Business Cards that Impress and Last

If you are in business, you want to make a positive and lasting impression when you meet a potential client. A great way of doing this is still to hand someone your business card. The act of doing so makes a personal connection and ensures that the person you have been talking to can easily get in touch with you in the future.

However, there is a problem with business cards and that is that they are not as permanent as you might like them to be. What tends to happen is that they are put into a drawer and end up rattling around in there getting dog-eared. Periodically that drawer is cleaned out and your business card, which by then looks pretty tatty, is thrown away.

That is less likely to happen if your business card is plastic. Your card stays intact and looking good. Therefore, it is more likely to be kept and used.

The other benefit of plastic business cards is that they make a very positive impression on people. On a subliminal level, it is impressive that someone has invested so much money into producing his or her business card. It tells the person you hand it to that you take your business seriously and sends out the message that you offer high quality products or services.

The problem

Well that is the positives, but of course, there is one drawback with plastic cards and that is that they can work out expensive. The problem is that you normally end up having to order them from an ID card printing company who, because they are a specialist provider, tend to charge quite a bit.

Getting around the cost issue

Fortunately, there is a simple way around this is issue and that is to equip yourself to print your own plastic business cards. Doing so is far easier than you may think.

All you need to do is to buy a plastic ID card printer, some blanks and inks to get started. Blanks are available for a few pence or cents each, so the biggest cost is the printer, but that will pay for itself because you will not have to pay someone to design and print your regular business cards anymore.

The design process need not be difficult. If you already own and use image manipulation software in your business, use that. It is far easier to do so because you are already familiar with that software and can easily take your logo or branding images and manipulate them to produce a great business card design. You can even use Microsoft Word to produce business cards.

The chance to make an extra income

If you want to you can also offer the service to other business owners. Producing business cards, membership cards, passes and ID cards for other firms is a great idea. A nice little sideline business will help your printer to pay for itself even faster and earn your company a little extra income.

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