and other printed messages to customers, why not use IQ Cards? These can be used by any business that wants to help raise money for their local schools.

4. Cash Wash Service

Why not get the staff together one Saturday to offer a car wash service to anyone who wants one? Charge a reasonable fee for the car wash as part of the fund-raising efforts. Customers can be notified through the usual communication channels about the car wash event which gives their staff a chance to meet face-to-face in a more casual setting.

5. Fundraising Raffle at Work

Consider having a fundraising raffle where only half the sales of tickets go back into raffle prizes and the other half of the proceeds go towards the fund-raising goals? Staff are much more likely to participate when they know that half the proceeds go to the right cause.

6. Seek Donated Services

See if other companies will offer donated services where they provide the service for free on the understanding that the usual cost of their service goes to fundraising causes. This can have a feel-good factor for both companies concerned and also foster positive ongoing business relationships at the same time.

7. Hold a Staff Sports Day

Would your staff enjoy a chance to play a friendly game against either their own work colleagues or a local competitor? Take donations for each player who wishes to join in with the staff sports day.
Christmas time is a great opportunity to raise funds for worthy causes. People are feeling more generous and open to making donations than at other times of the year. What ideas can you come up with to increase your business fundraising this holiday season?

Digital Marketing Tips for Retailers This Christmas

Christmas is a busy time for most retailers. However, some fare better than others in the run-up to the festive season. Digital marketing provides access to a wider audience of potential customers who may be interested in what you have to offer. The lead to conversion rate at Christmas soars, but finding the leads in the first place is often a problem for retailers who don’t have a digital marketing plan. The following tips, provided by marketing agency Lead To Conversion, will help you with your digital marketing endeavors this Christmas.

Get Active on Social Media

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have the potential to change the fortunes of businesses, especially at Christmas. Posting regular, valuable content on all your social media channels reminds customers about your business. It also attracts a new audience. The power of social media really comes to light when you publish high quality content people are willing to share. Contests, relevant special offers, local events, in-depth product descriptions, buying guides and other useful information are examples of shareable content that leads to increased sales.

Leverage the Power of the Main Events in the Run-up to Christmas

Many retailers don’t realize that other organizations have indirectly done much of the marketing for them already. Two good example of this are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a retailer you can add your own touch to these events. Once again your website, blog and social media channels are the perfect tools to promote you version of these events.

Optimize your Content for Christmas

If you get a lot of traffic from the search engines, you know the power of SEO. However, many businesses don’t optimize their websites to avail of the huge increase in volume of Christmas-related and gift-related searches in November and December. Simply adding words like ‘Christmas’, ‘holidays’, ‘gifts’ and the year to website content and product descriptions can dramatically increase organic traffic that would not have found your website otherwise.

Give Your Website and Social Media Pages the Seasonal Touch

Following on from this, it’s important to get visitors into the Christmas spirit when they visit your website and social media channels. The easiest way to do this is to add a Christmas theme to your website or to at least add Christmas-themed images. Creating a Christmas feel and look on your website is a simple, yet effective way to improve each customers experience on your website. When they see that you’ve put in the effort, they may be more likely to purchase from you than a competitor who doesn’t go the extra mile.

Make it Easy for Shoppers

As Christmas day draws closer, shoppers become more anxious. Make shopping on your online store easy. Simple ways to make customer shopping experiences stress-free for customers are to de-clutter your website, have an easy-to-use checkout facility and offer free shipping, within reason.

There are many ways retailers will benefit from the power of digital marketing this Christmas. Some will do the work themselves, while others will call in a professional digital marketing agency. Unfortunately many other retailers are not aware of the benefits of digital marketing or don’t believe investing in it will increase their bottom line. However, for those who implement a well-thought out Christmas digital marketing strategy, the benefits can be huge.

How to Make a Killer Presentation

Very few people actually enjoy public speaking. At best it is nerve wracking; at worst you feel like a bug under a microscope with a million eyes staring at you. Anxiety comes with the territory when giving presentations, but there are ways to beat your nerves.

Practice makes perfect and you should find that the more presentations you have to give, the easier they become. However, if you want your presentations to be memorable for all the right reasons, here are a few tips to ensure your next one is a killer.

Be Prepared

There is nothing worse than arriving at the venue five minutes before your presentation begins, and then spending the next thirty minutes preparing the equipment while your audience is left waiting. Always allow plenty of time to prepare for a presentation, especially if you need to set up a projector or other equipment.

Make Eye Contact with the Audience

Standing at the front of the room, staring at a piece of paper and mumbling a lot is not going to endear you to your audience. Instead, speak with confidence and project your voice into the audience, making eye contact with everyone in the room at least once. People will trust you more if you talk directly to them – avoiding eye contact makes you look shifty.

Death by PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations are very popular, but the slides should be a visual aid rather than the entire presentation. Too many slides with too much information on them will cause your audience to switch off completely.

Tell Stories

Reciting facts and figures for an hour is extremely boring. A presentation needs to be entertaining to keep an audience engaged. By all means included facts and figures, but try and present them in an interesting way. Use stories and anecdotes to keep the audience amused – they are more likely to pay attention.

Have a Sense of Humour

Amusing presentations with some humour thrown in are more memorable. If you can make your audience smile, great, but if you can make them laugh out loud, even better.

Show Some Passion

Be passionate about your subject. Don’t just read from a sheet of paper. This implies you don’t know the subject matter very well, which indicates you don’t care very much about it. You want the audience to care about what you are saying, but they won’t care one jot unless you make them feel an emotional connection.

Project Confidence

Try and act confident, even if you don’t feel confident. If you appear nervous, everyone in the room will feel deeply uncomfortable on your behalf.

Give Handouts

Prepare handouts for the audience so they can take the most important information away with them. Buy stylish presentation folders from Include a business card and other useful marketing materials if you want to make it easier for interested individuals to contact you after the event.

Presentations are something you can’t avoid, so plan ahead, practice at every opportunity, and make every one of them count.