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Top Five Best Smartphone Mobile Apps for Students

When beginning or returning to college, many individuals face the startling reality that they are solely responsible for staying organized and prepared for their classes. For college students who aren’t too keen on the idea of falling behind due to lack of organization, there’s always the availability of student-specific smartphone apps to stay on top of items and facilitate better academic performance. If you’re a student who wants to enhance your learning environment, consider the following top five smartphone apps to help you make a more effective transition and stay focused until graduation.

1. Evernote

A must-have for forgetful students, Evernote makes sure you’ll remember upcoming exams, homework due dates, sports practices, and any other obligations you have in your busy life. With this app, students can create notes in text, audio and in image form to keep all your important information organized and accessible you are able to make use of print services through the application as well enhancing your mobility. You can even take a photo of the classroom whiteboard and create a document that is both searchable and sharable, so you can pay full attention in class without scribbling notes the entire period.

2. Vocabology

Want to impress a pedantic professor? Download Vocabology to receive a vocabulary word of the day from multiple sources, including Merriam-Webster,, Yahoo Education, TheFreeDictionary, and more. The app also provides a word of the day in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

3. myHomework

It’s not uncommon for college students to have a homework assignment due in every class, every day, for a week straight. With myHomework, students can track classes, homework, tests, and assignments in one user-friendly tool with a simple interface. Assignments can be organized by due date and color-coded by priority. An organized calendar display and class schedule lets students get a good look at the big picture and plan accordingly.

4. gFlash + Flashcards & Tests

For the average college student, there’s no such thing as too much studying. With the gFlash + Flashcards & Tests applications, you can squeeze in extra study sessions at any time—whether you’re in line in the cafeteria or riding home on the bus. The app allows students to create, download, and alter flashcards on a wide variety of different subjects, so you can be fully prepared for your next big test.

5. EZ Read

If you’re struggling in your literature class, EZ Read is at your service with full access to the entire collection of, available from virtually anywhere. Students can read and review book summaries, take quizzes, and review major themes all while on the way to class, which saves time and ensures better retention of literary concepts.

Beginning or returning to college, and sticking with it until graduation, is certainly no small feat for any student. However, many modern students have an entire support system right at their fingertips with their smartphones. If you want your college experience to go smoothly and more successfully, downloading the above apps is a great way to start your education off on the right foot.