2010 – Bauforum Heavy Equipment Calendar

Its always great seeing some effort being put into making calendars for the new year. This one especially attracted my attention
because I love construction equipment. Bauforum has created a Heavy Equipment Calendar for 2010 and has done a outstanding job with it.
They have not only succeeded in making something beautiful, but something that you can put up anywhere and people walking by will
stop to check out the quality of the calendar. Here is some information from the Creators.

Information about the calendar:

What made you guys create it?
We are running a big website about construction equipment (www.bauforum24.biz). We are producing lots of content for the website on our own, like photo documentaries, video, and so forth. Finally I thought that those huge machines deserve an adequate way of presentation. So I combined the idea with our photographic & Photoshop skills.

Where were most the images shot:

The Equipment was shot at several locations across Europe.
The shootings were not in sequence, though. We had to act flexible to cope with the different situations, like shooting in an open pit mining site is a challenge regarding the working shifts, safety regulations, and last but not least, capture and arrange the equipment in the right moment.

Locations were:

Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, UK, Italy, Germany.
The whole project went from beginning of June to beginning of October. In the meantime we already started postproduction on the first photos.
The whole post production lasted around 300 hours for all 12 motives. Photo shooting was done by me (Andre) and my colleague Ruben Schmidt. He was also responsible for the whole post production, whereas I was held responsible for the art direction.


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