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24 Massive & Majestic Mountain Photos

Mountain ranges are quite spectacular, not only in beauty but also in the way they are made. The rocky mountains in North America for example were formed more than 100 million years ago when two tectonic plates collided and gradually pushed the earth upwards into the magnificent mountain range we

How Many Of These Iconic Landmarks Can You Name?

Since 1889, more than 250 million people have visited the Eiffel tower. The Great Wall of China gets over 10 million visitors per year, and the Statue of Liberty 4 million. You probably get my point. These landmarks receive a ton of visitors and are centrepieces to the surrounding economy.

30 Mystical & Majestic Forest Photos

Did you know that there are more trees on earth than stars in the Milky Way? Did you know that without trees we’d all be dead? Or that stress makes trees stronger? There’s a lot of interesting facts that you might not know about trees. But beyond that is the

29 Banksy Original And Inspired Works Of Street Art!

The identity of the notorious and widely popular street artist Banksy has only been speculated, with his true identity still very unknown. The Telegraph published an article earlier this year with the speculated and supposedly proven identity of the artist as a man named Robin Gunningham. They reported that a

It’s Ski Season! Here are 26 Photos Of The Slopes

It’s ski season in the northern hemisphere! The rocky mountains near my house currently have 80+ centimetres of snow, which is pretty amazing considering it’s the beginning of November. I will happily welcome the early cold weather if it means I can hit the slopes soon! Personally, I know I’ll

25 Old And New Poster-Worthy Dunks

Some will tell you that the modern NBA is a shooters game, with the dominance of the Warriors in the past few years, where three’s are as common as a layup. There’s a lot of merit to that stance. But while hitting an average of 13.1 three’s per game is

27 Breathtaking Photos of Waterfalls

If you’ve ever seen a major waterfall in person, you’ll understand the magnitude of the facts below. Not only are waterfalls very beautiful, they also have a pretty awe-inspiring side to them as well. The massive volume of water that flows through some waterfalls is really incredible to watch. For