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Copyright Myths and ‘Original’ Design

It’s important for those who deal in intellectual property to understand their rights — and as a designer, intellectual property forms the crux of every product and service you deliver. This article won’t explain those rights to you, but it will smash some of the misconceptions and myths that are

9 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Web Typography

The best design­ers know that 95% of good design — web or print — comes down to the typog­ra­phy. There’s a plethora of lit­er­a­ture and years of train­ing involved in mas­ter­ing type, but there are also a bunch of tweaks you can make today to improve your web type. Let’s

6 Stock Photography Services Compared

Searching for the right stock photo can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. As designers, we all need stock photographs from time to time, but how do you know which service to use? Which is the best? To figure out the answer that would settle the

A Closer Look at Inspecs Newly Redesigned Website

“Inspecs is a world leading eyewear design and manufacturing company based in the UK, with over 20 years of experiencing in creating iconic and sort after eyewear and all distributing in over 60 countries.” Established in 1988, Inspecs’ mission is to produce desirable eyewear at excellent value for money. We

Understanding the Different HTML DocTypes (DTD)

If you’ve ever accessed the “Source Code” option on a web page or done some programming of your own, you’ve encountered the <! DOCTYPE> tag at the very top of the code.  This tag is called a Document Type Declaration or DTD.  It specifies what type or version of HTML