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30 Hand Picked Black and White Logos

Creating a memorable logo that’s in keeping with a company’s brand can be tough, but it’s even tougher when you limit your palette to just black & white. But if there’s anything that makes great designs better, it’s constraints – and a black & white logo, when done right, can

20 Funny Famous Logo Parodies/Interpretations

There are some logos that are immediately recognizable. Some of them are unforgettable, as well, and you will remember them for years after they have changed or been rebooted in a new style. That is what they are made to do, sticking with the consumer and potentially bringing their business

A Showcase of 30 Quirky, Hand-Drawn Logos

It can be difficult, sometimes, to get the personality of the business across in a logo, but this is especially true of companies that have an interesting, fun & quirky atmosphere. One of the most effective ways of producing a logo that’s full of personality is to hand-draw it –

40 Professional Services Logos

Professional services is a category that covers such a broad range of professions. From doctors to legal professionals to accountants and financial planners, it’s impossible to go through your day without seeing a logo that doesn’t fall under this category. What does tie these seemingly random fields together is a

40 Inspirational Photography Logos

Creating a logo for a photographer is an interesting experience. As a creative, albeit a different kind, a photographer is likely to have more ideas and want to have more input on the process than most other clients. You’ll no doubt have to talk them down off the cliff on

30 Sport Logos That Are Ready To Win

A sports logo has to do double duty — it can’t just be the brand of an organization because it also needs to get fans or players excited. These thirty logos do just that. Let’s check out some sport logos that are ready to win and create your own with