Buy Holiday Images from These 10 Recommended Microstock Agencies

The winter holiday season is almost upon us again. The creative professionals who work with stock files understand that this type of imagery has a knack for drawing in new clients, so they need to find the best suppliers. Around this time of the year, the two things that define a go-to stock photo agency are content relevancy and good deals. Hence, I’ve pieced together a list of 10 agencies that adhere to these principles and would make any client happy.

YAY Images


A big round of applause for YAY! This agency would definitely be my first choice. Nicknamed “Spotify for images” by the web community at large, YAY is home to a huge amount of glorious images, placed at your service for small prices. It stands out for many, many reasons.

First of all, YAY has a marvelous in-browser editor that renders the use of Photoshop completely unnecessary. In other words, why download, modify, and upload an item, when you can perform the necessary changes on-site? Secondly, YAY offers to host the web images that you acquire. Therefore, you can just wait for it to generate a code for your image, then copy and paste the link on your website.

Starting a Christmas-related search will bring you as many as 150.000 potential acquisitions, and you can strike up a similar search for any item that you particularly liked. Attention, please: the coupon code “XMAS_GIFT” grants a 50% discount to all subscription plans during the first month of membership. These subscriptions are Print, Digital, and Streaming.

If you need to include images in an app, a PowerPoint, or an e-book, Digital has your name on it: $49.90/month enables you to download as many images of 3 megapixels as your heart desires. On an alternate note, if you need images strictly for online use on a website or blog, you can’t lose with Streaming: this plan costs only $9.90-a-month, and lets you download away images of 700 pixels.


mostphotos is mighty special, and even more so during the winter holidays. The 5 and a half million strong database is augmented by 10.000 fresh items every day. What makes this stock image agency so unique is the way by which it procures its precious gems. Namely, the selection team loves locally-captured pictures, and the first rule is always authenticity. So, you will find some pretty genuine Christmas images here, gathered from all over the world. Another interesting detail is the fact that both professional and leisure photographers submit their gorgeous shots here.

All in all, searching for winter-related items is going to present you with 100.000 photos and vectors that you can zoom in on and check the quality down to the last pixel. Besides, if you work within a team, the other colleagues can create their own individual accounts for free. Finally, check out the current Mostphotos offer, which states that, if you take up a Mini 10 or a Mini 20 subscription for 6 months right from the start, you save 10% off the standard price, and by signing a whole year – 15%.


Stocksy belongs in my top three stock photo agencies during any time of the year, but now it draws me even more. Throw a glance at the Holidays and Celebrate categories, and you’ll feel as I feel, because I’m sure you’ve never laid your eyes on such beauties before. Any of the images contained within these two sections is definitely worth including in your holiday image searching map, and the price for an individual royalty-free license is only $10.

Stocksy commands content that is 100% exclusive, and if this is your first visit, prepare to be amazed by photos that don’t look like your average stock agency material. Stocksy ensures this unique take on the market by publishing highly provocative images. As a matter of fact, since this is a co-operative managed by the artists themselves, you can imagine how strict the “entry” criteria are: the selection team only accepts images that score high in aesthetics – and this means that you get the best value right from the start, without having to sort through everything first.


Depositphotos joins the holiday party with 19 million creative files at the ready. This agency upholds an all-year-long tradition of giving one item freely every week from its lush Vectors Collection. But what’s most relevant to the forthcoming holiday season is the fact that Sales Lightboxes kick in. A Sales Lightbox only comes to life on special, festive occasions, and provides 20% discount on images that reflect the season. Right now, the Christmas Lightbox has 925 juicy images on sale for your convenience.


Christmas presents
Stockfresh, one of the most expedite stock file sources in the industry, needs to be included on this winter’s list of favorites. Whether it is graphics, photos, or vectors that you need, there are 3 million items to choose from. And, just for the record, if you search specifically for Christmas-themed files, you get 127.000 beautiful results.


Shutterstock is worth visiting around this time of the year, as it has a total of 30 million wicked awesome videos, illustrations, and photos to offer. Aside from the great holiday images, being a Shutterstock user is awesome because each week you receive gifts: a free vector and free photo.

Getty Images

7- gettyimages
Getty Images has a lot to offer, as you may already know. Being a solid presence on the microstock market for many years now, the agency has an impressive search tool, which turns up 65.000 creative assets when you ask for Christmas items, and then provides you with countless filters to refine the quest.


iStock is the original stock image merchant, with a spotless reputation regarding its abundant content. Launch a “Christmas” search, and you be lost in the multitude of results. Check out the “Editors’ Pick” associated with this search, it has 200.000 superb recommendations proposed by experts.

Can Stock Photo

Can Stock Photo is a commendable stock image marketplace, with a steady inflow of fresh files submitted every day by its 21.000 contributors. If you happen to try a Christmas search, brace yourself for a heavy selection of 480.000 search results that match your quarry. That being said, I’d definitely put this agency on this year’s shopping list.


To wrap up my top ten welcoming microstock agencies in the winter of 2013-2014, I need to mention Inmagine. This merchant offers an array of 66.000 delightful matches when you go after crisp Christmas images to integrate in your articles/designs. Feel free to browse similar images whenever something draws your attention.

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