Black Friday Treat: Save 24% and Craft Professional Portfolio Websites Independently

If you haven’t heard about Portfoliobox, it’s about time you made the acquaintance of the online platform that assists creative professionals who wish to set up their portfolio websites independently and without compromising their high aesthetic standards. Portfoliobox is the first proficient website building solution that covers portfolios exclusively, and offers its services for a very small price.


To get started, new users need to sign up for a PRO, or for a FREE account. The free membership gives you a small glimpse of what really lies in store: a 30-day access to all PRO templates, and the possibility to host up to 40 images on your website. However, this is Black Friday after all, so the annual PRO plan is on sale – you can benefit from 24% discount if you seal the deal in this instant!

Allow me to describe what going PRO actually entails: no limits on the number of pages and images (well, the limit is 1000, but it scales upwards if you need it to), free support and free web hosting, one email address, one domain, the possibility of sharing almost any kind of files, and the freedom to employ any template and peruse that hefty database in its entirety.

Once you’re a registered user, feel free to unleash that creative potential on the admin panel, and hone an exquisite portfolio. Jump-start the process by setting up a start page, then work you way through category pages, galleries, and text pages. By the by, know that the text editor you employ in the making of text pages is quite accomplished, and that it wields options such as form builder, videos, and maps.


But more than anything, you should know that carving websites via Portfoliobox is like playing with LEGO pieces: each page can take its own individual shape. For example, you can set one gallery in a vertical line, and display the next in slideshow. In addition, FREE users are free to set up their online stores just as much as their PRO counterparts, not to mention that anyone can send professional newsletters now through the built-in newsletter system.

Wouldn’t you like to have a drop-dead-gorgeous online portfolio? 80.000 representatives of the creative class have already set up their own installments with Portfoliobox. Check out the following examples, and see if you get inspired to create your own breath-taking portfolio website and save loads of money on Black Friday!


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