There are more than 280 content management systems in the world of which WordPress is the most popular one. By January 2015, it was the platform that hosted over 23% of the top 10 million websites. By February of this year, it was the choice of over 25% of all websites in the world and…


There are millions websites out there and each of them was launched with a different intention. Some website owners want to promote their business, others focus on providing various online services, while some decide to provide its readers with latest news and happenings. However, even though not all website can be placed in the same…


Many people think that traffic equals sales, so the more people visit your site, the more sales it gets. This seems logical but in reality things don’t work like that. In real life traffic doesn’t necessarily mean sales. Why does it happen? The thing is that it’s not enough to just attract a potential buyer…


A Powerful Online Image will Revolutionize your Business

You have a business. But you know your business is unlike any other business. You know that your business is special. This is a common thought among the many business owners and brand marketers in the world. They have a business, and they want to define the business as offering something special or unique, but…

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Top 5 Uses Of VPS Servers In 2015

The VPS is a full virtual operating system that you can run alongside other virtual operating systems. A VPS essentially runs like a virtual PC, which you can run on Windows or Linux. The great thing about VPS servers is that you can technically run what you want. With the added level of control that…

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7 Ways to Improve a Small Business Website

As your small business evolves, you need to make sure that your presence on the web follows suit. Don’t worry – it doesn’t mean that you need to completely revamp your website every now and then, just that adding small improvements will over time help you build a great space for creating a strong brand…

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Why Your Web Design Platform Really Needs To Be a Business Tool

Web design has never just been an easy to crack process, and has traditionally involved quite a few different pieces of software. For a typical website, I may use the following software: Adobe Photoshop – to design the visual look and feel of the site Adobe Dreamweaver or NotePad++ – to code the initial templates…

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15 Essential Graphics Tools for Online Designers

Great design is a process of hard work and inspiration. There are no shortcuts, but technology offers you plenty of tools to save time and increase productivity. Of course the hard part is actually finding the software that fulfills your needs. Over the course of the last year I’ve created an online toolbox, composed of…

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5 Tips for Creating a Stunning Business Card Design

No matter what kind of business/organisation you run, having a well-designed business card is critically important to your success. Your business card will often serve as an introduction to your business, and therefore, will be the first thing that potential clients see in regards to you and your company. They’ll likely see your business card…

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Treat Yourself to One of These Ten Amazing Deals for Designers

Being a designer involves a lot of passion and talent. It also involves a lot of time spent looking for deals on resources and tools to help you be a better designer. We’ve thought we could help out a little and compiled a list of the top 10 best deals we could find online right…

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