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15 Inspiring Design Blogs You May Not Know About

In the creative industry, there’s nothing worse than losing the drive to work on a project from lack of inspiration. It’s a sort of writers block that all creatives experience from time to time. You’re likely familiar with the feeling: up late staring at a blank screen, whether it’s on

30 Free Grunge Fonts You Can Use on the Web

Grunge design never seems to go out of style. There’s always another rock band or a designer who wants to look hardcore around the corner. Luckily for you, font designers have decided that there shouldn’t be any shortage of free web fonts for fans of the grunge visual style around

6 Google Lab Products You Can’t Afford to Miss

Would like to take a sneak peek into the mystic world of Google? Certainly, you will. So here is Google Labs, which, without any intention of gibing search engine major, is a collection of half-baked products. But wait, they are not insignificant additions rather they are the direct outcome of

Design Schools with Attention-Grabbing Websites

These design schools stand out for their sophisticated aesthetics and designs with an impact. They are excellent examples of how important it is to create a website that speaks to your product, mission, and personality. Potential students and curious visitors alike will be impressed by the way these schools have

Desktopography 2010 – 56 Amazing Wallpapers

Since 2005 Pete Harrison and a array of artists have set aside some time in their busy lives to create wallpapers for a collection entitled Desktopography. The wallpapers are publicly shared on the Desktopography website and are available in different sizes. We showcased last years collection on Creativeoverflow, but this

Designer Portfolios to Inspire You #2

Today is the second installment of our weekly “designer portfolios to inspire you” series. We had some pretty amazing portfolios in our first post, but don’t worry this roundup won’t disappoint. Let’s get down to business and see what this roundup has in-store. Exootia Licorn Publishing K-win Jelle Pingen MP