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20 Vinyl Banner Samples + Helpful Design Tips

If you look at printed materials on streets, malls or even trade shows, you might observe most are made of vinyl banners. These prints are made of plastic materials, making the results more durable compared to other printed materials. Also, designing them is simple. You don’t always need controversial images or snappy phrases to grab the attention of people. In fact, you only need to know some basic design tips to make banners that are just as effective as those made by professionals. To help you, I collected sample banners together with some tips you might find helpful. Enjoy!

Aim for Readability

You use banners mainly for promoting your company name, tag line or main products. You want these things to be as visible as possible. To do that, you should make banners that enable people to read them even from a distance. Use big bold fonts. Allot spaces and eliminate unnecessary details.

Keep Colors at Minimum

This tip is applicable for banners to be used indoors. People will have a hard time looking at your banners if there are too many distracting colors. One or two colors would be enough. It’ll be better if you’ll use light colors matched with stylish and dramatic fonts.

Use Bright Colors Sparingly

Bright colors could easily capture your audience’s attention. However, you must remember to that you’re not supposed to overuse them or you might end up turning people off.

Choose the Appropriate Layout Shape

Short text may look good in a large canvas. However, long rows of text might work better on a small canvas.

Emphasize One Main Element

Make it easier for people to understand what you want to say. Choose one picture, word or phrase that you want them to notice. This technique could not only capture attention; it may even encourage them to look for more details if they found that element interesting.

Above other things, it’s the design that makes or breaks the final output. You don’t need to be an expert to create an effective design; all you have to do is stick to the basics. Remember that your objective is not to create banners for mere decorations but to make them as useful and readable as possible.