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15 Hotels You Have to Visit Before You Die

I’ve had the privilege to see some beautiful places and I know I will never stop traveling until the day I let my last breath leave my body. Therefore I’ve decided to find some of the most beautiful places in the world and hotels that you need to see and

10 Beautiful E-Commerce Logos and Their Websites

E-commerce has evolved substantially over the last few years. Introducing smaller brands to online sales and an extra source of revenue has totally changed the influencing game between brands. A company with a small team can now match sales that a big store can, simply by minimizing the brick and

15 Interesting Design Concepts

I don’t know what you do to get inspiration, but sometimes trying to come up with a feasible materialization for a dim idea is really hard. As an aspiring designer, I want to create things that will amaze people but will also be considered useful. So of course, I tend

Black Friday Treat: Save 24% and Craft Professional Portfolio Websites Independently

If you haven’t heard about Portfoliobox, it’s about time you made the acquaintance of the online platform that assists creative professionals who wish to set up their portfolio websites independently and without compromising their high aesthetic standards. Portfoliobox is the first proficient website building solution that covers portfolios exclusively, and

Massive Infographic Bundle (100+ templates) – only $27

With the advent of the colorful infographic, suddenly information is no longer just provided in an easily digestible format, but it’s become pretty darn fun too. Which is why infographics are a fantastic way to boost traffic to your site, especially when they go viral on social media sites like

Top 10 Greatest Web Hosting Companies of Today

If your choice of a web hosting provider is poor, your website will experience a lot of downtime, and each episode will cost you. Therefore, it’s essential to find a web host that won’t let you down, which can be either one of today’s topmost web hosting companies. This is