Basic Guidelines: How to Order a Custom Written Essay

There are many reasons to buy a custom written essay. Perhaps, despite best intentions, your course or school load has become overwhelming. Maybe an important, well-researched report is required at work, but there is little time for its preparation.

Whatever the reason for outsourcing your writing work, you will want to ensure that you still provide content that is robust, well-presented and worthy to have your name attached to it, something that you would be proud to submit.

You may be initially overwhelmed by the possibilities presented to you when ordering a custom written essay online, but with time, patience and some professional guidance, you are sure to get the best writer for your needs.

The following basic guidelines will help you successfully order a custom written essay online:

Finding a customized essay

While there are many online sites that offer custom writing services, you need to take the time to check each one out thoroughly. Take your time as you go through each one, to check instructions and requirements, as well as comments and reviews.

There are three main types of websites that you should focus on when sourcing the best writer for your needs. First, is a platform that has writers on staff, though you may not meet the writer directly, you place an order for your essay through the company.

The second type of site acts as an intermediary, for writers who offer their services on a freelance basis. Although this type of business will not have a relationship with the writer, not hire the writer (this will be your choice), they will likely represent the best interests of both you and the writer should there be a disagreement. A reputable site will also often verify and hold payments, offering a level of protection for both you and the writer you select.

The third type of site is set up by the freelancer and all articles will be written by that one person. While you will get individual attention, you will have little recourse should the writer not be of a caliber you require or does not deliver your article on time (or at all).

Visit a variety of sites, or better yet, find a site recommended by a trusted source, and carefully go through the website before making a final decision.

First and foremost is to be aware of the website’s reputation. While the packages, prices, and discounts on offer will obviously come into consideration, it should be the least important point to consider overall. As they say, you often get what you pay for.


Speaking of getting what you pay for, beware of paying upfront for online services, especially if you have not had prior dealing with the website or if you are thinking about hiring a writer that you have not worked with or know little about.

Paying upfront for services can be tricky and should the writer disappear into the night with the payment you may struggle to get any of your precious payment back.

Your safest bet would be to working with an intermediary service provider, that allows for escrow services or secure and verify payment methods. The service can also act on your behalf if you are unhappy with the quality of work received and can often help resolve the issues.

Content and deadlines

Not all writers will produce superior content so be sure to check for the quality of their portfolio and find out if they are experienced in the type of writing you require. Are you looking for a creative essay, a research-backed paper, persuasive narrative, white paper or a proposal? Each type of writing requires a completely different style and skill set so be sure to check examples of previous work.

Also be clear on your topic, and at what level of expertise your custom written essay needs to be written. Not all writers will have the ability to cover a diverse array of topics as an expert; especially in the fields of technology, medical, or legal work. Make sure the writer you hire is competent on writing in both the style and on the content you require.

Your deadline is also significant, be sure there is a clear understanding of when the essay is to be available and whether you have the opportunity to ask for additional edits and how long it will take to receive a revised copy. It is wise to give your writer as much time as possible and to leave additional time on your side should something go wrong.

When working with an online writer, also ensure that they speak, and most importantly write, at the same level of English level as you do. If you are a native English speaker, then deal only with writers who are also native speakers, or in other words, who speak English as a first language.


Many lecturers use plagiarism checking platforms and will run submissions through the checker to see if it has been plagiarized; with either part of, or the entire, story having been used in another published piece. If your article has been found to have been used before, you may end up in some serious hot water; it’s just not worth it.

Go the extra mile to ensure you are receiving a brand new, custom-written, article, and that it is only composed after you place an order, not before. Avoid downloading an existing essay, one that may have been used before. This may be more expensive, take longer to receive, and take more leg work on your side to ensure you have the right writer on your team but it will pay off in dividends in the future.

Ultimately, finding a good writer and website that provides custom written articles on a variety of topics and can meet your deadline is very important. Finding the right fit for you will take time and research, so be sure to do your due diligence before making the investment.