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50 Inspirational Cafe & Coffee Logos

I love coffee. It’s a source of inspiration in every part of my life. That’s why I’ve trawled through the web to find you these 50 inspirational cafe and coffee-related logos. You probably won’t be surprised to find that most of these cafe logos use earthy tones like red, black

33 Creative Negative Space Logos

Negative space logos strategically use whitespace to create the illusion of an object in that space. Negative space designs are effective in branding because they force the viewer to look twice to figure out what’s happening, though a well-executed negative space logo won’t require the viewer to look closely to

Logo Design Inspiration: 37 Beautiful Yellow Logos

Yellow is a warm color and creates a harmonious effect if combined with a dark color because it can brighten up a dark design. Aside from being so eye-catching, yellow signifies happiness too. It is usually used in health, safety equipment and hazard signs due to its high visibility. Here

30 Famous Animal Logos

Throughout life, animal symbolism has been used to describe almost anything. How many times have you heard sayings such as ‘strong as an ox’, ‘tall as a giraffe’, ‘big as a bear’ or ‘quick as a cat’, I could go on all day. Attributing animal like characteristics to people is

25+ Creative Black and White Logos

We are showcasing 25+ creative black and white logos that were designed by Province Design Studio. They are a studio based in Tomsk, Russia and output great quality logo design. We will be showing you some of their work and are definitely convinced that you will like it as much